My Boat Plans Review – How To Be A DIY Boat Builder

Ever considered building a boat? The beauty of doing it yourself (DIY) is that you don’t have to buy everything at once. All you need is to devote a couple of days every month, raise a few dollars to buy some basic materials and be adept at using basic tools.

However, you will need somebody to hold your hand along the way. While you can find free boat building plans on the internet, a majority of them may not be clear and easy to follow. That’s, however, not the case with My Boat Plans eBook by Martin Reid.

Although it is not free, it does provide value for money with all the boat plans it offers. What’s more, it promises to make you a DIY boat owner in a matter of months if not days. We review its competencies below and attempt to figure out whether what it offers qualifies as good value for money or not.

An Overview

My Boat Plans EbookAs the name suggests, this is a comprehensive guide that contains hundreds of plans, measurements, diagrams and directions with step-by-step instructions for constructing boats.

The guide was created by Martin Reid and is based on the experience of a real user. From cabin cruisers, kayaks to paddle boats, canoes to sailboats, and wooden boats, the author of this program claim anyone can build any type of boat of their own.

Furthermore, you don’t need any experience in boat building or handyman skills. And you know why? It’s because Martin provides you with plenty of resources and support all the way until you can complete your project.

In addition, the guide is available in both PDF edition and tangible version in DVD form which is a great plus especially if you don’t have an internet connection to download the PDF edition.

About the Author

Well, as we mentioned earlier, Martin is the guy behind this incredible guide. He is also a master boat builder and educator. On My Boat Plans website, he explains that his fascination with boats started when he was still a young child.

Until one day his father bought him wooden boat plans on his 12th birthday which he would later build his first model boat together with his father.

When he was old enough, he decided it was time to build a real boat and so he bought a set of book plans to help him. However, none of the plans actually helped him build a complete boat and this almost led him to give up on his dream. But by sheer luck, he was introduced to a local, master boat builder who helped him improve his boat building skills.

31 years later, Martin is still constructing boats and he has amassed over 500 boat plans of his own over the years. And since he is not in a position to mentor just everyone, he decided to create this guide as a way to give back.

What Should You Expect From Martin Reid’s My Boat Plans Guide?

My Boat Plans PDFTo begin with, the guide is packed with 518 boat plans that are well detailed. These include 34 sailboats, 46 kayaks, rowboats and canoes, 36 runabout outboard boats and 12 paddle-wheel boats.

If that is not enough, you will also receive 7 runabout inboard boats, 9 novelty boats, 5 houseboats, 12 cabin cruiser boats, and 19 hydroplanes plans.

According to Martin, all the plans are based on his many years of experience in boat building. And if you have never tried building a boat or you just don’t have carpentry skills, no problem. Every plan is accompanied by easy to follow step-by-step instructions. There are also high-quality photos to guide you every step of the way.

In addition, you will have access to over 40 videos, totaling over 10-hours that will walk you through the process of constructing boats. The videos are from different master boat builders who have built hundreds of boats.

Within the guide, you will also learn different cutting patterns, schematics, how to make rivets and apply plywood skin to the frame. Besides, Martin provides you with a list of all the materials and tool you will need to build any type of boat.

Any Bonuses Included?

When you buy the main guide, you will also be given various bonus reports worth $300 at no additional cost. They include:


This boat CAD software will help you construct or modify a custom boat design or plan from scratch easily. It is easy to use and includes 100% free updates, free tutorials, and templates.


Available as a 600-page long guide, it contains plenty of tips and tricks for boat building. You will learn how to create boats from pre-cut kits and how to refurbish decks and hulls.


This book is written by seasoned pros and shares ideas, plans, and answers all kinds of questions about boat building. Well, sometimes a few secrets are all it takes to get working like a pro.


If you are going to be making recreational boats, this guide explains some of the regulations you must comply with regarding engine, usage, and length. This is the kind of knowledge you need to ensure your boat is ready for full-time once complete.


This is a special bonus and costs $17 per month but Martin offers it for free. In this bonus, you will get to interact with boat building professionals on one-on-one and have your questions answered.


  • My Boat Plans ScamFree lifetime updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Instant access to the guide after completing payment
  • Contains a lot of valuable resources, boat plans, videos and tutorials
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Allows you to build any type of boat
  • Designed for both beginners and experienced builders
  • 3D color photos and diagrams offer you visual explanations


  • The PDF is quite big so it may take a while to download
  • Building a boat by yourself can be time-consuming
  • If you don’t follow everything in the guide, your boat building project could be a failure

Final Verdict

Overall, My Boat Plans is a worthwhile investment. It is loaded with a lot of plans to choose from, valuable resources and information to help you construct your own boat.

Therefore, we would like to recommend it to anyone who would like to own a simple boat without breaking the bank.





My Boat Plans is a great collection anyway for your boat builder plan. With great offers and features, all included, if you're into boat building or you want to be a boat builder, get it and you'll see how these boat-building ideas get you nothing but the best boats. This is certainly a guide that’s worth your investment.

Download HERE
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