Oneitis: The Unhealthy Effects of Falling Madly in Obsessive Love

The world is full of wonderful and unique people. Why is the focus chasing only one? Avoid one heartbreaking situation and enjoy dating instead.


Think back to your school days when you were asked to read. “Romeo and Juliet” Remember the phrase, “Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, why are you Romeo?” Juliet feels bad and no one does. Oneitis is used to describe someone like Juliet. obsessed with other people is it life or death hypnosis of the mind No one is more perfect than a person. This in the whole world for sure.

When you read it, it sounds crazy right? Why are you obsessed with people? Only when someone else’s world is out there? The point is, it’s easier than you think to be in a situation and harder to get out of it. [Read: 14 Signs of obsessive love you can’t ignore]

Let’s define oneitis.

when you are in it That person is your everything. And God forbid if you lose them. when you are with them you won the lottery What you two have is not the same as what you see in the universe. Or they’re your dream partner and you know you’re worthy. If only they felt the same

Sorry to rain on your Disney mood parade, but Doctor Dex is here to diagnose if you have oneitis and to predict your chances of survival if you can. It’s time to get real [Read: Obsessive love: 15 ways to tell if it’s real or just unhealthy]

Oneitis is a popular term in the seduction community and especially in the atmosphere. ‘Itis’ is a medical suffix used to inform you of a term that describes an inflammatory disease or infection. To the disease of one-man thinking You’re Infected and You Need Other Penicillin – Statistics

Why is one symptom a dangerous condition?

When you make a promise to believe in ‘One for me and I hope I find them’. You will not exclude any other possible love options for you. You might also be too picky. Can’t agree with one person [Read: How to stop obsessing over someone: The 12 things you must do]

In addition, if you are with the partner of your dreams. You will feel that if they leave You won’t be able to help. They have all the power because it’s a win-lose situation. If let you lose If they stay, you win. The thing is, a lot of things can happen during the relationship. and you have to deal with it Don’t feel scared until the end you’ll do whatever it takes to keep it, don’t you see? It’s not healthy!

Oneitis is quite similar to the infatuation phase of new love. Think of Bella and Edward in the Twilight movie/book series. Your relationship has become more important than anything and everything in the wider world. truly the whole world [Read: How to play it cool with a girl & impress her by keeping your calm]

Signs and symptoms of oneitis

Oneitis means different things depending on whether you are a woman or a man and whether you are a man or a woman. I’ll explain this in the prognosis section. from the foregoing To diagnose whether you have this disease or not. and give an idea of ​​your perspective.

1. Are you a desperate poet or an amateur songwriter?

It’s hard for me to remember what it was like in one because these days I see it very lame. But when I’m in a disease like Romeo I had a desire to capture the incomparable beauty of my partner. They are rays of light and everything they do or don’t do is particularly important. I still feel gloomy. You may find yourself writing poems or even songs. They can be terrible. but wait Maybe you hit your hand! [Read: Romantic attraction – How to know when you feel the real thing]

2. You are obsessed and unproductive.

It all reminded me of my partner when I had one symptom: their favorite food. words that have the same syllable as their names I would find myself daydreaming about being with them. I gave up on other important areas of my life because they didn’t seem important anymore. It’s all about them.

3. You listen to love songs especially.

When you’re stuck with a disease You will be visible in the tunnel, lose sag, and no longer understand the language of the ‘game’.

You’ve thrown out songs that proactively talk about money, success and fame. Now you have a whole playlist dedicated to the feeling of being in love. You hum ‘I miss you every day’ to yourself. You may begin to search for words that sum up your feelings. If you start sharing on social media You have to check yourself [Read: 20 Most romantic songs for the one you love]

4. You are so needy

You are addicted to drugs when you are away from your partner. You will sink into a low mood. But being in a company is like being on a high ground. As long as you get it fixed, you’re fine, even if you feel unhealthy. Your relationship feels like you’re enjoying less delicious meals and more like craving more sugar. [Read: 13 needy signs you’re too available for your partner]

5. You are not sure where you start and end.

When you are completely about a particular person That will have a huge influence on you. You begin to bring their way of speaking, thinking, opinions, and interests to the next list. It may seem interesting, however, you are losing yourself in the midst of it all. A good relationship is not one of two people. Two people choose to be together.

6. You are always the right partner

You can’t think for yourself, so in an argument or conversation You feel inferior to your morals and tend to bend. Not that they are correct in reality. You just let everything slip and let it be right. You do this because you’re worried about ‘rocking the boat’, agreeing and letting them get right. Do you think they will stay? [Read: Are relationship fights normal? 15 signs you’re fighting too often]

7. You feel discouraged and weak.

I think anyone who knows the origin of their personal ‘happiness’ depends on something beyond their control *the other person* feels irritated inside. You feel trapped and as if you have no control over your own life.

8. You feel helpless.

The first law of any relationship: ‘Whoever needs the least other person is the supreme power in the relationship’ when you have one. You tend to give away most of your energy like free candy. until you become Mr. Smithers from simpsons Tell Mr Burns, ‘I love you, stop hitting me!’

9. can do anything even crazy

I used to have more than 70 unanswered girls for me. I was unwittingly crazy back then. So I came to the conclusion that she was crazy. The truth is that she is crazy about us and wants me to listen to her to change. [Read: 15 instant hacks to the put the crazy away]

10. You are venting your hopeless emotions because you have lost hope.

Not good. Not good at all. Once again we want to be with the winners. That’s a healthy way to live. I think having other options, but choosing someone is your best option. It’s more flattering than choosing a life partner out of despair.

11. You bend easily.

You want your partner to respond positively to you or to keep checking on you constantly. Your mood depends on how well your relationship is going. How you feel often depends on how your partner behaves in one way or another. [Read: When you like someone: Are you losing yourself to impress them?]

12. You always find it difficult to do.

You always feel that you are giving and not receiving. But that’s your choice. Your partner has always been told that they are right and you will do anything for them. They will definitely continue to do so. As a result, you feel like a victim all the time. It’s as if you’re being hit hard in every area of ​​your life.

13. You are not very productive.

Since your mood depends on your partner’s mood and things are going well, you can work your best one day and be less productive the next day. You don’t conform at all That’s not good for your job, right?

14. You can’t let the small things pass.

You always want reassurance that everything is fine in your relationship. You’ll text him and ask what’s wrong. If you feel that you have done something wrong (You probably didn’t.) You would be overcompensating to try and compensate. You can’t let the little things pass. or whatever [Read: 8 Things to tell yourself when fighting with your lover]

What is your prognosis?

In a way, oneitis is a useful phenomenon. It makes you appreciate one person enough to reduce your chances of being flirted with by another third party. This gives the two of you the opportunity to:

1 Develop a strong bond that can last a lifetime.

2 Focus on each other long enough to support a family.

3 Be mature so that you act in a way that benefits both you and your partner. [Read: Signs of emotional maturity: 20 traits to look for in someone]

But here’s a warning…

Oneitis can be more dangerous for men. This is because women generally have more romantic choices than men. and they chose naturally better. Therefore, they are less likely to develop oneitis prematurely *unless they are still in Twilight Bella and Ed tween years of life*.

it can still happen This is especially true when women seek out men in the top 10% compared to other men. But even a typical woman automatically has multiple male mates at once. More options for kissing [Read: Should you settle for less when you can have much more?]

in comparison The average man may have very little choice. Scarz, so for men, developing oneitis often makes him look lame and unattractive. Not recommended!

Last but not least – feminine women tend to worry about the flow of love. This is partly because they have limited parenting time. Therefore, it may be paramount for them to develop one disease – to choose the best option from the many options. Perhaps this is more important that she is more attractive.

There are approximately four stages of the disease:

1. stage 1 – You lost your game.

Game, swag, sex appeal, call it what you want. Losing a mojo is very dangerous. Men worry more about it than women. [Read: Right person, wrong time? How to learn to time things right in love]

for women They are often hunted even if they are married. by any means Keeping it fresh is important. Think of Romeo and Juliet using fake suicide methods. because they don’t have the skills to make new choices in life

When you feel obligated Life is really dark. Stay charming. Smooth. Confident. Self-confident. Man/woman. Keep that blade sharp. let that glow about you [Read: Stop being socially awkward: 13 steps that’ll change you for good]

stage 2 – You became an AFC.

Becoming the average disappointment in my opinion is a living tragedy. The second stage of losing your game – almost complete loss. It was a state of silent despair, admitting helplessness. Being one allows you to protect your chips tightly against one person. when you are not with them you will feel discouraged But you may still accept being underestimated, genderless, or desireless because of despair.

If your partner is flirting with other people or doesn’t seem interested in you and isn’t excited to be in the relationship anymore Shows that you feel powerless and weak. Not a good place to stay! [Read: How to reassure and win over a super-jealous lover]

stage 3 – You have become an unwise fool.

Playing for a fool can’t always be avoided. And it is true for both men and women. But especially if you ignore the warning signs. Are your friends and family telling you negatively about this person? Do they all say the same thing? Maybe I just don’t want to hear

Like the Montague and Capulet clans in Romeo and Juliet, others are sometimes the ones in trouble. Maybe your friends are just jealous of your relationship, but often, your one-man need for one person makes you lose sight of the reality of how that person behaves.

you play too Just think about the teachers and students you read in the papers. or a massive divorce settlement after a sudden love When you see someone’s merits It can be dangerous because you are gambling. This can lead to heartbreak, bitterness, and wasted time. [Read: Fool me once shame on you – Don’t get fooled again]

stage 4 – You never settled down.

This is dangerous for both men and women and especially for women. In some ways, it’s the worst outcome. If you have the imagination of the perfect person You’ll never find anyone who can compare. You have unrealistic expectations about what it means to be in a relationship. You neglect work, compromise. and the patience required for a good relationship.

[Read: Obsessive love: 15 ways to tell if it’s real or just unhealthy]

Infatuation makes amazing things. But having unrealistic expectations of one person is bad for health. You will be disappointed and push your allies aside.

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