10 Painful Realities of Being the “Other Woman”

Despite the stigma surrounding her, the “other woman” ?? In a relationship there is a feeling Here’s a little insight into what she might feel.

The reality of being another woman

The world has always been fascinated by the concept of adultery and cheating. Although it is considered taboo in most cultures. But I can’t help but admit that this has become part of the ubiquitous society. this is called “Another woman” ?? Come into play, many people can’t help but be fascinated by the charm around her.

Society often referred to these women with contemptuous words such as “whore”??, “whore”?? Or even “house destroyers”?? She has become a modern-day Hester Prynne to be humiliated and forced to wear the infamous “A” dress?? a clear reminder of her fornication. [Read: Home wrecker – the other woman]

Society with “another woman”??

Many women fall into the fascinating world of being another woman. Many of these women are not. “Brainless child” ?? Society recognizes them as Indeed, many of the great women in history were mistresses of kings and nobles. Take the example of the brilliant Madame Pompadour, the contentious Anne Boleyn and the seductive Diane de Poitiers. They each have their own reasons for doing what they do. and in any way History is better for those reasons.

Many people find themselves stuck with this extraordinarily complicated setup. where they find themselves waiting for borrowed time. and all logic was abandoned.

Being another woman, why does it hurt?

Do these women deserve the stigma that society handles so cruelly? Some say they truly deserve it. However, take a moment to reflect on what it’s like to wear another woman’s shoes.

#1 You are the “dirty little secret“?? when one person becomes the other woman in a relationship She will always be hidden. Whether it’s a boyfriend cheating on a boyfriend or a husband cheats on his wife You will be hidden and not spoken of. This means secret rendezvous. Stolen messages and some “conditions”?? that you must follow

This means that public dating is prohibited. Unless you want to be the fuel for gossip. As a cheated person Your thieves will make sure you don’t get pryed out. You’ll treat each other like strangers when you’re in public. but inside the closed door You own each other. In the long run, something like this will affect whoever.

#2 You have to deal with loneliness. secret relationship It can be lonely because there is always something missing. There will certainly be many moments of physical intimacy. But it was never enough to cover the pain of loneliness. of something deeper than the physical moment you both share. [Read: 10 powerful ways to break out of loneliness]

#3 You have to deal with the stigma of society. When it comes to illegal things Society has always supported the ugly head. A woman who has made another mistake has to endure the insults like “slut” ?? or “House Destroyer”??

It doesn’t end up calling her name or insulting her slut as she’ll have to deal with all the stares and muffled whispers every time she enters the room. but in the end She still tried to brush it off. to maintain her relationship with the man who was taken away

#4 You have to play the waiting game.“?? This means that you have to wait for your partner to signal what to do, such as the next time the two of you see each other. The waiting game is a difficult and often frustrating game because you are starving for the love your lover has to throw at you.

when your appointment is over You will be left waiting and waiting for the next call. This may take days or weeks to arrive. [Read: 16 signs he’s just taking you for granted]

#5 You become a “girl at the same time” ?? the woman who became “A girl at the same time” ?? Find yourself in an emotional hell. You’ll fill the void of what your sweetheart doesn’t get from his marriage or a legitimate relationship.

What does being a “girl at the same time” hurt?? is that you are only one option. and is the second option among them. There will be no discussion of the future together. You find yourself in the present Do you find yourself clinging to any happiness? whatever you get from spending time together When you know in your heart that these moments are only temporary [Read: Should you settle for being someone’s option when you’ve made them your priority?]

#6 Are you in a “stolen moment”? and “borrowing time“?? One of the fundamental conditions of being the other woman in a relationship is that you have to work on a fixed schedule. Remember that your goal is to have someone to come home to every day. He is obligated to comply.

Usually you can’t see each other every day. Therefore, you must work according to an agreed schedule. This usually takes a few hours. Most of the time, your partner can’t even stay the night. lest he arouse suspicion of his legitimate spouse. with this in mind You have to spend a little time together. And this might cut deep especially if you fall in love [Read: 19 signs you’re falling madly in love with someone]

#7 you feel guilty Many women who go into this kind of relationship often complain of insomnia. They find themselves full of guilt. Especially at times when they find themselves alone without a partner to comfort them. They are guilty of being the object of their sin against other women. Often, these women feel that this guilt is a one-way street.

#8 you are not important The first few weeks of a relationship are often filled with happiness. One will feel loved and want to be with the person you love all the time. However, the “honeymoon stage” ?? It will be over soon and you will see the truth of what it is.

You will see how the whole situation affects you as a person. You’ll know he won’t be there to comfort you on days when you’re feeling down. You can’t spend holidays with him. And can’t help but feel sad about the fact that he’s spending the holidays with his legitimate loved ones. You can’t hold his hand when you feel like you need it most. Or embrace him whenever you feel lonely. In short, you cannot experience life with him because he is clearly defined with other people.

#9 Are you always “ideal” ?? relationship. Most women tend to run away from reality and romanticize their entire situation. They have become the tragic heroines in the romantic novels they wrote for themselves. They have become real-world Eponines, who are doomed to break up with their never-ending sweetheart.

in the worst case scenario They will fantasize about situations that have turned in favor. in which couples leave their spouses and they become legal partners But like many imaginations, these are useless. [Read: 7 excuses that are holding you back from a better life]

#10 You have an expiration date. This is probably the most terrifying and heart-wrenching reality of being another woman. The whole story might end abruptly when it started. This means you probably won’t even be hiding it. This will only make the situation even more painful because you can’t go back to the way it was.

You’ve been a secret lover before. And now you’re parting as strangers Whereas men claim that they can love more than one woman at the same time. But he could only maintain his relationship with his mistress for a period of time. Something like this cannot last forever. Whether you are someone who wants to quit or your partner will start Remember that no secret can be hidden forever.

Many women who find themselves in these precarious situations tend to seek therapy afterward. There are those who assert the fact that being another woman in a relationship is like suicide in society. You tend to give up the ideals you set for yourself in exchange for happy moments.

Because these things damage another woman’s mood. You might be wondering why she still struggles to put up with it. in fact There are many different reasons. which is different for each mistress These reasons are usually strong enough to keep them alive. even if society harassed them

[Read: 10 reasons men cheat on women who treat them right]

Being another woman can cause someone to be insulted and abused. However, sometimes we have to remember that her life can be hard enough. Do not use judgment in our judgment. Instead, try to reach out to women who may have lost their way.

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