Platonic Friendship: How to be Platonic Friends without Sexual Drama

Peaceful friendships get a bad rap for a variety of reasons. Here’s what you need to know about friends. what people think and rules that must be followed

peace friendship

Everyone seems to be looking for love. But there’s nothing wrong with peaceful friendships either. If you can handle being peacefully friends with someone from the gender you are interested in You will become more powerful!

we will be honest If you find a friend attractive It will not be easy to stay in the path of a peaceful friend for too long. As much as you like being friends with them. It is likely that you are mostly friends because you are interested in them.

And even it’s flattering for your friends. But it can also be uncomfortable. Especially if romantic gestures are unwanted.

Of course, the opposite could also be true. Maybe they like you or have a secret crush on you. But you’re not interested or are already in a relationship.

Both situations were difficult.

Of course, there are situations when both of you are always attracted to each other and understand each other. But that doesn’t always happen, if it is, then you’re in a relationship! [Read: 18 signs a friend likes you romantically even if they’re trying to hide it]

But if you want to experience a peaceful friendship There are a few rules that you must follow. And we’ll get those rules shortly. For now, let’s get a little closer to this special friendship.

What is peace friendship?

Surprisingly, we need to define pure friendship with another word. Because that’s what a peaceful friendship is. Peaceful friendships are friendships where two people are friends and have emotional closeness. But there was no sexual intimacy involved at all.

Doesn’t that make it just friendship? Yes. But these days, the word ‘friendship’ has crossed over into various forms. So it’s fair that peaceful friendships have their own definitions.

If you are friends and sleep together or if you are a friend and one of them likes the other or if sexual or chemistry interests are involved. That violates the concept of platonic friends.

[Read: How to handle sexual tension between you and a friend like a platonic pro!]

Why is a peaceful friendship so hard to hold on to?

Just because sexual attraction or sexual tension is always met with friendship.

Anything about friendships or relationships? For that matter is growth. If you want your friendship to grow You both need more time and intimacy with the friendship. You have to share secrets, chat, spend time together. and build relationships

This is good for healthy friendships. Because this is the only way to grow. The day you stop nurturing your friendship is the day it slowly begins to wither. And you both begin to separate. [Read: How to be a friend – The real art of true and meaningful friendships]

But when we are talking about two people gradually get closer There is always a chance that attraction will take its place. Sometimes it’s inevitable. You both spend a lot of time together. You miss each other when no one else is around. And the atmosphere is exciting and provocative when you sit near them. How is it different from sexual attraction or love?

This is where peaceful friendships can start to get complicated. And that’s why it’s really hard. to maintain a peaceful friendship unless you follow clear rules

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Can men and women be friends?

Of course they can! But can they grow and nurture a relationship without breaking out of the friend zone?

Peaceful friends are like the unicorns of relationships. Some things are so rare and pure that they are more lies than real. Heterosexual relationships without the sexuality and love that often develop when you combine a man and a woman. This is a rare friendship that people tend to wonder if they even exist.

Can men and women be friends? We know that the opposite sex can be a good friend for a while. But how long will they keep it up before they fold and begin to develop romantic feelings for one another?

regardless of general opinion There are many men and women who are friends for life. But as everyone will see later It takes special circumstances for the friendship to remain peaceful.

So how can you have a truly peaceful friendship without sexual tension and attraction getting in the way? not as difficult as you think

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Rules for a Peaceful Friendship

Maintaining peaceful friendships is easy. All you have to do is remember to avoid creating sexual chemistry or allowing your sex drive to increase.

If both of you can do that It is possible that you will be able to be a peaceful friend for a long time. And of course you have to follow these rules!

1. Consciousness in words and actions

When someone secretly likes someone Sometimes their brains seem to be hijacked. They are so crazy that they may not even know that they are fooling themselves.

So whether you’re a snacker or a fanatic, Be careful what you say and do. You don’t want to take them and/or you don’t want to make them uncomfortable. [Read: How to stop having a crush on someone and find your heart again]

2. talk about it

You probably don’t want to hear this word. It’s not easy to be sensitive. But if you have someone who likes Why don’t you try to be honest? And say it? Take a chance, you’ll never know. They may feel the same way.

or if you know they’re liking you But you don’t feel that way May speak politely and kindly say that you have noticed their interest. But you just want to calm it down.

3. Set boundaries

Once you’ve talked about it and revealed it. You can talk about boundaries, for example, maybe you don’t visit each other’s homes and watch Netflix.

Because we all know where it leads, right? Or maybe you only hang out during the day and not at night. Any scope should be discussed. That will help one or both of you resist romantic temptations. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is totally crushing on you]

4. If you are married or have a boyfriend honor your lover

Many people dislike when their partner has heterosexual friends. We all want ourselves! However, that might not be realistic.

But if you’re in a relationship and have friends of the opposite sex at peace, Don’t do anything that will make your partner uncomfortable or jealous. always respect [Read: Why guy best friends are nothing but trouble for girls]

5. do not touch

Of course, you are a person who gets along well with everyone. Sociable, sociable, that’s cool – many people are.

But if you want to have a truly peaceful friendship. You will have to watch your sensitivity. Touching can send a really flirtatious sex message. if you are not careful [Read: How you can flirt by touch without even realizing you’re flirting!]

6. No outing “date like”

Your friends may ask you to watch Netflix at night. You may want to stay after partying all night because you’re too drunk and tired. You should avoid these situations. Unless you know exactly how things won’t get out of hand.

Why? Because it screams “Dating” and “Dating” and… you know, sometimes your friends may have ulterior motives to seduce you because they have a crush on you. Even if your intention is just peace, so stay away from things like that. Even a movie or dinner feels like a date. [Read: 16 hush-hush signs your friend wants to have sex with you]

7. Don’t manipulate your friend to get him to like you.

Okay, so you have a lot of interested people. and is having trouble maintaining a peaceful friendship. That doesn’t mean you should fool yourself into trying to get their attention in a romantic way.

Don’t try to make them jealous or dress like a stripper. They’ll think you’re weird, and it might actually turn them off.

8. Treat yourself like a same-sex friend.

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