Perfect Tease: How to Keep a Guy Interested after Sleeping with Him –

You slept with a guy on your first date. and sex is very good Learn these secrets for getting a guy interested after sleeping with him.

How to get a guy interested after sleeping with him

Wondering how to get a guy interested after sleeping with him? Well, never doubted this before! To be honest, I think we’ve all slept with the people we met on the first date. This is not new Mainly because the chemistry is not bad. And we need to scratch the itch.

But there are instances when you don’t think you’ll see him again and again. You get where I’m going with this. But the big question is How can you keep him interested in you after you give him the product?

I don’t want to go out and say that all men are purely sex. But when it comes to casual encounters This is a big reason [Read: The things to avoid when you want to get a guy to like you]

How to get a guy interested after sleeping with him

There were times after I dated men. I know I like him and thought maybe we could really try going on a date, you know, one that wasn’t in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it’s possible, but it’s going to take a long time.

because you slept with him it will be a challenge but then again If he doesn’t like you after you have sex with him. He’s not the person you need to pursue. Can I have amen?

ok you are here It’s time for me to show you some practical ways to get him interested in you. It’s time to make him pursue you more. [Read: 14 ways to show a guy you like him and still be a tease]

#1 Don’t start to be needy This happened to both men and women when we are someone We will actively message them. you just had sex with him So you’ve gone to an intimate place with him.

in his eyes When you text him an hour later or every morning after. He’s thinking you need more. and you want more from him but don’t scare him Don’t be too enthusiastic Have him text you after you’ve contacted him. [Read: 10 common mistakes women make in relationships]

#2 don’t expect too much Yes, you just had sex with him. But that doesn’t mean he will ask you to be his wife. Keep those expectations low, girl, you might think sex is special. It might be special to you, but that doesn’t mean he sees the same way as you.

#3 Let him know you like sex. Listen, when you sleep with someone new. You obviously have a lot of ideas in your head. You want to know if they like it if you like them. is normal Although many men act like they are strong, they are not.

Most have fragile egos and worry about the same things as you. Let him know how you feel about sleeping with him. Increase his ego a bit.

#4 Relieve the pressure. if you really want him near And learn how to get a guy interested after sleeping with him, don’t put pressure on him. You can ask questions, but only if you pass. 2 The day you slept together, don’t start putting pressure on him with your definition of a relationship. Stay calm or he’ll run away. [Read: 20 reasons why a guy could be ignoring you]

#5 let him chase you Ladies, I know you might like him but don’t chase him. The worst thing you can do is chase a guy. man is a hunter If you don’t give him anything, he will pursue. He will find something else let him work for it It’s okay to ignore him from time to time or play a little hot and cold game. You don’t have to be an idiot. But let him know that he has to work for it. [Read: Why men love a chase and how to use it in your favor]

#6 Talk to him. yes you sleep together But there are more things you have in common than that. If you really spend time talking to him. You will notice some things in common. This is a good thing because you have to connect with him if you want him to be around.

#7 look good. Not for him though You have to look good for yourself. That way, you’ll feel confident around him. By doing so, you’ll show him that although you’re interested in him, you’re not insulting him. Other men will look at you. And he’ll notice that he’s not the only one looking at you. [Read: The art of feeling sexy and desirable all the time]

#8 he wants to contact you after you slept with him he must be the one who contacted you He has to be the one who made the first move. That way, you’ll have him chasing you instead of doing something else. remember what i said Don’t be the one following

#9 Be mysterious. No, you don’t need to wear a robe and speak old English. But don’t be an open letter to him. Of course, you can reply to his messages. But don’t expose yourself too much. give him the same information With what he gave you instead, that’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

#10 Spend time with him after sex. If you have sex with him and are planning to have sex with him again. to spend time with him Having sex, hanging out with him, watching movies, talking, the more time you spend together. He will be able to get to know you and vice versa. If you have sex and leave immediately It will always be that way. [Read: Learn the secrets to cuddling with a guy]

#11 Focus on his brain. Relationships are more than sex. If you have sex with him and he enjoys it. Show that you are in the clear for now. Try to get him mentally stimulated. In other words, fuck his mind. You are not just a sex object. You are humorous, intelligent and charming, use it.

#12 Maintain your independence. Men are afraid as easily as really easy. They don’t want to feel pushed into a corner. This means you need to focus on maintaining your independence. Let him see that you don’t need him to live your life. That way, he won’t be shocked to think you’re trying to bond with him.

#13 Tease. Come on girl, I know you got it in you. If you’re wondering how to keep a guy interested after sleeping with him? Remember, it’s not all about sex. But it’s about seduction. He can have sex with any woman. But can every woman seduce him? No, that’s where you come in. Flirt with him, tease him, tease him. make him more excited and excited His mind must miss you all day. [Read: Tease and denial – The secret key to hooking a man for good]

#14 Be yourself. I know it sounds lame. But while you do these things you have to be yourself He won’t fall for you if you act like you aren’t. Do not change yourself during this process. Let him see you the way you are. Then he can decide if he likes it or not. If not, find someone new. [Read: How to unfake your life and be yourself]

#15 Just go with the flow Look, this might not be the last guy you’ll have sex with or think you’re genuinely interested in. So just go with the flow. If he’s not interested in you and it’s obvious, keep going. There’s no point chasing after someone who hasn’t seen you halfway.

[Read: 10 common mistakes women make in relationships]

Now you know how to get a guy interested after sleeping with him. You’ll use these tips to keep him coming back to you.

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