One-Sided Friendship: 15 Clear Signs It’s Time to Cut Them Loose

One-sided friendship – who needs them? You respond very quickly, but often you don’t see any signs of one-sided friendship. Until it’s too late!

Signs of a one-sided friendship

You know the old saying that relationships are two roads, yes, I know, I rolled my eyes too. But the washed-out phrase is exhausted for a reason. We all have bad friends. Although we didn’t immediately see any signs of unilateral friendship. Most likely, you will go through a lot of things before you end up with a strong and trusting group of friends.

15 Ways to Know When You’re One-sided Friends

There are times when friendships go their own way. I have a friend who ends up lying on my couch for a year and eating all my food. Is that a friend? They pull my hair when I’m wasted. But is it enough?!

They can find another sofa to sleep on. You know what I said! Keep an eye out for these signs of a one-sided friendship. And if you notice it in your own relationship It’s time to leave forever!

1. You always call them

They never call you They reply to your message. But you don’t see them texting you asking how are you? If you call they will answer. If not, nothing happens. Basically, you and you are the only one trying to keep this relationship alive. Let this child sink [Read: Got flaky friends? Here are the reasons to ditch them]

2. They only call when they need something.

Ah yes, they like you when they want something. Maybe they lack rent or need cash for the dress. And then they appeared miraculously. such a good friend You probably have quite a lot of tabs because all they do is get, get, get.

3. They don’t listen

You may have no problem talking. Maybe you want to tell a joke. But they are busy texting on the phone while having coffee with you. in one sided friendship They don’t really care what you say, except, “Oh, this is the money you want.” [Read: 7 Signs you’re not being heard and 7 ways to fix it]

4. never on time

Aretha Franklin, my little girl, she’s right. Respect. If they’re not on time. That’s because they don’t respect your time. They don’t care enough to be punctual. Maybe they came on time But is that when they need the money? Bingo Pieces of the Connect Puzzle

5. They control what you do.

whatever they want to do The two of you did it no compromise Maybe you suggested something and they fell down. One of the biggest signs of a one-sided friendship is that they need it on their way or on the highway because it’s about them. This is not friendship but a dictator [Read: 17 bad friends you should unfriend from your life]

6. They have your closest half at their place.

It’s okay to borrow clothes. But when they have all your closets at home? Come on, go buy your own stuff. the best part Your item is likely lying on the floor or stained with ketchup. I won’t doubt it

7. Not available when you need it

You just broke up with your partner and you cry? in one sided friendship They may not be nearby. To comfort you while you cry out on the sofa Sure, they might be around when you want to drink the pain away. But that’s not a true friend. They want to be there for the good times. But what about the bad?

8. They never say “thank you”

When you help get their ass out of the jam Will they turn to you and say “thank you”? Is that even a phrase they understand? Probably not. You always help them. Why is this time different? [Read: 23 secret signs of narcissism most friends completely overlook]

9. They don’t care

let me say this if you have an emergency Will they be the first to call you? If you answer “no”, you’re starting to understand the signs of friendship with your friends. It’s safe to say that they’re not really your friends.

They don’t care less. don’t get me wrong They don’t want you dead. Maybe because they want you to rent. But other than that, they don’t care.

10. They didn’t meet you halfway.

I truly mean this. You drive to them or you won’t find them. Of course, they ‘accidentally’ go to bed, or they may not even bother to dress you up. Just take a moment [Read: 16 signs your friends are taking advantage of you]

11. High Expectations

this one is with you A sign of a one-sided friendship is when they have high expectations of what you put into the friendship because it was always you, so now you have a standard to maintain. Not happy

12. They let you down.

If you’re attending a new art class or something that distracts you from the service. You will hear about it. But it’s not a simple advance method.

They will let you down and try to show you that the time you don’t spend on them is being wasted. Keep doing your pottery class and leave it alone instead. [Read: How to recognize and stop selfish people from hurting you]

13. They don’t open up.

The whole point of friendship is to release your feelings and thoughts to someone who understands and empathizes. But if you are the only one destroying personal data and they are sitting there Collect their next fraudulent act. Good. Escape.

14. Management

friendship is relationship They are also prone to emotional and psychological abuse. You might not even recognize the harassment because you didn’t expect it from your friend. But believe me, embezzlement is real. [Read: Emotional manipulation: 14 ways people mess with your mind]

15. They’re upset when you back off.

If you decide to step away from your friendship instead of sympathy They will be angry and resentful. That’s a sign that they’re not friends. Friends try to see what they’re doing wrong and find a solution.

How to cope with a one-sided friendship

The first thing to do is sit down and really think. what your friends are doing or do nothing and how often We all let things slip from time to time and maybe they’re having a bad time right now. In that case, maybe give them a little time to see if anything has changed.

However, in most cases Nothing happened and it’s just that this person is not a bad friend. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to people. Especially those you think you can rely on. However, sometimes we open up to blame and give our time and attention to those who don’t deserve it. don’t hit yourself with it Are you brave enough to take risks with someone and try to make that special friendship? The fact that it doesn’t work isn’t your fault. [Read: How to say goodbye to someone you love: Don’t be afraid to let go]

You have two options – you can talk to your friends and explain your feelings. Or you can reduce your losses and move on. The chances of them completely changing their methods are slim. But it’s not completely a problem. If you want to give it a last try, sit down, talk, and try to be as clear as possible. without using language that totally blames them. You might want to blame them. But knowing what to say is important.

If it doesn’t work? raise your hand in the air wave from side to side and say goodbye to them You can do better.

[Read: Good friends are like stars: 18 ways to build lasting friendships]

You probably have a few friends popping into your head while you’re reading this. It’s cool. Now you know all the signs of a one-sided friendship. All you have to do is decide if you’re done with them or not!

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