20 Naughty and Sexy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend!

behave naughty and dirty And help your guy open up to you by asking these 20 simple but revealing sexy questions to ask your boyfriend.

Sexy Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Spending time together is fun.

But when you run out of things to talk about A few hours of boredom in a closed room can feel like a lifetime.

If you’re in a seasoned relationship It won’t feel too stressful because quiet time can be relaxing and comforting.

But in a new relationship Even a few minutes of silence can seem awkward and frightening. It’s as if both of you are suddenly losing compatibility!

The first thing a new couple has to do is get to know each other. But have you ever wondered how you can get your boyfriend to open up and talk about his tender feelings and his dirty and mischievous side? If he gets stressed every time you question him about his feelings.

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Funny and sexy questions to ask your girlfriend

Funny questions are the easiest way to open up to your boyfriend or husband.

Ultimately, it eliminates the threat of seriousness. and at the same time keeping the whole conversation comfortable. More sexy and intimate

But then, the first sexy talk was awkward. Even if you try to ask him a few questions. [Read: 60 fun get-to-know-you questions for a new romance]

You know you want to talk about those dirty things. You know your guy will like it. But you just don’t know how to talk about those naughty things without bowing your head.

But sex questions don’t have to be awkward.

As long as you answer the questions well and easily. You won’t feel uncomfortable with it, and your man won’t see it until he starts to feel stiff in his shorts. [Read: How to make any guy really horny just by sitting next to him!]

20 Sex Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

The next time you’re in bed or texting your girlfriend. Ask him these 20 sex questions, it’s easy and relaxing. and even as he laughed about it He will also have a hard time stopping himself from feeling emotional at the same time.

And the best part is that he’ll open up to you and feel closer to each other. without ever feeling threatened by your question!

#1 Before we start dating Have you ever fantasized about me or peeked at me when I wasn’t looking? *You’ve always wanted to know how much he wants to date you, right?*

#2 If I have to dress sexy What character would you like me to dress up as? [Read: Sexual role playing ideas for couples]

#3 What do you think should be the next step to make our sex lives more exciting? *If your sex life is starting to become unpredictable This is a great way to get your boyfriend to talk about new things. that he wanted to try in bed without feeling uncomfortable* [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas that are worth trying at least once!]

#4 if you are with me now *If you could do something with me right now* what would you do? [Read: 7 unique and naughty texting games to have fun all night long!]

#5 If we’re just friends and i’m drunk with you Will you take advantage of me? *There is a high chance that asking him this question alone will stimulate his sexual desire*

#6 Do you like me shy and sexy or brave and sexy? *Some men like when their woman is dominant in bed and in control. While most men prefer when they’re in bed with a shy, shy woman*. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy craves to see in his girl!]

#7 Tell me about the sexiest dream you ever had about me. *Conversations like this make for a fun sex conversation while talking. It’s also a great way to get your guy to talk about his sexual fantasies while using his dreams as an excuse.*

#8 If we’re having sex on vacation and you know someone is spying on us from the next room. Will you stop having sex or continue having sex? * Find out how fierce and naughty your boyfriend is when he’s horny!* [Read: 30 dirty would-you-rather sex questions to ask your man]

#9 If I caught you masturbating, would you be embarrassed? *Let’s face it, just because your boyfriend has sex with you doesn’t mean he’ll never masturbate. Instead of fussing about it or confronting him about it. Let him talk about it in a comfortable environment. You can always ask him to give you details as he answers this question.*

#10 before we meet What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done with someone else? *Most men tend to talk about the past. Although the girlfriend is very curious about it. Use this question to find out how adventurous your girlfriend is.*

#11 If you could have sex with one woman and me Who will you choose? *This question will help him see that you are a real wildcat. And don’t be shy like you pretend to be outside!* [Real life confessions: My hot, sexy threesome experience!]

#12 What kind of vacation do you like? A romantic mountain range where we could be trapped in our room all day. Or a beach party place where you can have fun and have fun while clubbing.

#13 Tell me the secret about your sexual fantasies that you would like to try with me.

#14 Do you think some girls have a crush on you right now? *This question will increase his ego and help him open up to you about his personal life beyond your relationship.*

#15 If we ever play truth or dare with another couple Do you think you will do naughty things in front of them? [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night]

#16 What do you think is the sexiest part of my body? *Once you know this All you have to do is use that part of your body to stimulate your man and wake him up!*

#17 Who do you like more? A woman with a pretty face and medium figure. Or a woman with a normal face and super figure?

#18 If you had to kiss a girl on any part of your body that wasn’t your face Which part will you kiss first?

#19 If you happen to see a woman undressing and she doesn’t know you’re looking. Will you ignore it or will you keep watching? [Read: Sexual voyeurism and why it’s such a sexy rush!]

#20 Do you like getting dirty while having sex? *Most lewd men and women are too embarrassed to reveal this deviant secret. And the easiest way to make them open up is to ask them when they don’t feel pressured to be judged.* [Read: 23 tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest words to a guy]

If you have time alone with your boyfriend. Use these 20 sex questions to ask your boyfriend and talk to him about it. It will bring you both closer together. And it will make your relationship sexier too!

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