How to Not Get Attached to a Guy: 15 Moves to Cut Off Feelings

Sometimes you like guys who don’t have the same feelings as you. It can be messy if you don’t learn how to hook up with guys.

how to not stick to men

You want to know how not to cling to men. We all want to have our cake and eat it too. But when it comes to emotions and feelings It’s not always possible.

If you’ve slept with a guy and find yourself feeling warm and fuzzy, that’s a red flag. Feelings are not a red flag But not being on the same page is a red flag. If it’s clear that he’s not interested in a relationship with you. and what you have is only Fun, you’re walking a thin line.

I fell in love with a friend with benefits. I think most people have feelings for them. People often forget that sex is intimate and emotional. at some point you will develop feelings And maybe sex is really good, so you want to keep that and not commit—I feel you, but listen, it’s not going to be easy.

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How not to be addicted to men

But you can learn how to not cling to a guy. Follow these 15 tips. and it will guide you in the right direction. But if you stick to the right decisions and be strong. It’s not guaranteed that it will work. Why? Because we are human beings with emotions.

#1 don’t lie to yourself You know when you cling to someone It’s not rocket science. You can feel yourself smiling when they text you. you miss them during the day you know the training

But if you don’t want to commit, be honest with yourself. If you hide your feelings from yourself It will come back. First, be honest with your feelings. [Read: The signs you’re emotionally attached and falling hard for someone]

#2 Are you satisfied with the situation? Your partner wants nothing more than a good time. But can you truly continue that level of relationship? Is this what you really want? Or why are you settling in? they need? Let’s be clear about this. You are the first priority So if you are unhappy and no get what you want this is not yours

#3 Lower those expectations. You hope they will accept their feelings for you. But it won’t happen anytime soon. Your expectations are too high. Remember, they don’t want anything serious. And most likely this will not change. If you are wondering how not to be attached to a man? Don’t pretend you have a boyfriend, go on dates, flirt, even kiss someone else. Do not put all the eggs in the basket. [Read: Why it is really healthy to try dating multiple people]

#4 Cut off any “relationship” activities. This is one of the reasons you feel connected. If you are only can have sex But meet for dinner and go to the movies. You do activities like a couple. and you’re trampling in murky water If they don’t have feelings for you Show that you’re his back-up fan until something better comes along. Screw that cut off those relationship activities.

#5 Don’t get caught up in your imagination. It’s very easy to daydream and imagine being in a relationship with the person you’re sleeping with. I mean, you’re halfway there. But this is dangerous. when you imagine them Your imagination may be inflated and unrealistic. And when reality hits, it hurts. [Read: How to see the signs when your casual relationship is starting to get serious]

#6 set boundaries If you still want to sleep with them to define boundaries They can’t hang out with you every day or take a nap. This should stop If it’s just sex, that’s fine. But what’s more is crossing the line. If you don’t want to commit to a guy Instead, create healthy boundaries for your relationship.

#7 Spend time with friends. If you just sleep with him Don’t spend your free time with this guy unless it’s for sex. Besides, you shouldn’t be seeing him at all. Instead, spend time with other people, like your friends and family. Don’t cut off your friends just because you’re sleeping with someone. Plus, spending more time with them will help you stay attached to the guy.

#8 don’t think about the future Actually, the future isn’t that bright for a casual relationship. Of course, some people turn to serious people, but not so much, to maintain feelings. Avoid thinking about the future or doing it. any Future plans. You don’t need a five-year plan with people who only want to sleep with you. [Read: The 16 biggest annoyances of a long-term friends with benefits relationship]

#9 They have flaws as well. to prevent you from falling into the imagination Remind yourself of their shortcomings. It’s easy to forget that they are human too when you like them, so don’t focus on the good. Focus on the flaws as well. This should not turn you off. But it will help you get to the truth.

#10 They don’t meet friends or family. If you don’t want to commit to a guy Stay as far away from your friends and family as possible. They don’t meet your closest people. reserved for serious relationships The moment he meets your friends and family, he comes in, and you don’t want that.

#11 Don’t become a doormat. with an informal relationship The scope is often out of place. but here’s the reason must Build them. If you don’t want to commit, don’t act like a doormat. You don’t have a policy to come whenever you want. Nu, uh. Be firm with him and stick to the boundaries you set. [Read: How to set boundaries in a relationship – 15 must-follow rules to not get hurt]

#12 Don’t meet his friends. The more you know him You’ll only get worse. You probably don’t want to know too much about his personal life. This includes the people he hangs out with. Once you know the details It means you are getting to know each other. And that means you’ll bond with that guy.

#13 Once you are addicted, stop the relationship. This is something that when you have feelings they won’t stop. It’s almost impossible to cut off your feelings when you can still see them. But when you feel something You know it’s time to end the relationship. So you’ll catch the feeling [Read: The signs you’re more than friends with benefits and getting attached]

#14 What do you want? what you really need But really ask yourself what you want Why did you choose this person for an easy relationship? Are your needs met?

#15 It will end. Listen, if you have feelings They won’t miraculously get up and leave one day. They are here unless you change the situation. and by change I mean the end The relationship will eventually end. When feelings develop, it’s just a matter of time.

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No one said having feelings was easy. They’re always causing problems, right? Now you know how. don’t cling to men You just have to decide what needs to be done.

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