Should You Never Make Someone a Priority?

Have you ever heard that sentence? Shouldn’t you make someone important when what you are to them is a choice? Here’s what you need to know about it.

make someone important

When you love someone dearly Obviously you will make them important in your life.

But what do you do when feelings don’t match?

That’s where everything starts to go wrong in relationships.

Misunderstandings in each other’s expectations are among the biggest reasons for bad relationships and friendships.

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make someone important in your life

love is funny

when you love someone You can’t help but open the door of your heart and welcome them in.

It feels good right? When you can really love someone with all your heart?

When you are in a close friendship or growing love. It’s good to take care of someone.

And it feels so much better when you know that the other person cares about you too.

But when concern is unilateral The relationship will begin to become bitter and worse.

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My Experience with Priority and Best Friends

until recently I have really good friends. We are BFFs and share every moment together.

We have known each other since middle school. We moved in together and lived like two happy sisters. And everything in my life is perfect.

Now, I don’t mean to talk like a cocky person. But I always find it easy to get the attention of someone I like. While my friends find it harder to find a man nearby. [Read: How to get a guy’s attention in any circumstance]

But I don’t like seeing my friends sad or alone. So I started tagging her on most of my dates so she doesn’t have to feel lonely at home. I don’t care if I lose a man If the guy I’m dating can’t take us both out often. or be nice to her He’s out of my life. I protect my friends very much. And I always want to see you happy.

I share all my special occasions with her. I spent months saving up to buy her the perfect birthday present. And I even leave my girlfriend if she’s down and wants me to spend more time with her every day. It was really unconditional love. And I didn’t expect anything from you. In fact, I’m very attached to her.

one day She met a man and started dating him. I’m over the moon for you and giving you plenty of space to spend time with your loyal boyfriend. Sometimes, I even spend the night at another friend’s house just so my best friend can spend some time there. Quality alone with her boyfriend

A couple of months into her relationship and I don’t remember my best friend anymore. she looks the same But her behavior has completely changed. She stopped calling me on the phone. and ignore me Even though I’m sitting in the same room with you She would yell at me for no reason. And she needs a lot of space for herself. She is far away and far away And our relationship changed completely within a month or two. and i’m sorry

Even when I tried to talk to her about it. You just have to say “Well, people have changed, haven’t they? Why are you dealing with the fact that I can’t change”??

She still expects me to do whatever it takes to pamper, cook and take care of her, and she also wants me to buy things from her. But you won’t do anything in return for me. In fact, you don’t even have time for me. And what I want from you is to spend half an hour talking to me every day. But she didn’t want to do that.

and in one conversation She even accused me of being jealous because she was happier than me!

My best friend is important to me. But I must shed painful tears. Drunken nights do not sleep for a long time. And the heartache that hurts to know that I’m not important to you

And that’s when I realized that you shouldn’t pay attention to anyone. When what you are for them is a choice. I feel betrayed and cheated. And I feel very familiar because I have been sacrificing my happiness for her for many years. And all you have to say to me is “Who told you to do that!”??

For the first time in my life I really realized. How discouraged and miserable it is to feel so worthless in the eyes of your loved ones. [Read: What is unrequited love and how to get over it?]

The wrong person should not be given importance.

Needless to say I’m no longer in contact with that friend. I still care about you and full of affection when meeting you But I can’t be friends with you anymore.

But now, when I look back over the years I realized something I can’t blame my friends for what happened. I value her and I allow her to use me. I don’t care if I’m important to you or not. Because taking care of your needs makes me feel good from the inside.

When you love someone as a partner or friend you are taking risks Your love may or may not be reciprocal. So if you want to live a happy life Take the time to fall in love with someone. It’s the safest way to make sure you’re giving your heart to the right person.

Sometimes people are selfish. And there’s nothing you can do about it. but from my own experience The only thing I can advise you is to avoid people who are not trying to be nice to you. Love and affection should not be one-sided. The neglect you feel is worse than the pain you feel after the breakup. [Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you]

Relationships are a system of exchange.

It’s not about counting. is unconditional love in a perfect relationship Those involved both gave and received continually. and that makes the wheel of love spin smoothly

It could be a relationship between a couple, friends, siblings, or parents. A happy relationship is always an exchange. But when the scale of giving and receiving begins to unravel One partner will begin to feel tired and annoyed. [Read: The 80 20 rule in relationships]

Do you know that you are only an option?

In many cases, you may not even be aware that you have an inconsistent relationship. You might feel offended. or worse You might convince yourself that you need to focus more on your relationship because your partner deserves more love and affection.

Relationships work best when love and affection are exchanged in equal measure.

If you ever feel like giving it all while a friend or loved one is accepting you or using you alone? to stay away from the relationship leaving will be painful But it’s still better than having to suffer the neglect and pain of having to meet one-sidedly every day of your life. [Read: How your self respect affects you and your relationships]

8 Signs You Make People Matter When You’re Just an Option

If you’re unhappy with any relationship in your life, there’s a high chance that you’re in a one-way relationship. use these 8 Signs to see if you’re giving someone more attention than they deserve in your life.

#1 They expect you to give but not give back.

#2 They continually disappoint you even if you have little expectations of them. [Read: When should you end a bad friendship?]

#3 You are just a backup plan in their lives. when they have nothing to do better

#4 They don’t care about your feelings. Even if you vent your emotions Instead of understanding you or listening to you They’re just arguing back or trying to justify themselves.

#5 You feel pain all the time around this person.

#6 They treat others in a special way and pay special attention to them. But you never get any satisfaction, no matter how hard you try to please him.

#7 You are always overlooked no matter how hard you try to win their love.

#8 They are selfish and only care about themselves. They always put their needs before you. and try to manipulate you all the time [Read: How to stop thinking about someone you like a lot]

If you find any of these signs in a relationship You should probably stop messing with them all. But remember, it’s not your fault for being selfish. Sometimes, people are just too self-centered to think from other people’s perspectives.

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Don’t forget the meaningful lines. You shouldn’t make anyone important when what you are to them is a choice. looks catchy But understanding that concept can mean the difference between happiness and pain for a lifetime.

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