Movies with a Lot of Sex: 29 Movies to Get You in the Mood

Watching sexier movies puts you in a certain mood. Next time you want to spice up your date night, watch these sexy movies.

movies with lots of sex

Nothing heats up a typical date night like watching a sex-filled movie. We all know how we start to feel after a few sex scenes with attractive actors and actresses doing their best to make things look natural.

We feel like we’d rather be in a movie with them. There were just some things that were extremely arousing. It’s about watching two people – even acting – undress and mess with each other. It’s fun and puts you in the right mood. [Read: How to get in the mood for sex]

Why you should watch movies with lots of sex.

What used to be obscene or inappropriate has now become the norm. And it’s not because the world has become sex lunatic. It’s because the world has become comfortable with the idea of ​​sex as normal. not a taboo

Watching sex-rich movies is not the same as watching porn. It’s seductive and goes with the story. It’s about character and chemistry. It’s not just body parts and concentration.

Watching these movies can excite you. But the experiences and learnings from these movies can enhance your sex life and make you feel more confident in your abilities.

Yes, some sex scenes in movies can be over the top. Women will never reach their inner climax. 5 seconds, and it’s often awkward to stop foreplay and put on a condom or talk about birth control methods. But movies with a lot of sex can excite you in real life and get you in the mood for sexiness for your lover. [Read: Can porn for couples really help your relationship]

Movies with a lot of sex

While the actors may disagree I said movies with a lot of sex. Better and more realistic than a movie that just kisses. before turning away from your imagination to fill the rest. real people have sex

If you’re feeling down and want to see a movie full of lust, desire, and the sexiest scenes around you, then you should be ready for a good time. These movies will satisfy your desire for great movies with lots of sex. [Read: 11 regular date night movies that’ll get both of you in the mood for sex]

1. Deadpool

If you haven’t seen this new movie or its Deadpool counterpart yet. 2, prepare to be shocked As I’m sure you’ve heard it before. This movie has a lot of nonsense that warrants an R rating – sex is one of them. I beg you not to watch this with your parents – big mistake.

2. Kink

If you’re looking for a movie that experiments with a wide variety of genders. this movie As the name suggests, this movie is Kink-y. Instead, it focuses mainly on slavery and that lifestyle. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the movie! [Read: 20 kinky things you can do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

3. people contemplating

as the name says This movie is about naughty and dirty sex. After a man saves a woman from being beaten She decided to explain and even show her that she was prone to self-diagnosing female mating ghosts. You’ll see more sex than you really want. in this movie

4. Kama Sutra: The Story of Love

If you love princesses, feud and sex, you’ll love this movie. When a princess and her best friend/maid end up arguing after being friends for life. One person uses sex to retaliate against the other. You’ll see sex, fights, and perhaps a crumbling empire when watching this movie.

5. Pork Yow

When three high school boys vow to lose their innocence. They end up gnashing their teeth rather than chewing in certain situations. After being kicked out of a strip club and getting paid They aim to attack the clubs that have wronged them. Apparently, since the movie is about losing virginity. You’ll see a picture of the sex that follows. along with alleviating the comedy [Read: A rare and much-needed sexual intercourse guide for virgin men]

6. American Pie

If you haven’t watched American Pie, you’re missing out. Four high school boys make a deal to lose their virginity on prom night. They are not suitable for looking for beautiful women everywhere. You will see these students try and fail and succeed in their mission… with the right amount of pie

7. 50 shades of gray

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add one film with all the evidence of sex. The plot is about a man – the CEO of a large company – and his sex life driven.

Alongside drama and sadness You get to see Christian Gray’s entire Red Room of Pain. Get ready for a steamy night if you put on this movie. Then follow the rest of the story and perhaps read the book for more intricate details. [Read: 50 shades of dangerous sex – The right way to get risque]

8. Rich people can’t help it.

When a young stockbroker is pushed out into the world after his brokerage firm fails. So he started selling a new form of stock. He started his own business and soon made millions of dollars a month.

Money and power come with drugs, alcohol, and – you guessed it – sex, sex with his beautiful wife. Sex between coworkers and prostitutes and even his infidelity You can’t escape sex when you see this movie.

9. Lovelace

The film follows the life of a successful porn star as she gains fame and fortune after a huge success with great porn. However, it also covers the less glamorous side of the porn industry. Porn comes with sex You’ll see a lot of it in this movie starring Amanda Seyfried. [Read: 25 horny ways to increase your sex drive and keep it high]

10. Helpful friends

I’m sure you can imagine what this movie is about. That’s right! It’s about two friends using each other for good. It means that they are strictly about sex and have no emotions. You will watch this movie starring Justin. Timberlake and Mila Kunis are two of the hottest actors in Hollywood. But will their friendship last only for sex?

If you like this premise and want something less R rated, No Strings Attached is almost a carbon copy, but starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, which pair do you prefer?

11. 9 ½ week

When an art gallery employee catches up with a mysterious Wall Street broker. She found a good time. The film follows the life of a young girl who is caught up in a hot affair with a sexy and seductive man. But can she handle his intense lust? This movie will have you wriggling in your seat – in a good way. [Read: 10 arousing movie sex scenes to warm up for a night of sex]

12. Blue Lagoon

when the child is young 7 Two year olds are stranded on an island with one another to teach them a way of life. They had little knowledge of love and sex when he left.

These two end up learning for themselves that there isn’t much to do on this deserted island other than sex. If you like to get down and dirty with nature. This movie will give you a taste of island sex.

13. Eyes wide open

After one man’s wife confesses to having sexual fantasies with another man and almost followed those ideas to the point of success. So he sets out to uncover the world of sex that he doesn’t know anything about. But is it more than he can handle?

This movie offers everything you might like: excitement, love, fantasy and, of course, sex. [Read: 20 sexually enlightening movies that are all about different kinds of sexuality]

14. Shame

A successful New Yorker hides a secret not only from his family. but also hides secrets from the world But when his sister had an accident in life. causing him to abandon his privacy He had to face reality, sex addiction.

This movie makes your TV full of sex. Sex addiction is no joke. And the film does a great job of covering up for what it is – and showing a lot of sex. [Read: Are you a sex addict? 11 straight questions to know if you’re one]

15. Blue is the warmest color.

This controversial film makes progress not only for the number of genders it represents. but also the type of sex When teenagers meet older and more experienced women in lesbian bars She will be immediately attracted. She learned everything she needed about love… and sex.

Gender is the main topic covered in this movie. Obviously older women are much more experienced and have a great time showing everyone that she can teach her way to the people she has a strong relationship with.

16. back

This movie has seductive sex scenes and shows a blossoming love story. Young girls lose their virginity to more experienced men. And a lot of drama happened. But the sex scenes were intense and lustful. It’s basically what every teen thinks sex will be like. [Read: The truth about losing your virginity]

17. Girl next door

This is a classic teen fantasy movie. A virgin falls in love with the girl next door only to find out that she is a porn star. Can you imagine the sex you’ll see in this movie? From emotional and intimate moments to educational sex. This movie has it all.

18. Sex/Life

This is a minor exception since it’s not a movie. But it’s a short series on Netflix that must be on this list. available in all titles A beautiful wife and mother encounters a dry spell with her husband. while expressing emotions She started writing about a period in her life when sex was off the charts. When her husband discovered these things were complicated from every angle.

There are at least four sex scenes in every episode and they are the hottest. and just picked it up for the season 2So you know most people in the world love it. [Read: 11 ways to make a woman feel desirable]

19. Basic Instinct

This is a mystery story that stars Sharon Stone as a crime novelist and a rock star suspected of murder. while under investigation She seduces detectives into a passionate relationship. with complexity, turning, and other lovers This movie is behind the sexiness.

20. Magic Mike

If that’s not a good reason to watch, Magic Mike will feature some of the hottest men in Hollywood. Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer work in all-male strip clubs while their personal lives get messed up. There may be no pure sex scenes. But the dance was off the charts.

21. Original Sin

This erotic thriller starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie should be enough to convince you of the sexism in this movie. The love and desire between these characters emanates from the screen, and chemistry, intensity and passion take over. And you forget that there is another plot unfolding.

22. Dreamer

This romantic drama takes place in 1968. Three schoolgirls, two of whom are twins, are stressed. But they are bound by their love of movies. when their parents left All three were immersed in a world of erotic fantasy. [Read: 12 sexual fantasies to try out]

23. Sleeping Beauty

The film stars the gorgeous Emily Browning as a college student. for extra money She does well-paying jobs for queer groups. They cater to wealthy men who want to be around nude women. they

24. Wedding Crashers

This comedy is full of laughter. Weirdness and Sex Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson gets married to sleep with a bachelor and despair. At least that’s the original plan until they bite rather than chew on the wedding season. They were entangled in wealthy, powerful, and strange families. Maybe it’s too relevant…

25. Blue Valentine

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a couple. The film shifts between marriage and the first day of courtship. The film has a real passion, violence, romance and substance abuse. The show is extraordinary, and the sexiness of the newfound love and lack of fire in a broken marriage is hard to ignore. [Read: 13 secrets to a happy marriage]

26. Lucky Chuck

At the height of his career, Dane Cook plays a dentist who can’t find someone to live with. But he soon finds out that all his girlfriends have found their soulmates after they break up. When a woman discovers this They lined up for a one-night stand with him. The film has a front page full of comedy, romance and cuteness added when Jessica Alba’s character is introduced.

27. Velvet Buzzsaw

This movie has a lot of horror stories. And sex doesn’t quite go together, but still, and it’s intense. Jake Gyllenhaal starred in this horror movie that’s even worse when you find it inspired by a true story. [Read: 15 BIG RED FLAGS in a relationship]

28. Henry & June

The film was released in 1990 and was the first to be rated NC-17. It is about a love triangle between men. bisexual wife and another woman The film follows the sexual arousal of the characters and the seductive trio.

29. To Do List

This raunchy comedy is a twist. american pieSet in 1993, Aubrey Plaza stars as a teenager hoping to reach her sexual goals before heading to college. When she asked the people in her life for help Completing her list takes a lot of time.

[Read: 13 non-porn erotic movies that are sure to turn you on]

There are a lot of movies with lots of sex. As society increasingly accepts these types of taboo films. You will find more and more of this movie. This is the sexiest movie ever.

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