Sneaky Suspicions: My Boyfriend Likes My Best Friend

Suspecting that your guy might be interested in someone else is a scary feeling. But what do you do if you think your boyfriend likes your best friend?


Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon. If you enjoy spending time with your boyfriend but appreciate your friendship with your best friend. It makes sense that they would end up spending most of their time together too. If she’s as smart and fun as you think. And if he’s as cute and funny as you know him? It would be impossible for an attraction between them to form.

Obviously if both of them are loyal to you. *as it should be* they would never look at each other that way. She knew he had a limit. And he won’t do anything to hurt you, right? Well…maybe.

How to tell if your boyfriend likes your best friend

Sometimes you can see the bond between your best friend and boyfriend that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. But how do you know if there’s something to worry about or if you’re just a little paranoid?

Here are some signs you should be aware of. And what can you do if you think your boyfriend really likes your best friend?

#1 You catch them looking at each other too much. You can say a lot in the blink of an eye. And if you see your boyfriend and best friend looking at each other when they think you’re not. This might be the time to doubt. Of course, they’ll look at each other when having a conversation or if one of them is talking in a group. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

Those strange and seductive gazes immediately turn away if you speak or walk into a room. No one had to stare at others for that long. Unless they flirt quietly. which is not normal [Read: 15 obvious flirting signs between a guy and a girl]

#2 He was nervous when he was around her. Your calm and confident boyfriend tends to twitch around. Your close friend? You might want to ask yourself why if he’s holding me, becomes restless, stutters, or is really quiet. Maybe it’s because he secretly likes him.

#3 he began to express Your boyfriend’s behavior can change in a completely different way when your friend gets close. If he gets loud, silly, and boasts every time she’s on the scene. Maybe it was because he was trying to impress her. [Read: How guys flirt: 15 subtle things guys do to impress a girl]

#4 He was too curious. it’s super cute When your boyfriend wants to know about your friends. Show that he is interested in you and things. that affect your life Show that you care about each other. You might start to worry a little. It’s good that they get along. But he didn’t need to know everything that happened in her life.

#5 he hates her boyfriend If your best friend has a boyfriend and your boyfriend can’t stand him. *Even though he’s a very nice guy* Maybe it’s because he’s jealous. If you know your best friend is an idiot It may be normal for your boyfriend to dislike him. But if you like him and you think he and your boyfriend might even be friends, then you’ll be fine. Try to understand why your boyfriend is so upset. If his reasons really don’t make sense Maybe it’s because he wants your best friend to be his own! [Read: 8 detailed ways to calmly deal with a jealous friend]

#6 They have jokes that you don’t understand. Do your best friends and boyfriends always joke about what you didn’t get? Then when you ask them to explain to you. Are they just saying, “Don’t worry, it’s an inside joke”?

if so That’s really annoying and could be a sign that they’re getting closer than usual. There’s no way your girlfriend and best friend should spend so much time together that they have a personal playlist that you’re not part of. [Read: Emotional cheating and 10 bad things it can do to you]

#7 He introduced her to his parents… and they are compatible Again, this is a judgment call. It may be that he is very close to his parents. So your best friends will inevitably come across them a few times here and there.

However, the weird thing is if they get along a lot better than they used to with you. worse If you see your boyfriend smiling proudly every time they laugh. This could be a concern.

#8 They spend time alone together. You want your best friend and boyfriend to be your friend—that’s a dream, right? So if they become really good friends. Maybe because they do something together from time to time.

But what if they go to MIA regularly and call back badly when you try to answer? This might be a bit more of a concern. [Read: 16 subtle signs he’s definitely cheating on you!]

#9 He took her side in the argument. No friendship is perfect. So it’s natural for you and your best friend to disagree with each other over everything. So when you have occasional quarrels You have to be able to run to your boyfriend so that he can be a loving shoulder to weep.

But if you want to vent and vent about your best friend. Your boyfriend still stands up for her. You should be asking why. Of course, maybe you’re a little unreasonable. But he should see that you’re upset and angry. he should be by your side It doesn’t make you feel any worse.

#10 He keeps comparing you to her. Comparing you to other women can be extremely painful. But comparing you to your best friend only creates a rift between the two of you. and that’s not right

If he puts her on a pedestal and has an attitude “Why can’t you be more like her?” You might want to ask him if he wants to hang out with her instead! [Read: 18 critical signs of an unhealthy relationship]

#11 He is all over her social media. He likes everything she posts. He commented on her picture with compliments. he shared things On her wall that he thought she wanted

If he’s drooling all the time on her Facebook page, this will make you wonder *right*. [Read: Why social media is killing your relationship]

#12 They look too silly. Misbehavior between your guy and best friend is a big gift. If they’re constantly cuddling, tickling, and playing fights in front of you. It might be because they’ve reached the point where they don’t even care if you notice it or not. Maybe it’s time to face them and put an end to it once and for all! [Read: Body language attraction – Touchy feely flirting]

If you think your boyfriend likes your best friend. What do you do with it?

The obvious choice is to face them. whether together or separately depending on the situation If he really loves and respects you You’ll see a noticeable change in his behavior. On the other hand, if he has something to hide. He is often angry or defensive.

If you want to be sure that you’re not paranoid. Always write down if you feel that something isn’t right. Then talk to a third party about it and ask for a different perspective before you say anything. [Read: 13 signs your friends are ruining your relationship]

with these tips You should be able to find out if your boyfriend might like your best friend. Or maybe it’s in your head. what you decide to do There’s no point in making your entire relationship feel anxious or insecure. So if it still happens The best way is to do it!

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