How to Deal with a Needy Girlfriend and Help Her Feel Secure Again

you might love her But what if your needy girlfriend can’t lose her tough side? Here’s everything you need to make her feel safe again.

poor boyfriend

I know what you’re thinking The minute a girl seems too needy She’s the type of girl that 5 automatically and you’re figuring out how to get rid of her. But what if you’ve been together for a while and this behavior has evolved? A needy girlfriend drives you crazy. you think she is crazy *whatever that means* and you wonder where the girl you met

Well, she probably won’t go anywhere. Sure, there are some women who become possessive and obsessed with you. But they are not as common as you might think.

How to deal with a poor boyfriend

in most cases This is a major sign of insecurity. When people feel insecure They try to grab something to check. in this case it is you They need to feel secure in their relationship. As a result, they suffocated and acted “crazy”.

So this isn’t just about them. But it’s also a great opportunity to look at yourself and your behavior in relationships. Yes, she’s not crazy. [Read: 13 signs of a clingy girlfriend you need to keep an eye on]

#1 Did you fulfill your contract? When you two begin to meet You might have told her you wanted to hang out or you texted her good night every night, but now those beautiful deals are dwindling. And you don’t text her every night like before. You made a pattern and broke it.

So, as usual, she assumes that something between the two of you has changed. Basically, if you say you’re going to do something, do it. [Read: 10 things you do that sabotages your love life]

#2 Let her participate in your world. When you stop telling her about your day or unusual thoughts. will make you feel distant As if she really wasn’t in your life. if you miss her Text her and let her know. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but every now and then make her feel comfortable that you’re still with her. [Read: What insecure people can’t hide when they feel insecure]

#3 Talk to her about it. communication is important I will say it again you have to communicate If you feel like she’s joking, tell her, of course, tell her nicely. Let her know that she doesn’t need to feel this way, and ask her what she needs from you to make her feel more secure in the relationship. The answer is very simple.

#4 be responsible You let this behavior continue to the point where you can no longer deal with it. But remember that you allow You might have thought it was cute at first. But over time, you become irritated. during this time You may not treat her very well. But it’s time for you to take responsibility.

#5 patient The insecurity didn’t disappear overnight. This is not a “I love you” message and everything will be fine. You will have to work to build security within the relationship. This means you have to be patient and not get angry when she flirts with your needy girlfriend.

#6 invariably. You have to show consistency Have a date night every Friday or send her a good morning message when you wake up. Show her that you are committed to the relationship. She’s insecure for a reason. If you don’t show any synergy with her, she doesn’t have a solid foundation to rely on. That’s what makes her look tough. [Read: 20 reasons why a good morning text is so important for women]

#7 don’t play games This happens to men who are not straightforward and honest to their intentions from the start, and of course, they usually call her a bitch. Because she calls and texts him all the time. But did you tell her what this relationship was? You probably didn’t tell her anything. So you have to clear [Read: How to stop playing relationship games]

#8 set boundaries If her tenacity leaves you breathless When you sit with her to talk You have to define boundaries. If she tells you that you have to text her every hour to make her feel safe. This relationship will not work. Listen to her needs, however, if it means you’re a novice monkey, you need to negotiate.

#9 When you two go out together Let her know you’re there. If the two of you are at the club with your friends, you don’t have to be together all night. However, every time, check in with her and kiss her on the cheek or look at her from across the room. Let her know that she is yours and you are hers. You don’t have to stick with her to show her how you feel.

#10 Notice the small things. Maybe she cuts her hair or buys a new shirt. Although these are minor, if you notice Show that you are interested in her. It’s easy. Compliment her for the details you notice about her. If you do It showed a lot and gave her the security she needed and made her needy girlfriend disappear. [Read: 13 steps to dealing with relationship insecurity]

#11 She isn’t crazy. Chances are, she’s really mad. She’s not. You just give her everything to check how you feel about her. You don’t have to wear a ring. But you have to show her that you care about her. just like you She has to show you that she has feelings for you. If not, why are you still in a relationship?

[Read: Why being addicted to somebody is not the same as being in love]

Once you know how to deal with your needy girlfriend. It’s time for you both to help you by following these steps. If you still act so insecure Maybe she needs to talk to an expert.

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