Does Playing Coy Actually Work? How to Do It & Be Effective AF

When it comes to hindering you that someone is special. Playing funky might be your best bet. But how can it actually work? Here’s how

play shy

Learn to get what you want and especially who You want is difficult You have many different strategies. But perhaps the most successful is playing timid.

The thing about being shy is that you have to do it in a very specific way for it to work, or you’ll end up making someone feel turned off. It’s like you give them a cold shoulder and they move on.

However, if you get it right Playing timidly can be a great way to move forward.

with embarrassment being presented in the right way You can really attract someone. They will want to know more and will generate interest in you based on your body language.

needless to say No smart introduction is required. And no tact is required. Bonus! [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role playing ideas for the shy]

What does it mean to play cowardly?

Before you learn how to play shy You really have to understand what it is Playing shy isn’t just about being shy. It’s a projection of your shyness that makes people want to know you better.

However, if you make a mistake, you can look conflicted and rude, and there is a fine line that needs to be walked carefully for shyness to work for you.

When a woman shows a slight shyness and humility often called coward

Shy behavior is what you can say. but choose not to reveal or open up about your feelings. when a guy talks to you He’s just not sure if you like him or not. [Read: How to look cute – 25 ways to behave coyly and melt any guy’s heart in seconds]

not because you are closed But because you’re giving them multiple signs and he can’t help believing that you like him sometimes. and sometimes he was not sure It’s all because you seem a little indifferent or distant.

Playing shy is an art. and a good balance between acting interested and acting like they don’t care.

from that description You might be wondering how this would work in the world. Surely it just became rude and inaccessible? That’s why you have to get it right. Playing cowardly can have all the consequences. But it can give you what and who you want.

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Being yourself is important. but other features A few other things will also help.

Before we talk about how to play shy, we want to mention one thing. You shouldn’t pretend to be someone else when trying to find someone you like. But you can use some elements and add your properties.

It’s not wrong to go forward trying to attract someone. We do it in job interviews all the time!

Often we don’t make a fair first impression. Many people see someone and immediately decide if they like him or not. Maybe they say hello, or maybe they judge from their body language from a distance.

The point is, being shy can instantly attract someone to give them a chance to get to know you for who you really are. [Read: How to be yourself in 14 steps to love being you]

Playful – how to make it work

one more time This isn’t the easiest way to nail it. But it can be extremely powerful and irresistible if done right. The key is learning balance and applying these tips often. so that you have perfect skills Practice often makes you good!

1. Practice shy expressions in the mirror.

It’s not wrong to go in front of the mirror and practice expressing yourself. Some people don’t know what they look like at any given time. And going in front of a mirror is just one way to understand.

You can switch from your normal expressions to shy and shy gestures. It’s as if you just saw someone you really thought was attractive. This will help make the Switch feel and look more authentic. It can also help you identify when your shy expression might need a little work! [Read: Bedroom eyes – How to master the art of seductive eyes while looking at a guy]

2. Make eye contact with them more often.

Cowards do not stare. brave and aggressive You should make eye contact with them and wait until they see you.

do this often so they can catch you looking at them often. and abandon the embarrassment [Read: Easy eye contact flirting moves that’ll make you look coy and sexy]

3. Let them catch you staring and looking away and down.

After you’ve watched them over and over for a while. let them catch you Then look the other way and look down as if you were embarrassed that they grabbed you.

This shows them that you’re interested while hinting at cowardice. You can also keep a smile when you look away.

4. Look back after they catch you staring.

When you get your attention what do you have to do with it Instead of avoiding eye contact and making it seem like you don’t care. look again

This not only strengthens you. but may also encourage them to come to All this while maintaining an atmosphere of shyness.

5. Quickly bowed his head and smiled at himself.

This pose is not only flirtatious and shy. But also sexy. If they come, look up and down immediately and smile.

It’s like you can’t make eye contact because you’re embarrassed. This is both adorable and they’ll feel the need to earn your trust. This means they will pay more attention and work harder.

6. Put a small smile on your face as you speak.

Pretend you know the intimate secret about them. This will give you a very interesting smile that they would love to know more about.

They’ll keep digging and digging until they know what you’re smiling a lot. They will never know [Read: How to talk to a guy – 34 sweet talking tips to make him fall hard]

7Don’t forget to look down often.

Shy people are often introspective. This means that you have to act as if you are thinking about it, and you can do this by insulting it often.

Whenever they ask questions about you. look down before answering It will make you look like you’re hiding something. And that will make them want to know you even more. [Read: How to be a seductress without being obvious]

8. Bite your lips

This is funky, sexy, and very playful. It should only be done in small quantities. This may cause it to be overkill and lose its attractiveness. If they ask questions or compliment you. keep biting your lips

You can also bite your lip and lower your head. It’s as if you’re trying to hide your smile or something. Just don’t do this for too long and don’t answer the question. You are playing shy, not stupid. [Read: The scientific explanation why you look so sexy when you bite your lip]

9. laugh at their jokes

A giggle is less cute and obvious than a full laugh. When they make fun of you and try to make you laugh. just laugh softly You can also smile and pretend you’re trying not to laugh. This presents a challenge they cannot refuse.

10. Don’t be prepared with information.

The key to playing shy is being mysterious. It’s easy to do if you keep some information to yourself. You have to pretend that what they want to know is special information.

Of course, you have to open up a bit. You cannot avoid or evade every question. If you do They will think that something is wrong with you and will not care. Give some and be patient with others. This will make them want all the answers.

11. Speak softly

Once again, playing shy is a matter of subtlety and mystery. You can’t babble and rant and expect the same results. Instead, focus on speaking softly.

This allows them to lean in and listen better. That doesn’t mean you should whisper. But make sure they hear you – just [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexy flirting tips for girls]

12. Open your mind

You can’t be shy and shy forever. There is one point where you need to be more open-minded. Otherwise, they will see you as someone who doesn’t care.

so open your mind The more you dig The more you let in. But if they were asked one question at a time, Feel free to dodge here and there to give them more effort. If it’s a challenge They will want to work harder. [Read: How to be sexier: 15 ways to unleash the sex goddess hiding within]

Things to avoid when playing shy

Now you know how to play shy. You need to know what to avoid. as we have already set Playing cowardly works. But only when done in the right way. If you want to achieve your effect Avoid these common mistakes.

1Know the difference between playing shy and earning hard money.

There is an important difference between playing hard to get and being shy. Someone who plays hard to try to avoid someone and their intentional efforts. They think this will make the person want them more.

it always comes back But sometimes it works. when you play shy You have to understand the line between distance and shyness.

you are showing people that you want to know them But something is holding you back. They will see it as a challenge and want to break down those barriers. [Read: How to play hard to get with a guy]

2. Watch out for the resting female dog face.

Come on, we all do it sometimes without even realizing it. This is where checking your expression in the mirror will help you.

Being shy doesn’t mean looking really hostile and scary. if you are showing resting cunt with the person you are trying to date. He will rush in the opposite direction! [Read: 13 charming ways to be way more approachable to guys]

3. Please do not overdo the giggles.

We said earlier that part of playing shy is giggling. Yes, that’s true. But if you giggle too much It won’t be annoying.

Make sure you giggle a little. And only when necessary or if there really is a joke. You don’t want to bother them. You want to attract them!

4. Don’t be too indifferent.

while you store some information Make sure you’re not passive. By that we mean that you don’t seem totally disinterested and as if you don’t want to tell them anything.

You have to give them something. But not everything. When you are indifferent, you really don’t give anything. Make sure you don’t deviate too far. [Read: 14 ways to show a guy you like him & still be a tease]

5. Make sure you at least do thin Make eye contact!

Some people think they’re playing timid when all they really do is avoid eye contact like the plague. That will make you look weird.

First of all, when someone avoids eye contact It makes them look like they’re hiding something or they can’t be trusted. It can also cause the other person to think that you are not interested and to stop completely.

The key to acting shy is eye contact. But it’s enough to make them think you’re interested.

6. Do not whisper

When you speak, make sure they hear what you say. Yes, you have to speak quietly and embarrassedly, but they need to be able to hear you and not have to lean back and strain to find the message you’re trying to convey. You must hear!

Learning how to play shy effectively can help you find love with the person you care about. It’s also very helpful in getting what you want in life too!

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If you want to attract someone Playing shy is a great way to do it. But only if you know how to do it right. These tips will help you pretend to be embarrassed to get hot girls who can get to know you better.

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