20 Online Lit Erotica Reads to Get Your Fingers Busy

Looking for something saucy online that will keep your fingers engaged? Check out these popular erotic story sites to find the right fit.


The World Wide Web has many important and satisfying uses. Internet Banking electronic communication news update business facilitation social interest forum medical inquiry Ancestry Research Retailing—the list seems endless. and still Although there are many and many applications. But most of us still use the Internet primarily for viewing pornography and erotica.

follow some sourcesThe only erotic live cam site attracts. 2.5% of internet users worldwide every month! But of course, the Internet loves diversity and diversity. It’s not just porn pictures and webcams.

literary nude waves

An increasingly popular member of erotic e-scenes, erotic literature may have been around for a long time, but it is actually just starting to hit the web with the strength and numbers seen today. Although the tastes are different. And although there are a few tried and tested favorites among those familiar with the scene. But there are still other options. many more that attract a slightly niche crowd. [Read: 13 non-porn erotic movies that are sure to leave you wet and bothered]

considering This list of 20 literary nudity sites should be able to provide the perfect first step for a beginner in the field. Or a few unknown options for the most experienced ero-reader.

#1 lush story. A fairly decent and intimate site offering a wide range of glamorous topics. Not the greatest quality But it has a grassroots feel that might appeal to many readers.

#2 Anal Amy. Probably the least declarative title for misinterpretation on the show, Anal Amy is a blog site, and who knows *or cares* if the tales written in it are true? This is, of course, for the more savvy reader. AA is hardly material for the Pulitzer Prize and, as you might imagine, is a one-trick pony. but still charming

#3 sex story. A special strength of A Sex Stories that is very visible is its interface that is well designed and very easy to use. Want to go straight to the story you want to read? This is the website for you.

#4 nerve. Very beautiful site with more e-zine feel than erotic story sites. Lots of style and content but may not have the same variety or width as other equivalent items.

#5 Alt Sexual Text Archives. One of the largest and broadest repository, ASSTR has something for everyone. Even the famous Kristen archives mentioned in #6.

#6 Kristen Stories. Basically a subcategory of ASSTR as mentioned in #5, Kristen Stories has a large and diverse archive. although not as deep and broad as 5 and 7The difference between Kristen’s story and the competition is that they don’t have any competition. The reason is that Kristen goes where other sites don’t dare. which sounds good and good But some of these stories can get you in legal trouble if you’re not careful. It depends on the country you live in. Tread carefully, readers!

#7 Literotica. The Grand Dame on the Literotica building has long been an industry leader. With various categories and many stories within it. So there is truly something for everyone. Well, no, Literotica used to have a slightly dubious category as well. The same line as found in the Kristen Stories archives, but now seems to have disappeared.

There are still a lot of things that are quite fierce. This will make your weaker stomach feel a little uncomfortable. However, if you just want to surf the web. Dip your fingers into the new waters. and experience the entire scene in the simplest possible manner. This is the website for you.

#8 beyond the distant horizon. Worth a look and a little comparison. And you might find a few gems. But it’s definitely a weaker option than the one on the list.

#9 The Erotic Woman. This site prides itself on the quality of its literature. And if you want a little more than usual “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”? Crazy, this might just be the site for you.

#10 MC Story. No-frills standard nudity site. This option has a large number of stories. Some may go a little further than you’d like. but wait That’s where free will comes in!

#11 BDSM Cafe. This site obviously focuses on whips, floggers, and clampers. This site is still a very classy event—an online resource for all Mr. and Mrs. Gray. [Read: 16 most common fetishes and really weird ones too]

#12 Romance erotic page. A very refreshing alternative to the many T&A options on the EPR list, it’s perfect for readers who like a little bit of love for flirting. A romantic and well written story with a touch of hot to boot.

#13 Solo Touch. A rather busy site that looks more like a blog than a professional. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but if you can navigate through the tacky wallpapers.

#14 Libida. A site that covers more than the whole story. Libida’s literary offerings are a bit more rigorous than many, but still more fun and less in your face.

#15 coffee shop. Emphasis on “short”?? In “Short Stories” ?? Caffieri has many stories written to cover the imagination of the day. nothing too scary But it’s enough to make the priestess blush.

#16 Nifty. Nifty is another site that is larger and better populated on the list. But it’s a rather difficult site to navigate. Although you’ll have to drop a few gems if you’re willing to insist.

#17 Kara’s link. It may take a few minutes to find out what’s different about this site. But in the end, this site is an erotic literary site focused on straight women. It doesn’t sound very specific. but in the porn market It is most definitely More and more sites are devoted to the weirdest perversions than this seemingly innocent sector. If this is what you want This website will work perfectly. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bedroom]

#18 Scandalous WomeN.S.. Another site specifically focused on women. There’s more to the cosmos feel than Playboy—just expect more makeup tips and celebrity gossip!

#19 BDSM library. The second “dark side of sex”?? The options on this list are nowhere slick or well organized. But there are also many sickening and peeling stories.

#20 short fiction. This site is slightly different from other sites in that it focuses primarily on the writing community. This gives an online option to broadcast the job. These offers include everything under the sun. But the erotic part is well presented and well written.

[Read: Erotic literature at its best – The most sexual books you can ever find]

Whether you are alone or with good friends. You’ll find a few things on this list to warm up winter nights. No matter how cold you are!

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