50 Nice Things to Say to Your Best Friend to Brighten Their Day

Sometimes expressing gratitude is a good thing to do. try to read good things These are to tell your besties and let them know how special it is!

Cool things to tell your best friend.

When you think of saying cute things to other people. It is often the subject of your romantic relationship. But everyone must hear good things. If you notice your friend can give you a little boost. Instead, learn good things to say to your best friends so they can feel good inside and lighten their burdens.

After all, we all have bad days, and sometimes we’re not sure how the people around us feel. Don’t keep your appreciation inside, let it be known!

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Why is it good to make your friends smile?

Your friends are there through thick and thin. It’s very easy to accept them and assume that they will always be there. However, your friends are human. just like you Sometimes we feel bad and need to hear how special we are to feel better. There is nothing wrong with this at all!

The old proverb says “Life is too short” is absolutely true. How will your friends know you think it’s the best thing since sliced ​​bread if you don’t tell them? Of course, that doesn’t mean having to tell them every day or do too much. Compliments that uplift every heart Times may be enough to make them feel like those days. It’s a really good compliment. That’s part of your BFF role! [Read: Love your best friend? Why it’s best to back away right now]

These good things to tell your best friend should help you stay motivated.

Good things to tell your best friend

Being the best friend is a huge commitment. Not just lending ears but about being the one who knows good things to talk to your best friends to make them feel loved less lonely And let them know that they are important to you and the world.

Here are some good things to say to your dear friend Be sure to make them ring ear to ear.

1. That color is you.

If she wears it well, let her know. Lipstick, clothes, anything that brings out the sunlight in you. yellow or not Let her know that she shines brightly. [Read: 18 ways to build lasting friendships]

2. That guy is digging up all your peppers.

Old phrase, but a good one. If you meet a guy who has a crush on her, tell her. It makes her feel good. She might not even notice that he likes her. And who knows, he might just be “the only one” being the ultimate bridesmaid! [Read: 11 important maid of honor duties to do for your friend]

3. Did you lose weight?

Old fashioned, but if she looks slender, arrange her day! It’s a good thing to say to your best friend without a doubt.

4I don’t know how to live without you

If she’s the one you call during good times and especially bad times. let her know She doesn’t have to be your everything. She does it because she loves you. So let her know that you know and appreciate it.

5.You make me smile

It’s very easy! [Read: 14 platonic friendship rules to just be friends without the drama]

6. how much i need you You never let me down.

If she is someone who never disappoints or disappoints you. That’s something to share with her. And let her know that you are, will, and are the same with her.

7. You bless my life when I met you. and you stay every day

We will meet many people who have blessed our lives. if she is one of them Let her know that she is an angel who will tolerate your nonsense. This is one good thing to say to your best friend for brownie points and smiles!

8. You are my best friend forever.

BFF all the way baby!

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9. We should totally be Thelma and Louise.

ok old reference But if you don’t know what it is You should watch it with all your best friends for a good time.

10. You’re Not My Wings you are my wings

Ah…. Now that’s what makes my best friend amazing. [Read: 25 characteristics of the best wing women]

11. I will totally envy you. but you have too much fun

If you admire her and get a little jealous, admit it. But it also made her feel like she had millions.

12. I will always be here no matter what.

It’s important that she knows you’re there for her too! Friendship is truly a two-way street.

13. I have other friends, but I will never be you.

friends are cute The best friend is God sent.

14. Whether our lives will change in the future Our friendship will never change.

life may change But let her know that your friendship will never change.

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15. I want to be your roommate in a nursing home someday.

Yes, even old and old The two of you will call each other to exchange pans for each other. Or at least call the nurse to help with everything.

16. All my favorite memories include you.

Enough said!

17. You complete me.

not like a lesbian just true Believe it or not, telling your best friend is a good thing to be with her forever.

18. Life was super boring until I found a partner in crime.

Allies in crime are the best in the world. But it’s not about crime. It’s about keeping you alive and making life worth living. [Read: The 31 reasons you need a friend who is your partner in crime]

19. We should name us one night a week.

One night should be dedicated to the two of you… Twin powers activated.

20. I would be lost without you.

With my best friend, that’s the truth. You cannot and cannot live without them. They are the people who know you best and who are there to help you. What else in life?

21. I have thousands of friends, but I only need you.

you only need one That’s what I keep telling my kids. You can have thousands of “friends”, but you only need one “true friend.”

22. You just understood me and I totally understood you.

Yes, you understand! [Read: 11 ridiculous types of friendships we’ve all had growing up]

23. You can’t choose a family. But I will choose you again and again.

You cannot choose who you are related by blood. But that’s the best part about your best friend. that’s all you choose

24. There are friends and there are people who have made an impression in your life. Thank you for changing me in a good way.

protracted but all true

25. I always knew that you would be on my team and I was on your team.

I’ll take it out there lady is sneaky If you find something that isn’t Let her know you’re grateful!

26. We should never grow up.

Peter Pan syndrome occurs in girls as well. Wendy is just an idiot. [Read: How to escape the Peter Pan syndrome and grow up fearlessly]

27. If I only met one person, it would be you.

Again, you only need one.

28. If you are a man We might be the perfect couple.

What most women know and many men don’t know is that most of us would like us to be gay because women are much easier to get along with. And sometimes it’s even more fun!

29. When I have a bad day You are always there to make me laugh. Thank you!

Thank you story.

30. You make me smile without trying.

If she makes you smile just because you know she’s having fun and is going there, let her know. [Read: 50 ways to start someone’s day with a smile]

31. If I had a day left on earth I’ll use it on your bucket list.

From A to Z, you know what her bucket list is. and you are hers Start skipping things as you go. No regrets together. [Read: 15 perfect best friend bucket list ideas for the fun and adventurous]

32. Sometimes friendship is more important than family. and you are the bravest

If you like her more than your family Do not forget that there is not much blood if it is not true love.

33. I never worry about what you think. because we have the same idea

If you don’t have to tell me I’m having a bad day She just knew that it was the true secret power.

34. We should go to the movies and have a glass of ice cream and leave the world behind.

A pint of ice cream, chick skin, and no boys… That’s what a best friend wants! [Read: 13 fun ideas for your next girl’s night]

35. Tonight, men are forbidden to enter.

Just us and have fun!

36. There is nothing you can do to keep me from you.

Let her know even if you disagree. You are one hundred percent behind her always and forever.

37. Where you lead, I will always follow.

You’ll never leave her and that’s why it’s one of the good things to say to your best friend for the safety and peace of your friendship.

38 friends come and go You and I will be together forever.

A best friend is a true friend forever. Don’t let her go! Best friends are sometimes a once in a lifetime thing. [Read: Platonic friends: An insight into a rare & complicated friendship]

39. I hope everyone is as real as you. But if that’s the case again, I don’t know how rare our friendship is.

Let her know that your friendship is unique.

40. I don’t usually like our gender. But you are the best exception.

If you’re someone who knows how ugly a woman is but she’s not, let her know that she’s our gender payoff for you.

41. You make me a better person.

Your best friend isn’t your “yes girl,” she’s your “sane and the best” period.

42. You never get tired of supporting me and if you do you will never say so. Thank you!

She’s your cheerleader and she deserves a ‘thank you’ for it!

43. You meet only a few people in your life that you love. You are one of my people.

love is rare not for anyone So let her know that you love her dearly. [Read: 15 signs of a best friend and why you’ll never find anyone better]

44. I wish I had ten of you. But then you won’t be you. It’s okay!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had ten best friends? No, it’s like having candy with every meal. It will lose its luster. That’s why you only get one.

45. I stopped believing in people and she came.

If you give up on the human race for a split second and she walked into your life Let her know that she turned her back on you and made the friendship come true again.

46. ​​Thank you for always supporting me.

women talk I’ll take it out If you have a best friend who is always there to help you. Show that you are a very good person. And you should let her know how lucky you are. [Read: The 8 kinds of friends everyone needs in their life]

47. I wouldn’t have a party if you couldn’t come.

Our worst fear is throwing a party where no one is coming. Your bestie is the person you dated before you even thought of partying, so… let her know.

48. I think I know what friendship is. then i met you

We all think we have best friends. And then we meet our best friends and know the others. Just a normal friend

49. How can you never get tired of picking me up?

Your best friends don’t roll their eyes, judge you, or give up. If you’re lucky enough to have someone who can put up with all your nonsense. You have to let them know. [Read: How to fix it if you BFF is ignoring you]

50. Thank you for never judging me and accepting me. you are my best friend

True, true and true, that’s all you have to say… Thank you. Best friends are the ones who accept you, make you smile, and allow you to be you without judgement. Very rare, if you find it don’t forget to let me know.

Sometimes it can be awkward to tell people of the same gender how incredible you think they are. But if it’s your support system will always be by your side and make you feel like the world can collapse And you’re fine because you know they have you. It’s time to speak up. These good things to tell your bestie should be covered!

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We all live our lives with feelings. But rarely take the time to express, thank, or tell someone how grateful you are for having them. Don’t think your besties get it or don’t tell them they mean the world. Best friends are rare.

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So when you’ve found your best friend Stay strong and learn good things to say to your best friend. friendship lasts forever especially best friends forever!

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