8 Naughty Little Moves Every Guy Wishes You’d Do

Want some new sexy dance moves to satisfy your guy in the bedroom? these 8 A delightful devious way to please your man is all you need!

Naughty guys hope you do.

It is often said that men are easy to please. This is true to some extent. But if you can take him to the next level of sex. He will only keep an eye on you. A little bravado is required. But these bedroom secrets will push your sex life to the limit.

Some of these may seem unreliable or scary. when you try it Your man has to understand that you are out of his comfort zone. So slow things down. Remember, you’re going out on his limbs for his pleasure. So he’s indebted to making you feel most comfortable.

Giving in the bedroom is also a two-way street. You should do these things with a responsive guy and who will do anything to please you too. If your man doesn’t even think in return You don’t owe him anything from this show. You should find someone else.

But let’s say he’s selfless in the bedroom. You should suck it up and try to mark as many items out of this list as possible. He will later be like putty in your hand.

top 8 Move to blow your man’s mind in the bedroom.

with these tips You can be sure that your guy will look forward to every seductive session with you. Use it sparingly to make him want more. Or you can use them all at once for a sex-filled bedroom rendezvous!

#1 blow him away The boldest thing on this list – blow jobs – is a bedroom essential. As long as he looks down on you You must look down on him. You should blow him to climax from time to time. But giving the head is good for foreplay too.

In sex, you should blow him up for a moment. You don’t have to go too long. but unless it makes him come early You should do this for at least two minutes. Anything less is considered unenthusiastic. It will also help his performance during sex. So there is something for you too. [Read: 9 hottest blowjob secrets to drive him mad with desire]

#2 Play ball! while you’re there There are other things you can do that guys really like. That’s sucking the ball. Start with your tongue to lick long and slow with little pressure. Then wrinkle up so that your wet inner lip touches his skin. Gently rub your lips over the skin. By letting your tongue drag through as well.

Sucking might be the wrong word. Because a small amount of sucking could hurt him. Men’s balls are extremely sensitive to pain. Don’t be afraid to ask him for his opinion on what feels good and what doesn’t. Only the ball will hurt, you can grab around the base of his scrotum with a tighter grip as you do.

#3 Get a face. If you’ve ever watched porn You might think that all men want to do is put their weight on a woman’s face. for most men this is not the case The whole purpose of the act is to dominate a woman. and humiliate her sexuality And that’s not something men should routinely do. But sometimes facials are pretty hot.

As long as he respects you It’s not wrong to let him dominate you for 20 seconds from time to time. and you can make him respond There are other acts equivalent to domination and degradation that women can do. that is sitting in front it is what it looks like He gives you oral sex while you control. and can generally be crushed on his face if you put his face He can do the same for you. [Read: 12 ways you can get your guy to go down on you]

#4 Secret love. This is what scares women more than any other sex act – anal sex. But don’t be afraid Most of what you think you know about it is misinformation from people who didn’t do it the right way. when done correctly The anus can be quite satisfying for a woman.

If you’re trying to read our Curious Guys and Gal’s Guide to First Time Anal Sex Let’s go. Take your time. Even if that means a week or two to start getting used to playing the buttocks before the offensive hits. Let him do this and he will never forget you.

#5 on the camera. This is quite dangerous. And it certainly won’t happen to everyone. Taking photos or videos in the nude or during sex can be very hot. But it’s quite risky. Even if you’re sure you trust him. So are all the girls who later become victims of extortion or revenge porn.

If you’re trying to use Start by taking a photo or video, watch it together, and then delete it immediately. It’s just that it’s really sexy. And ensure that no traces remain. Use your own phone or camera to be sure.

If you’re going to keep photos or videos behind you. Make sure you both have photos of each other. This gives you equality when pressure is on and one is considering blackmailing the other.

#6 mirror, mirror on the wall This is simple. But guaranteed to take him. Strategically placed mirrors help both of you see yourself in sex. Most men really have visibility. And this will drive him crazy. Surprise him with this and he won’t believe his luck in finding a girl like you. Let him watch you act like a dog and he’ll think he has the best boyfriend in the world.

#7 Dirty talk. There’s a whole world of sexiness waiting as you explore Dirty Words together. You can start things by talking to him Here are some simple words Three words to say to keep him going: “I love your cock” “I like the feeling of the chicken in me” “You’re really good”?? Clearly, rhythm and tone matter here. but you must understand There are many more as well. But these three are great for beginners as they will boost his ego and sound totally hot. [Read: 50 dirty talk lines your guy will absolutely love]

#8 play that part This was another good thing that surprised him. Sexy uniforms like French maids Schoolgirls and nurses are what most men choose to use. It’s okay to ask him in advance what he likes best. So don’t worry about ruining the surprise. Let him decide how much to take off before you start making love.

You might not be comfortable with it the first time. but at some point Instead, change the dress to role-playing. if you are a nurse let him be a patient or doctor Be on the scene by referring to yourself in your character’s name, for example, calling him doctor. and let him call you nurse Maybe there was some imagination that he wanted to express like this. whether he knows or not You can take turns reflecting on each other’s fantasies. [Read: Everything you need to know about sexy role playing]

Let go, go crazy! Many of them may seem intimidating to you. Remember that you can explore them together as a pair. Build a sense of trust between you, take things slowly, and stop worrying about feeling embarrassed. If it makes sex good for him. He will thank every god that he has a sexy girlfriend.

[Read: 13 sex secrets that will make your sex life soar through the roof!]

Sex shouldn’t just be wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am! There are so many variations and little tricks you can try to create a normal, sexier courtship scene. Give these tips and watch as your sex life improves tenfold!

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