Narcissistic Supply: How to Stop Giving the Attention They Crave

A narcissist grows in interest. twist and distort their behavior It’s time to change tables and cut down on the needy narcissistic supplies.

Narcissistic Supply

Narcissism seems to be a buzz word these days. The problem is that dealing with narcissists in real life is no joke. A narcissist can turn your world upside down. Makes you wonder which side is up. Simply put, you’ll get dizzy. If you finally understand your own thoughts, you’ll be in luck, which is why you should learn how to cut off supplies on a narcissistic person quickly.

I can say all of this with confidence because I have a relationship with a narcissist. Fortunately, I escaped from it before I lost myself. Many others are not lucky.

understanding why The narcissist is very dangerous, we must understand. what a narcissist is

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What is a narcissist?

Now people are really narcissistic. Namely, someone diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder *NPD*. This is not an option and it is not a human need. But a narcissist doesn’t know how to live a different life. So their bad behavior continues throughout their lives.

They must be the center of attention at all times and be consistently praised. They want you to do what they want. every time they click their finger Rebelling against any of their needs will result in a trickery and can leave a person emotionally scarred for a long time. One of those techniques is gas lighting. Which is definitely something you’ve probably heard a lot about.

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When you first discover the world of narcissism Learn about it and understand it, you may end up confused. Is this person really a dislike and disgusting person? That kind of thinking is understandable. But it’s important to remember that narcissists have a personality disorder that determines their actions to some degree.

Is it an excuse to hurt others? Not at all. That’s why if you’re dealing with it and you’re suffering. You must get out of it immediately. [Read: 23 signs of narcissism people overlook until it’s too late]

Narcissistic Supply is a term you’ll learn in the twisted world of narcissism. This concept is key. It helps you understand not just how narcissists work. But you also get the power to set yourself free. You simply turn off the narcissistic supplies you gave and walk away.

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What is narcissistic supply in the world?

I know it sounds a bit scientific. So let me break it down into

We know that narcissists love compliments and attention. They don’t just love it. they want it without this they did not prosper They rebelled and behaved in an unwelcome way, so you could say praise. admiration and the interest is to supply Giving the narcissist undivided attention You are providing them with what they want.

That’s the simple version. But as you might guess It doesn’t end there.

There are different components. as you can see Nothing is easy in this NPD world!

The source of the narcissistic supply is the person who pays attention to the narcissist, so in this situation it could be you. What truly narcissism *bears* are the compliments and attention you give. This enchants narcissists in the tricks of their usual grandeur. make them feel as good as they desire

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If a celebrity is a narcissist *And you’ll be surprised how many people actually* show that celebrity status is a narcissistic supply. and everything that comes with the name of the house Of course, celebrities are also ridiculed and insulted. as you can imagine The narcissist doesn’t like that one bit.

A narcissistic supply doesn’t have to be famous. It usually comes down to power in many ways when people keep telling people how amazing they are. The one who was honored was in a position of power. They adore it and put it on a podium and it feels great for them. But it felt right. Why? because in the minds of narcissists They deserve this compliment. And they deserve more. Because they are awesome!

Are they great? no one really is But try telling that to a narcissist!

How to cut narcissistic supply and break free

It is important to realize that relationships that require attention are not necessarily romantic. may be friendship working relationship Roommates, anything, even with the same advice.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you have my sympathy. It’s not a good place to stay. And you’re always confused about who the person you’re actually dating is. You never know which way will go up or down. Your life is not particularly cheerful. [Read: Why do narcissists ignore texts and do the shitty things they do?]

So when you come to the conclusion that you need to run away for your own sanity and happiness. I complimented you and slapped you on the back. You were brave. You were doing the right thing.

Pep talks about how you can cut off the narcissistic supply?

This is the first step towards liberation. But there will be a rather annoying side effect of pushing a narcissist to manipulative techniques. Why? ‘Cause they feel you’re leaving And they don’t like that. Because of that, they’ll try to make you question your opinions and sanity. to keep you close and bring back the narcissistic supplies

crafty? a lot.

Understanding this will keep you energized. Stop with praise. stop with interest and do something for myself

If what you give is that you are always by your partner’s side. And you always tell them how amazing they are. stop doing that Don’t be there all the time Don’t do what you normally do. Instead, go out and do something for yourself.

Yes, your partner will struggle and they will turn on the charm that will make you feel bad. Remember why you did this? You’re cutting supply, and you’re taking the first bold step to rid your life of narcissistic abuse. because it is profound [Read: 16 subtle signs a narcissist is abusing you]

What you deserve in a relationship is not this.

When you’re in a relationship with a narcissist You may be harmed to some extent. Constant mood swings drag you down, forcing you to see things the way they want you to see. not your own separate from your friends and family It’s emotional abuse. [Read: How to use the grey rock method to get a narcissist to walk away from you]

no matter how you dress It’s definitely not love. how do i know Because a narcissist does not have the ability to empathize. So how can they love in the same way as everyone else? they can’t

This is the key to help you see if you should leave. You deserve to be loved in the right way. and deserves better

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Cutting out your narcissism may feel like cutting yourself off at first. Even if I want to leave someone and feel better, I still love him deeply.

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