Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal Software Review

Most of us would like to get more out of life, no matter our age or our situation, and you have undoubtedly heard about the power of the mind, the power of suggestion, and how the Law of Attraction can help you get more out of your life, but putting these into practice can be very confusing.

There is a new product on the market called Mindzoom, which promises to help you transform your mind and your life, but can something like this help you?

Mindzoom Description

Mindzoom EbookMindzoom is a software that creates subliminal messages and delivers them in the form of flashing images or low-frequency sounds to your subconscious mind.

Positive affirmations through subliminal messages can be used to help you stop bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

They can also help in learning faster, concentrating and improving your memory, getting rid of panic attacks and fears, improving social skills, understanding your feelings, achieving success, enhancing your aptitudes and physical abilities.

Mindzoom can basically help in achieving your dream lifestyle and be a better you, the gifted person you want to be by overcoming all the things that are slowing you down or are difficult to achieve right now.

Most of the time, what prevents us from achieving one of the examples mentioned above is our mind. The benefit you get when sending positive affirmations to your subconscious mind is that, unlike our conscious mind, it doesn’t block, filter or question these affirmations or commands. It integrates and applies them.

Mindzoom is entirely flexible and easy to use and allows you to personalize the positive affirmations you want to send to your subconscious mind for more effective use of subliminal messages.

What’s included in the Mindzoom software?

Mindzoom uses 3 different techniques:

  1. Affirmation Delivering Engine: conveys thousands of positive commands at speeds that are bypassed by your conscious mind and are flashed rapidly in your screen at almost undetectable speeds, discreetly and safely.
  2. Silent Subliminal Messaging System: text affirmations translated to speech and delivered through the low frequency that a human ear can’t hear.
  3. Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer*: use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or choose among 1150 pre-recorded ones) and Mix them with your favorite music files to listen to them anywhere.*new feature included for free for a limited time.

With the software, you also get:

  • Complete email support by Dino F.Ruales, the creator of Mindzoom.
  • Software help section + Step-by-step manual + Detailed plan to succeed to use Mindzoom efficiently.
  • Free upgrades.
  • The software can run on 4 computers (your laptop, home computer, office computer, etc).
  • 8 weeks money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • The software, once configured, can be placed on the System Tray if you minimize the window. It’ll keep running discreetly in the background while you’re working or surfing the web! Also, you can set up the software for it to start on every Windows startup.
  • You can edit the messages interval and display duration (up to 3600 affirmations per hour).

5 Free Bonuses:

  • Audio Subliminal Programs (Be Free & Be Lucky) – 40 mins audio
  • An Introduction to Hypnosis – 2-hour audiobook
  • Mind Reality: The Universe is Mental – 70-page ebook of deep knowledge about the mind
  • Think & Grow Rich: Revealing the Secret – Report
  • Over 1150 affirmations divided into 60 groups

3 good reasons to buy Mindzoom

Mindzoom Program

  1. Mindzoom is a shortcut to the subconscious mind made available to everyone. No prior knowledge is necessary for it to be effective.
  2. Any issue can be improved with this software, either psychological issues (such as panic attacks, shyness, lack of focus during exams…) or physical ones (resisting food craving to lose weight, improving your golf swings…)
  3. No need to dedicate extra time to this as the software can run in the background while you’re doing something else. The positive affirmations received by your mind will be just as effective.

Our verdict on Mindzoom

With all the self-help books out there, we first wondered what a software about subliminal messages like Mindzoom had to offer.

Even though subliminal messages have been used for a long time mostly by governments and advertising, it isn’t very usual that subliminal messages are used as a self-help tool. But as people are more and more looking for alternative ways to enhance their life and improve their physical and mental abilities, positive affirmations through subliminal messages do have their place.

Instead of using psychological tricks that vainly try to make you consciously change (the mind eventually tries to block these new “settings” to go back to the way it was), the Mindzoom software simply speaks directly to your subconscious mind that doesn’t question commands and accepts the positive affirmations it receives.

It really is easy to set up. It’s a 3 step process: Select or create your positive affirmations, configure your settings and hit Start. It’s effortless.

The real question is: does it work?

Well, yes. By selecting positive affirmations that target what you want to improve in your life and listening or looking at these messages on a daily basis, your mind does accept these affirmations and things start to flow and be easier because the barriers of the mind fall down.

And if you personally don’t find it to be effective, you can get a refund as Mindzoom offers a generous 8 weeks money-back guarantee. But we wouldn’t have created a website about it if it wasn’t effective. Now let’s see what customers say about it.





Mindzoom shows us the simplest ways to deliver positive affirmations to the mind to make it stop preventing us to learn faster, lose weight, pass an exam, achieve success, get rid of panic attacks, all the things that are often hard to achieve without help.

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