The 26 Naughtiest Things to Say in a Foreign Language

Tired of trying to tease your partner in old English? Is that boring? Spice things up by trying these 26 spicy words in 3 Different languages ​​love!

foreign language profanity

If you master the art of seduction and lewd speech. You might be wondering how to develop a game. Troubleshooting? Seduce in a love language like French, Spanish or Italian!

Why are these specific languages ​​considered so romantic? It appears that French, Italian and Spanish *as well as other languages Dozens of other languages* are derived from Latin, where is the word “romance”? Does it really mean “speaking”? So what’s the best way to make your love romantic? speak! in these sexy languages

Don’t just take it from us. Learn for yourself how effective these sexy quotes are by trying them on your partner or your intended partner. For the joy of *and your partner*, here are 26 naughty quotes for him and her on 3 Foreign languages!

Spanish sweet and sexy

Spanish is one The greedy “language of love”?? not only accent but only hot But the language is still undeniably sexy. Did you know that Spanish is the official language of 22 countries? Talk about hot seduction! Here are some Spanish phrases you can use to seduce your sweetheart.

sexy spanish for him

#1 “I love your pussy” ?? – “I encanta tu coà±o.”?? Why not talk straight to the point of your love girl? Tell her in slow, sexy Spanish how much you like what she has between her legs.

#2 “You are making me difficult” ?? – “I està¡s haciendo erecto.”?? You know how you love hearing how nice and drenched your boobs are? Likewise, women love to hear about their men having a hard time, so tell her!

#3 “Tell me your imagination”?? – “Dime tu fantasia” ?? Let her know in the sexiest way possible that you want to pamper her with everything by listening and showing off her favorite fantasies. [Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

#4 “So sexy”?? – “Eres tan sexy”?? Compliments will take you everywhere. And the red line is no exception. Tell your partner how sexy you find her. This is a great phrase for a variety of occasions, whether she’s stepping out in a new outfit or while you’re being smacked in the dirt.

sexy spanish for her

#5 “You are giving me goosebumps” ?? – “Me està¡s dando la piel de gallina”?? Intimacy is all about the senses: sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste. Let him know he’s making you feel unthinkable by telling him the goosebumps that shudder through your body after an orgasm. perfect

#6 “I love you.”?? – “TE Gearro.”?? While telling your partner dirty things may work for some, But not everyone is a fan. After all Matching verbal foreplay doesn’t have to be all dirty words! Replace your partner with a sexy love quote with this sweet Spanish phrase. [Read: 25 loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

#7 “I was kidding” ?? – “Estoy jugando conmigo mismo”?? Contrary to the above phrase Sometimes it’s fine to say something obscene to your guy. He loved to hear it and the shock value was excellent. Let him know through a sexy text message or a rude phone call that you’re touching yourself and ask him what to do if he’s by your side.

Incredibly naughty french

Did you know that almost 2 Millions of Americans speak French fluently? Yum! If you’ve been seduced by the French language You already know that your partner can say anything in French. and you must be pinned Seduce your partner with…

naughty french quotes for him

#8 “I need you.”?? – “J’ai envie de toi” ?? Tell your partner that you want her to speak with her mouth. You are ready and ready for whatever your heart desires. Let the woman you love know that you are digging into her feelings and that you need her right now.

#9 “You opened me” ?? – “Boom excited”?? Really want to take her? Take your girl’s hand and slide it south down to your pants. so she can feel how heavy she is to you. while whispering these sexy French words in her ear [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her]

#10 “You are so beautiful”?? – “Vous êtes si belle”?? Hey girls love being flattered! Get a feel for it by telling the love of your life how beautiful you find her. We guarantee you will love it.

#11 “You are my fantasy come true”?? – “Vous êtes mon fantasme devenu réalité”?? This form of flattery is both sweet and sensual. Either way, it’s a clear winner. Tell your partner that you don’t need anything else. Because she is your imagination come true.

#12 “Suck my c*ck” ?? – “Success Moyla Gat”?? Want her to go… you know… there? Invite her to offend you by telling her exactly what you want to do.

naughty french quotes for her

#13 “I have prepared a special dessert for you”?? – “Je vous ai préparé un dessert spécial pour vous”?? This flirtatious verbal foreplay is both sweet and sexy. Tell your man that you have something special waiting for him after dinner. Tone is everything here. Make sure you say this in the hottest, hottest tone of voice. And we are sure that he will understand the picture.

#14 “Heavier!”?? – “Plus the right hand!”?? Want your guy to have rough love? Tell him exactly what you want in one simple command. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the roughest sex ever]

#15 “Come here and tease me” ?? – “Venir ici et me taquiner”?? Who doesn’t get teased a little? This sexy French gem tells him you want him to play with you all night. Pro tip: This could be the perfect signal for a sexy voicemail!

#16 “F*ck me.”?? – “Baise moi” ?? Straightforward and to the point You want him? Let him know with this rude French tutorial!

#17 “My finger” ?? – “Doigtes moi”?? Want to make both of you and yourself enthusiastic about the big show? Tell your partner exactly what you want him to do with this hot phrase.

Illegal Italian

Looking to make your partner go “Mama-Mia!”? between the sheets? Keep each other hot and attentive with these naughty Italian phrases that can be used during naughty shows or flirting foreplay.

sexy italian phrases for him

#18 “Suck my dick”?? – “Succhiami il cazzo”?? Do you like rough D/S role play? Tell her exactly what you want with this passphrase. An alternative that is even more polite. But the way to make her oral happy is to tell her “inginocchiati” or “kneeling”??

#19 “Rub your clit”?? – “Strofinati La Clitoride”?? Yum, yum, yum. There’s nothing sexier than a man who is deceived by a woman. Make your girl nervous and anxious while you enjoy the show by telling her to start petting.

#20 “Spread your legs”?? – “Apri le gambe” ?? Keep your girl on point by asking her * in your most husky way: “I need you” ?? Voice* to open her legs and let you in.

#21 “I’m coming”?? – “Sto venendo” ?? quite self explanatory It’s not just hearing that your partner is on the verge of heated ecstasy. but also hot [Read: The art of talking dirty to a girl without turning her off]

sexy italian phrases for her

#22 “Give me your hand” ?? – “Metti le mani su di me.” ?? remember how in titanicBefore Jack and Rose get into a sweaty and sweaty car. She told him: “Put your hand on me, Jack” ??? This line was so hot in the 90s that even Oprah had to comment. There’s something sexy about being out of command, but invite Your partner holds your hand and roams.

#23 “I am your little whore”?? – “Sono la tua puttanella”?? Get silly and dirty with this sexy phrase. And slowly and gently tell your partner how he makes you want to do things you never thought you’d do before, as usual. [Read: 50 sexy and dirty things to say to your boyfriend]

#24 “I need you” ?? – “Ti Voglio”?? plain and simple Let your partner know that you need him and that you are ready to do some good. Remember, this doesn’t mean: we’re having sex right now! Actually whisper “I want” ?? In your partner’s ears at work or family work can result in great verbal foreplay.

#25 “I’m a bad girl”?? – “Sono stato una cattiva ragazza”?? Guys love to hear how bad of a child you are while he’s gone *unless you’re really a bad person. He’ll hate it.* Do this by telling him that you’re so bad that you’re slapped. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants to see in his girl]

#26 “You can have whatever you want”?? – “Puoi avere qualsiasi modo si desidera”?? Don’t say it if it doesn’t really mean it! Indulge in his imagination and tell him you’re ready for whatever he wants tonight, follow up? Tell him that you will choose your imagination next time.

If you are still looking for O-la-la in other languages ​​to spice up your sweetheart. You can always try Google Translate. Do not expect satisfactory results!

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In the end, whether you tease your partner in your foreign language or just make them laugh. Remember to enjoy yourself and make it fun.

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