I’m No Supermodel, But These Are 20 Perks of Dating Me!

I know the advantages of dating me. But do you know how excited you are? Only when you know yourself can you prove your worth to others.

The advantages of dating me

We all love to be supermodels. But not everyone can be. Contrary to what most of us think. Men are not looking for the most beautiful woman ever. They look for women who offer less unconditional love, support, and criticism than women can often be. Giving that in a relationship is sometimes easier said than done.
no one is perfect But there are things only you that no one else can do or do. And that’s one of the advantages of dating you. Especially because you are your unique self. If you want a guy to know the advantages of dating you. Show him what makes you different from everyone else.
full of benefits
Because women tend to exhibit certain behaviors. if you are different to point out the difference when you are truly you If you are not highly criticized you love what you are and is willing to easily forgive wrongdoings. These are some of your best traits.
If you are not serious but fun and natural Show that you are as good as gold. If you have 20 special qualities, say it out loud and say you’re proud!
#1 I will always support you Men want to know no matter what they do. you will support them They already have parents to guide and shape them. Supporting them without trying to change is what gives you the benefit of their life. [Read: How to be the best girlfriend: 25 ways to leave him addicted]#2 i think you are cool One of the advantages a guy can have is a girlfriend who thinks he’s cool. Of course, you won’t always love everything about them. but overall You constantly tell them what you love. Instead of pointing out what they can improve—that’s a huge plus.
#3 No matter how angry I am, I still love you Unconditional love means loving someone even if they are not easy to love. when they are unhappy, unintentional, or sometimes even mean The upside is knowing that you may not like them 100% all the time, but you love the very essence of who they are.
#4 I promise not to cheat you The biggest benefit that comes with a girlfriend is the one who can’t cheat. Some women have the ability to jump from man to man when things get harder, but if that’s not your nature. Show that you are definitely a protector. [Read: How to stop cheating for good: Let us count the ways]#5 I want nothing from you but your love. There is a difference between loving someone for what they can do for you and loving them because they are inside. The advantages of dating me are I need nothing from you but smiles, laughter and someone who will love me at the end of the day—always.
#6 i will not hug you The thing that breaks up men the most is incarceration. Although we didn’t think it was choked. But not letting him spend the night with a guy, having to “talk about serious things” all the time and asking questions isn’t something that won’t get a man’s safety or happiness. If you are free and happy by yourself but chose to stay with him That’s a plus.
#7 I know what I want. I won’t say a word for a minute and change it the next time. The advantage of dating a woman like me is that you get the same no matter the time of day or any day of the month. i know what i want [Read: How to be a strong independent woman that men love]#8 I can be both serious and natural. I could fly to Aruba for the weekend or sit on the couch for weeks. No matter what stage our relationship is in I wade with it. The best part is that if I see a lullaby, I tremble too.
#9 I always try my best to be kind. The good thing about dating someone like me is that no matter how angry I am. and I can be angry I try to be nice Always and never say anything that cannot be taken back. My motto is that you can’t bandage your emotions. So don’t injure yourself with actions or words.
#10 I am not a fussy person. I’m not your mother If you want to stay outside until 2am I’m definitely not your captain. Lie in bed and suffer without me rubbing your face. you are grown up If you don’t do that all the time that’s your story No nagging here.
#11 I understand when you need space and respect it.One of the advantages of dating a woman like me is I know sometimes when you’re silent you won’t miss me I’m not like other girls to believe that I am your universe If you need some alone time and de-stress, go for it. I can come up with my own plan.
#12 You always come first. My man always comes first if you want me i’m there no questions asked
#13 I forgive and forget. Women are often known for their forgiveness and throw it back six months later to win the battle. If I forgive, I forget. I don’t hold a grudge. [Read: Should you forgive and forget? 15 guidelines to follow]#14 I’m worried about me.. I’m not keeping the weight to keep you. I exercise and exercise because I care about me. What if I’m overweight and feel bad about myself? I will not be happy or good for the people around me. You don’t have to worry about me getting comfortable and buying sweatpants. *not owning it*
#15 I won’t put pressure on you.. If you’re not ready for a long-term relationship or commitment. I won’t pressure you to do it. just remember Other men see them too, so if you wait too long it’s yours
#16 I can date men.. If you take me with you I’m not going to be an annoying girl who keeps asking questions about games. or cheering like I’m ridiculous I can chill, hang out and be one of the men. This includes shutting up.
#17 I don’t need to be the center of attention. women like attention But I’m not one of those girls who did it for it. I won’t quarrel or create drama for you to meet with me. The most important advantage of dating me is that I am safe enough not to look at me. [Read: 25 ways to say “I appreciate you” without using words]#18 I’m not an emoji.. If you can’t read what I’m saying without knowing my intent. I say in front of you The upside to me is that I think emojis are not passive aggressive emotions being pushed into your face. If you have to add an emoji It’s possible that you’re saying something offensive and want it to sound sweet.
#19 I won’t blow up your phone. I’m alive too I won’t text you 24 hours a day about the little things that you don’t care about. If I see something funny, I’ll definitely share it. But if I want to say I find that the mouth works much better. [Read: 10 big annoying girlfriend habits that guys hate]#20 I don’t have a cranky family. I’m not my father’s girl or following in my mother’s dramatic footsteps. I don’t have an overprotective older brother. Or the sister who can’t wait for her anymore when you date me You’re not dating my crazy family. Actually, you really like them. Or maybe rarely see them.
Women are predictable. And we all do annoying and annoying things. If you’re one of those people who are good at acting. That would be an advantage for any man. Selling yourself sometimes is fine. It’s not like actually “selling” yourself *unless that’s what you want to do*, but selling yourself by pointing out all the reasons why you’ll be the best girlfriend ever.
[Read: Tired of chasing? How to get a guy to want you instead]Sometimes it’s normal to let a guy know everything that makes you stand out. The important thing is not to sell yourself short. If he doesn’t see the merits of dating you. Others will definitely see!

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