Mutual Breakup: Why They Happen and How to Recognize the Signs

How do you feel about breaking up with someone you care about? It hurts. But sometimes breaking up is the only way that can lead to both of you.

break up

When you’ve been with someone for a while You will have a bond that is hard to break. Breaking up is difficult. scandal, surprise, mutual collapse, slow build However, the loss is good.

For example, if you have been married for ten years Separation can leave you feeling abandoned and confused. This person is your rock no matter how many years you’ve been together, and all of a sudden everything goes wrong. It’s enough to shake someone’s foundation.

But time doesn’t measure intensity when it comes to feelings. You can feel everything and the kitchen sinks in for someone when you’ve been together for a year. Whereas couples who have been together for five years may be much less intense than that. It’s about the individual. And any breakup is painful. [Read: 14 real and valid reasons to break up with someone]

when you feel the end

When nothing particularly happened that caused the breakup *eg no cheating scandal. There is no big problem of being dissatisfied. and there are no events that will lead to major controversies*. is more difficult

Sometimes things don’t work out, sometimes couples just aren’t the same anymore. And they become more like friends than lovers. In this case, a mutual breakup is often the only way to free each other.

Is it more difficult or easier?

Confused, that might be the best way to say it. [Read: Can you actually stay friends after a breakup?]

a feeling of mutual breakup

One of my best friends was in this situation. She has been with her spouse for six years. and the couple became engaged in order to get married. everything is going well But it was never hugely passionate or exciting. They go on business every day. Have dinner together at the same time every day. and give presents to each other during Christmas It’s normal, it’s predictable.

My friends don’t want to guess. What more do you want? Her partner did too. Their relationship became more like a brother and sister than anything else. one day The two sat down and decided there was more to life than being in a boring relationship. [Read: 15 common reasons why people get bored with their relationship]

They love each other, but in different ways. And they both cared enough for each other to realize that they deserved more. A classic example of a breakup.

I asked her how it felt. Personally, I’ve never had a peaceful breakup like this before. My breakups were often filled with fireworks, tears, screams. and endless sobbing I envy you in some ways. But then she told me how numb it was. she felt very sad And there’s nothing you can do to change And there’s no one to blame for making her even more sad.

The whole thing made me sad for them. [Read: Try these 13 things to help heal your broken heart]

Breaking up is the ultimate sacrifice of love.

When you love someone but know that it doesn’t work It’s a bad feeling and sinking. When you both sit down and talk about it. and you realize that no matter how hard you try it just doesn’t work Show that you make mature and courageous decisions.

You choose to let them go and be happy rather than being selfish and keeping it for yourself. You love them, but you don’t love them anymore.

It happens and it’s not something to feel guilty about.

Choosing to allow the people you care about The person you now ‘like’ going to someone who can give them the fiery love they deserve is a selfless act. They do the same thing as you. The breakup became the final declaration and sacrifice of love.

You see breakups like this in celebrity magazines and social media all the time. ‘After a lot of soul searching’, they decided to part ways but ‘remain best friends and have a world of love for each other’.

This usually happens when couples have children and decide to become separate parents. [Read: 12 real reasons why couples drift apart over time]

Dealing with breakups

I was always by my friend’s side after her breakup. The difference in the way she handled it was completely different.

My past breakups involved ice cream, Beyonce’s songs, and lots of wine and crying. But she involves her in a quiet lifestyle. and try to think positive He moved out of the house to pack up the next day. Her life stuck with him for a long time and now he’s gone. But there was no major incident to blame for it.

She told me that sometimes she wanted him to cheat. Because she could yell at him and blame him. The way she felt empty and sad nothing more

Of course, she was finally together and found happiness again. Surprisingly, she is now in a relationship that gives her everything she wants. And she’s still good friends with her ex. [Read: How to find yourself again after a seriously low point in life]

An adult breakup?

This is a common topic in breakups. Desire to be friends with an ex Although breakups can be confusing and life-changing in a non-fire way. But it’s also the most mature breakup.

Dealing with a breakup is knowing it’s the best thing. When you are sure of this fact You will be able to continue living better. Take your time and move slowly. My friend decided not to contact or see her ex for the first month after they broke up. She said this helped her recover. and hence So she can have a good friendship with him. Most people agree with her. [Read: How to end a relationship without the bitterness and drama]

What could be easier? breakup or breakup

This leads us to ask the important question: Which breakup is easier? The answer is no. All types of breakups are painful in different ways. When we are cheated and lied to It breaks our hearts When we realize that we love someone and can’t be with them. It will break our hearts When we spend years of our lives with someone but it doesn’t work out. it breaks our hearts

A broken heart is a broken heart No matter what happened or who broke up

The important thing is to know that you are doing the right thing. If you have peace of mind The next step will be much easier. for my friend The bold joint decision to end the relationship and leave each other free turned out to be the best thing they’ve ever done for both of them. He is now married and pregnant. And she’s engaged and having a wonderful time.

[Read: 15 guidelines you need to follow if you want to forgive and forget]

Breaking up can be just as painful. with other types of breakup Being mature enough to sit back and realize that your love for each other isn’t enough anymore is something to be admired.

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