13 Must-Know Orgasmic Tips for Girls Who Want a Mind-Blowing Orgasm

sex is one thing But do you really know what it takes to have an orgasm? You’ll need a special technique to hit the big O, so keep reading for more orgasm tips for girls.

Orgasm tips for girls

It’s time! It’s time to learn more secrets for orgasm. Whether you’re learning the secret to masturbation or wanting to please your partner. It’s time for you to understand these orgasm secrets for girls.

orgasm tips for girls

yes women sex but at the end Only a handful of people actually climax. Pretty sad, right? I mean it’s sad for everyone. Men think that the woman they sleep with is having an orgasm. And women aren’t. To be honest, it took me years to truly understand how to have an orgasm. I don’t know how I should feel and what I should do in order to reach my climax. Sure, guys tried half the time I pretend *sorry friends*, but I finally got bored.

So what have I done? I stopped relying on men to help me reach orgasm. And I experimented with myself during masturbation, you know, angles, pressure points, techniques. Sure, guys can help me. But how do they know what to do if I don’t know my own body? Absolutely. It’s time to hit the big O with some orgasm tips for girls. [Read: This is why orgasms actually make you feel so good]

#1 everyone can do it when i have sex Before the climax of life I try to accept the fact that maybe it’s not for me. Maybe I didn’t mean to climax. But that’s nonsense. You can reach the climax. And if some guy tells you you can’t He didn’t know anything. You just have to figure out your own body and practice. Because it’s not always easy or natural at first. [Read: How to learn what turns you on]

#2 relax. This is what If you want to reach the top you need to relax Now you might be thinking I’m relaxed. I don’t mean your body I mean your state of mind If you want to reach the top You will need to learn how to relax your mind.

It’s like playing the piano. If you’re afraid of breaking, the music will break, but if you relax. You will be able to go through it until the end. [Read: How to relax and free your mind during sex]

#3 take your time This is not a race. Thank you. No one sits in front of you with a timer waiting to see how long it will take. Women take longer to get aroused to get started, so take it easy. Our sexual culture is often dependent on men, which doesn’t work for us because men have shorter sexual response times. with men go your own way

#4 don’t think about him Trust me, he might be enjoying himself, but what about you? If not, then what are the benefits of having sex? You’re not my favourite! Of course, you want to make sure your partner is having a good time. But the only way to do it is to have a good time as well. If not, you’re just a pit for them. Sounds wrong, right? [Read: 16 sex tips for women to make it so much more exciting]

#5 Try it alone. If you want to reach the top You have to learn about your body, yes, of course, you can do this with your partner, but to be honest, it’s best when you’re alone in your own space. don’t worry about it Self-satisfaction will help you find what you really need.

#6 express. If you really want to enjoy yourself during sex You must be able to express yourself. When we have sex It’s normal for us to make noise. They can moan, scream, whatever. The point is, whatever you want to show, you should. Voice can help in terms of communication too. if you are groaning Your partner knows that what they do works. [Read: How to moan sexily in bed without sounding like a dying walrus]

#7 Use those pelvic floor muscles. They are there for a reason and that’s when you come in. Inside your body, you have the muscles that hug your penis. When you squeeze to keep yourself from urinating, for example, you’re using your pelvic floor muscles. Then the muscles will squeeze and rub your penis. Who needs a hand! The more you use these muscles, the better during sex. [Read: The complete guide to using geisha balls]

#8 expand foreplay Foreplay is extremely important. If you don’t get wet during sex It will be a painful experience for you. and when it hurts That’s all you can focus on completely diverting your attention from orgasms. You need to prolong foreplay and give yourself more time to motivate.

#9 breathe. Who would have thought breathing would be that important? In fact, breathing is the key to orgasm. You should focus on breathing. This will distract you from thinking about having an orgasm. It can also help you relax and calm down. So basically it’s a win-win.

#10 Oral sex. If you want to be stimulated A good way is oral sex. What I’m talking about is that your partner is cursing you. If you are struggling with orgasms Oral sex can help you feel more energized when you focus on your clitoris. The feeling will be much more intense. [Read: What oral sex really feels like for a woman]

#11 Help yourself more. Not bad advice, right? You might already be masturbating. But if you don’t know how to climax You need to help yourself more. Practice makes perfect. At least that’s the word but seriously You need time to learn how your body works and what works for your body. So devote more time to yourself so you can experiment with your body.

#12 Motivate yourself ahead of time. You don’t need to panic the minute you see your partner. No way. Start early by sending him a sexy text or picture. This will not only get you in the mood before it happens. But also show your partner what you want them to do with you. So it knocked two birds away with one stone. [Read: How to perfect the art of foreplay from afar]

#13 Try a new position This is what If that position doesn’t work try a new position There’s nothing wrong with you if a particular position doesn’t make you feel stimulated. Everyone is different So find a position that works for you. It’s probably just a slight angle change and shit, it feels amazing.

[Read: The checklist of moves to guarantee an orgasm every time]

Now that you know 13 orgasm secrets every girl needs to know, it’s time for you to use them in your bedroom!

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