Passionate Love: What It Is, the Signs & Why It’s So Strong & Scary

Have you ever experienced love that feels hopeless and overwhelmed in a positive way? This passionate love is often what you see in romantic movies.

passionate love

Infatuation is an extremely strong emotion. There’s a reason why people often compare love to drugs, feeling like you’re in a high mood all the time. which is what makes it feel addictive

You can feel the love burning in your bones. And it’s not easy to get rid of once it’s there. You might think that this can only happen in movies. But there are a few lucky people who have experienced this kind of love in their lives.

Of course, if given the opportunity You should have experienced this kind of love at least once in your life. Although it can be intense and overwhelming. But it’s an intense feeling that feels good. It’s the constant rush of emotion that makes a passionate love feel exhilarating.

The sad truth is that not everyone experiences love like this in their lives. Most people choose to love simply. as opposed to love that makes you feel

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What is passionate love?

Infatuation is a very powerful emotion. Which makes it very different from your ordinary love. The passion is so strong that not everyone can cope with the harsh and overwhelming nature. when you feel infatuated You’ll feel alive, happy, excited, cheerful and motivated – all at once.

Passionate love doesn’t just make you feel any emotion. but also a mix of different emotions at the same time

This is what makes it as powerful and dangerous as it is. Passionate love isn’t always perfect because it can put you in a relationship that doesn’t deserve it.

Passionate love often proves to be short-lived, as the desire you feel is often replaced with warmth and comfort for the other person. That’s a good thing, because a love that’s based on nothing but infatuation is hardly love at all. But it’s a powerful addiction that can hurt you instead of helping you. [Read: The 26 kinds of relationships to define your love life]

Why is passionate love the strongest love of all?

With passion is one of the strongest emotions a person can experience. and love to be there Combining these two feelings can create an unbreakable pairing. It could be the best experience of your romantic life, or it could be the worst experience you ever imagined.

There’s a reason why passionate love is the love that the media chooses to show to the audience.

1. It interferes with your logical thinking.

It’s really scientifically proven. that when you fall in love with someone Generally, your frontal lobe is closed. This part of the brain is responsible for your logical thinking and decision-making skills, so you really don’t even know what you’re thinking or making when you’re overcome by passionate love.

This is why when you are in love You will be able to do the craziest things for someone unconditionally. Either going on a trip around the country to see them or going on a weekend getaway, even if you barely know them. Love makes you make some unusual and natural decisions for someone. [Read: What are you feeling? Is it love or lust?]

2. You do your best in every moment.

passionate love As long as you want to feel it for a long time, it only lasts for a short time so you can make the most of every moment. This will allow both of you to open up to each other in a way that you wouldn’t normally be in a relationship early on.

Passion is responsible for things like uncovering the fragile details of your life. Spontaneous dating and making the most of everything

You feel above the world every time you are with them. And you take advantage of every moment that feels like this. It’s an effective way to get the two of you to give up everything to focus on each other. Even if it’s just a moment in a great project. [Read: You’ve hit the four months relationship mark – What should you expect now?]

3. Almost became a different person

Again, infatuation affects the logical part of the brain. So it’s natural for you to switch to a different version of yourself. Maybe you’re more optimistic or you’ve learned to be more adventurous. You start talking and doing things you wouldn’t normally do in a million years.

Your old self will probably judge you acting now because of your differences. Don’t worry, it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. you never know You may be more confident because of that change.

4. You don’t make the best decisions.

Passionate love can give you the greatest feeling you’ve ever experienced. But it can turn your decision-making skills into mush. You may not be able to resist agreeing to every opportunity presented. Even if that means sacrificing a few important priorities in your life.

This means that you can make some bad decisions *such as getting married after a few weeks* that you would normally avoid if you think clearly. [Read: How to take a relationship slow but not so slow that it ends]

5. You take more risks when you are in passionate love.

If you’re not the type of person who takes risks without understanding them first. Passionate love will make you take risks more than ever. We’re not just talking about going to the beach together or maybe moving in together right after you met them.

You may give up protection during sex and may end up having a baby with someone. Just to realize that the two of you can’t exercise. Unfortunately, this realization only comes after the passion has calmed down.

You may be taking risks and regrets for the rest of your life. That is why infatuation is not always a good thing. [Read: Newsflash: Women hate condoms just as much as men do]

6. You are more weak

Another danger of passionate love is that you can be weak. Although it’s normal to get weak and break your walls after getting to know them for a while. But doing it too quickly can do more harm than good. Passion can allow you to unlock all the obstacles to your deepest and darkest secrets.

You should not rush to be weak and transparent with the people you associate. Unfortunately, passionate love can motivate you to reveal all your secrets on the first or second date. in the same way may lead to other complications and even heartbroken if the other party does not have the best intentions

The world is not always a good place. And people can use your dark past and weaknesses to hurt you. They can use this to take advantage of your kindness and pure intentions.

7. You might mistake a passionate, passionate love for the real thing.

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly misunderstand passionate love for real. This is one point on this list that makes it dangerous to hold on to your passion as the basis of your relationship with someone.

if you choose wrong Infatuation can make you adjust to unhealthy and unhealthy relationships. Just because it fuels you with momentary exhilarating emotions.

The truth is that sometimes The hottest love you have may not be love at all. It’s very easy to confuse love with love because they are similar concepts, but they are actually very different from each other. You can be infatuated with someone without loving them first.

This can be a bad thing because you can make decisions with your significant other. thinking that they must be with them forever *Like getting married* only to find that it wasn’t true love at all. [Read: What is lust? The typical signs and how it slowly turns to real love]

8. Able to destroy great things if done too fast

It’s no secret that passion drives a relationship. It’s the driving force behind first moves, first kisses, and first time getting into the sheets. You will destroy all relationships.

Skipping all the necessary steps of a relationship is very attractive. But it’s likely to end in collapse as soon as it starts. It takes time to get to know the person. Develop trust and respect and all the necessary factors that make a relationship work.

as beautiful as the fiery love it is not enough If your actions are too passionate You may end up ruining a relationship before it has time to develop into something beautiful. [Read: 20 speedy signs your relationship is moving too fast towards its early end]

9. It can completely change your perception of love.

Infatuation can make you feel above the world, inexperience can lead you to believe that love doesn’t exist. After someone fell madly in love They will have a completely different perception of what love truly is.

Although infatuation is not the only foundation of true love. But it makes you feel a lot of love. and lead you to hope that love exists Infatuation can take you to a whole new level of love—love that you may not have known existed.

10. It can motivate you to be in the wrong relationship.

When a relationship proves to be wrong for any reason you will stay Infatuation is a powerful force. But few people realize how powerful it is. You end up with someone because they make you feel obsessed high and low all the time. But what happens when it fades and disappears?

Infatuation can make you feel like it’s more than enough to make a relationship work. until it doesn’t It can stimulate connection and attraction between two people. But it’s not enough to make the relationship work.

11. Showcase your best qualities.

It’s undeniable that when you’re in love You tend to feel a rush of adrenaline that comes with a more confident and happier personality. You feel that you can do whatever you set your mind to accomplish because of the passion that runs through your veins.

It makes you feel like you don’t have to hold back anything. And that’s why people in passionate relationships act completely different. If you are boring and strict Passionate love will make you do the craziest things. This can be good and bad together.

12. It can drive the longest relationship. *with the right person*

The best and most powerful thing about infatuation is If you are with the right person Passionate love can fuel a relationship that lasts longer than you can imagine. When you’re with the right person Passion and desire are always lurking feelings.

Although they are replaced by feelings of warmth, friendship, security and longing. Passion will always be on their side. If you are with the right person And passion turns from a burning fire to a love that slowly burns. It may be longer than life. can last forever [Read: 10 signs you’re compatible with the one you’re dating]

glowing love sign

If you’re wondering if what you’re feeling right now is passionate love? Take a look at these signs below. Then you will know for sure in minutes.

1. You feel like you’re on top of the world every time you’re with them.

2. You tell them things you wouldn’t normally share with others. even your friends

3. You are willing to be spontaneous and careless with them.

4. You’re in a constant high mood and you don’t believe it’s over.

5. You show a lot of love for each other both in public and in private.

6. You feel that your relationship doesn’t get any better.

7. You feel a spark or chemistry match between you.

8. You feel like you’ve known them for a significant period of time. Even if you just met them

9. You have so much fun together

10. Your relationship is not like the normal relationship that everyone talks about.

11. You are sure they are as obsessed with you as you are. with which you are obsessed with them

12. You want to know everything about the other party – past, present and potential future.

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Is passionate love enough for a relationship to work?

It is the single most powerful and wasteful emotion you will ever experience. But it’s not enough to make the relationship work.

It can lead to frantic and intense love. But no matter how powerful love is A number of factors also contribute to a long-lasting relationship. Passion contributes to the flame that keeps the spark alive. But it won’t be enough if it’s just the basics.

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Passionate love isn’t always everything in a relationship. it is risky But it can also lead to some of the most unique and special relationships you’ll ever experience. Heed our warning and tread lightly, but don’t be afraid to embrace your love if the right thing comes along.

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