Old School New Body Review 2021 – Is It Right For You?

Along with the growing concern of people for health comes their eagerness to form an ideal sexy and healthy body and considering the Old School New Body too. In different surveys, worldwide obesity has been identified as one of the leading causes of poor health conditions and terminal diseases.

Among the leading health problems caused by obesity are diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, and depression. It is not surprising that different health and fitness products are becoming very popular in the market.

The problem is that not all products are suited for all types of people and you may have trouble finding out which one you really need. Older people often give-up on slimming diets and on engaging in rigorous exercise because they feel like their aging bodies are not capable of handling those things just as the younger generation.

The sad thing is that the mentioned medical conditions often affect the older generation and with exercises that they cannot perform, they are left to cure the conditions rather than prevent it.

Thanks to Steve Holman for creating the Old School New Body program because these things are about to change.

What is this product?

Old School New Body EbookOld School, New Body is a program designed for people who are as young as 30 years old up to people who are as old as 70 years old and above.

Most fitness programs like Old School New Body would always have a precaution against using them for people who are in their late adulthood.

But Holman’s program is exactly designed to fit the needs of the older fitness enthusiasts. Both men and women at the older age range can use and follow the workout routines just as the couple who designed them are doing in Old School New Body.

The actual program used by this Old School New Body is the F4X workout which is divided into three phases.

Phase one starts with fat-burning routines that will get rid of unwanted fat. This is an important stage because if you happen to build muscles first before you burn fat, you can end up with a bulky feature. There are specific routines for shedding fat without building muscles which are great for women who are not very comfortable in developing thicker frames and muscles.

The second phase of the Old School New Body focuses on muscle development and toning. This makes sure that the thinner body frame would have defined features to create a sexier and younger look. Proper body-building for men also starts at this phase.

Serious body-building happens in phase three. This part is optional and only a few women opt to continue to this phase. Men particularly place emphasis at this part not just for looking fit but also for looking and feeling strong.

What Makes It Different

Old School New Body PDFIn the program of Old School New Body, Holman applied the F4X workout which has three equally important phases depending on your goal body.

They call phase one as the fat burning routine. This is the start of the program of the Old School New Body and is very important in making sure that one will lose a good amount of unwanted fat and get slim.

This will make sure that your weight decreases using specific routines without developing muscles. This phase will also prepare you for more demanding routines in the next two phases. Women are a great fan of this part since most of them only want to lose weight but do not want to build bulky muscles.

In order to make sure that one will have a superstar body, phase two of the Old School New Body is dedicated to tone and develop muscles. After losing the unwanted fat, regular exercise will leave you with saggy skin flaps that would not look flattering.

Toning will tighten your skin and make you look younger. If you are planning on bodybuilding, this is the proper way to start. The routines will strengthen your core muscles for more demanding exercises. Those who do not want to may opt-out of continuing to the third phase.

Phase three of Old School New Body is for serious bodybuilders and most elderly men continue with this rigorous part of the program. This is the bodybuilding phase. At this point, even elderly men can form muscles and retain strength which is a huge part of their ego system.

As a summary of the main program of Old School New Body, you can see that the exercises or routines are arranged in an increasing format with the last phase being optional. It starts with weight loss to make sure that your muscles will not cover the unwanted fat that you must lose to truly be healthy.

Even programs designed for younger people are actually formatted this way. The good thing about old school new body is because it is developed by an expert, who is around the same age as the people who might use it, users can be sure that it is safe to follow. The physical requirements of the program are just right as the program runs for about 20 to 30 minutes for three days a week only.

What are the pros of using this program?

  • Old School New Body ScamThis program, Old School New Body, comes with additional materials that will help people in their later life to choose the right nutritional meal plans and the right time to eat. This is important because as people age, the ability of their digestive system also changes and they cannot simply follow the diet of younger people.
  • It uses the correct exercise routines organized in a way that you can easily stop without jeopardizing the weight loss part. Phase one and phase two may be enough but men always opt to finish up to phase three.
  • Aside from looking younger, the program also helps to speed up the metabolism of the people who use them because of the work out that prompts their body to digest food for energy. The physical exertion also prompts the brain to produce and release chemicals in the brain that make people feel less stressed according to Old School New Body.
  • It does not take up too much time of the older people since the routines only run for 20 to 30 minutes a day and for three days in one week. This is the ideal routine even for younger people.
  • It also comes with several bonuses for understanding how to burn fat faster, how to become more energetic and happy, and how to build muscles in a natural way.
  • Like any other credible online products, Old School New Body comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee.

Old School New Body Conclusion

In addition to the program of the Old School New Body, an additional nutritional meal plan is included. Because older people’s digestive system and metabolic rate differ from younger people, it is only proper that they follow a different diet that would fit the required nutritional needs of the body while using the program.

Other benefits of old school new body included boosting the metabolism of older people by making sure that their body will continue to process food into fuel to meet the required energy for exercising. Since this program, old school new body, is a physical activity, it leads the brain to produce happy hormones that prevent older people from experiencing depression, anxiety, irritation, and mood swings.

This specialized product also comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee. Old school new body program could easily be purchased online using several modes of payment and then downloaded into the computer or any gadget.





It does not only provide a program of the Old School New Body but also has a nutritional meal plan suitable for the older. Additional, it leads the brain to produce happy hormones that prevent older people from experiencing depression, anxiety, irritation, and mood swings.

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