Sex as Plus Size Women: Myths, Sex Positions & Your Insecurities

Many plus-size women are insecure about their gender. But it’s not necessary! These plus size sex positions prove that sex is amazing at any size.

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Girls, it’s time for the real thing. Whether you’re a curveball, an athlete or whatever. You can have sex and enjoy every second of it! It might surprise you to know this. But plus size women have sex. Pause for shock and fear, yes, curvy girls have sex. And they do it very well. There are a few taboos that seem to still be floating around the internet that we are looking for a way to break in. These plus size sex positions show how amazing your bedroom antics are.

Is having sex with a plus size woman different from what they call “normal” sizes? Will some positions be better when you have more thieves? Will a pillow be your best friend? We’re cracking down on every subject about playing and getting dirty as a plus size woman. [Read: 8 small steps to get your body confidence back in the bedroom]

Get those negative thoughts out of your head – plus size women are beautiful!

We all have insecurities regardless of our size. But remember, sex should be fun. Before we discuss the best plus size sex positions. We want to get rid of some of the plus size women myths. Read and believe!

1No. Your vagina doesn’t smell.

vagina smells Basically, there’s nothing you can do about it unless you magically twist yourself into a different species and, to be honest, aliens smell their own vaginas too. basically You have to forget the fact that your body smells. no matter what size

Then let’s get serious Men love the smell of the vagina! It’s part of what makes your vagina hot. Being a big girl doesn’t magically make you smell any more. As long as you shower regularly and are free from southern infections. You’ll definitely smell the way you’re supposed to smell it. [Read: How to make your vagina smell good and taste even better]

2. Yes, he knows your size.

your beautiful body Your man thinks so and you should too! Don’t ruin sex by feeling nervous about your stomach, stretch marks, breasts, or the appearance of your chin while riding him.

Because guess what? If your guy sees you in your birthday suit Rest assured that he knows every move and every cellulite on your body. and you make him feel If he’s not interested then why? [Read: Tips to flaunt your plus size body confidence this summer]

3No, you won’t rub his face.

All right, you want to sit in front of him. But you’re worried that you’ll squeeze him and suffocate him. Not very sexy, right? Fear not, there is a way around this, crouch or perch over him, don’t sit!

Keep communication open and take cues from him that you should step back a bit or move in. One thing that helps is having your guy hold your leg or hip with his hand to let him guide you.

If you’re still nervous about the position, choose 69’ing instead. This gives you more control over how far away you are from his face. [Read: Want to sit on my face? 6 reasons she might say no]

4Yes, the underwear is super sexy. For you as a curvy girl

Some plus size women find it uncomfortable to wear a bra. It’s understandable, but it’s actually the most ridiculous thing ever. If your man loves sex He’ll love you in underwear—roll and all!

Your curves will look amazing in your sexy lingerie and it will honestly make you feel like a sex kitten once you get inside.

If you’re really nervous Keep it relaxed with flattering baby or doll underwear. but shape friendly Don’t be afraid to take off your socks. Crotchless panties, tights, and role-playing outfits. And make yourself naughty!

Get dressed and go into confidence mode: curl your hair, raise your eyebrows, and host a sexy music show. Go in and start enjoying your body in the bedroom. [Read: How to seduce your boyfriend and leave him wanting more]

Here are just some things you need to know about sex as a plus size woman. Now it’s time to get real and explore a few plus size sex poses that you can try tonight!

The best plus size sex positions

When it comes to sex with a large woman, it’s no different from having sex with other women! Fun, sexy and hot

Many people wonder if there are certain positions that would work better for larger sizes. And the truth is a yes/no answer. Did you just love those? with little communication You will be able to do any position. even under the sun It’s about experimentation, but it really comes down to where you feel most comfortable. and help you be mindful of the wind and act now. [Read: 10 Kinky sex positions for a wild night every day of the week]

Here are some plus size sex positions you should try.

1. Fetal lovin’ position

This might not *sound* like the sexiest sex positions, but hear us out. Get into fetal position lying down and have your man pierce you from behind or while kneeling next to you. [Read: 12 easy sex positions that won’t break your neck – or worse]

You can put a pillow under your hips if it makes you feel more comfortable. Add some color by raising your legs or having him change his posture. *Kneeling with the body upright. Lean forward as if lying on your body, etc.*

This pose allows him to see your butt well. and allows his hands to be free to walk towards your chest, hair, and legs. This position also increases the angle that his penis is coming towards you. [Read: Sex positions men love: How to make a steamy night for your man]

2. Doggy style – suitable for plus size ladies!

Despite the name that is not very honorable. But doggy style sex is great for plus size women. all women really This position pays attention to your great ass. Men are visible creatures. So chances are he will enjoy the view.

bonus? If you know you’re pregnant Small dogs are a great way to hide areas you might not want them to see.

Kneel on all fours and let him approach you from behind. Change your position by placing your arms and face down on the mattress. Don’t be afraid to use pillows to support yourself. Adding a vibrator to the mix is ​​also a great way to style your rocks. [Read: How to spice up the bedroom: 22 tips to set the bed on fire]

3. Missionary with a twist

Missionaries are the most homosexual couples, and for good reason. The face-to-face contact makes this position feel more intimate. The guy on top makes you feel like he’s obsessing over you in every possible way. And with the slightest improper action is the right thing to do.

Some plus-size women may feel that missionaries drop out of school because of their size. But don’t give up yet! If you’re worried that guys won’t be able to handle your naughty things Just bring a rubber pillow inflated. *or just steal a normal pillow From the bed!* Under the buttocks and pull the legs back. This lifts your pelvis and allows easy access. [Read: Who’s on top? 8 ways to make missionary magical]

4. Cowgirls for plus size women

Jump to the top and get ready for the ride of your life. No, you’re not going to crush him. In fact, the higher the pressure between your hotspots, the better. The more the better! Simplify the cowgirl pose by leaning back against the man’s legs and supporting yourself on the bed.

Use your feet to move up and down his penis. Or just crush your heart to an almost breathless climax. If you find it difficult to pull his length into the vagina. Have your man put a pillow under him to keep his penis and pelvis lifted for a shot! watch? We tell you the pillow will be your best friend. [Read: 19 Ways to own the cowgirl position and make it hotter]

5. Sit on the kitchen counter/seat position

Yes, you can get down and dirty in the kitchen. And changing scenes adds to the fun! when sitting on the counter You can balance on the edge and move your hands backwards for balance. This gives you control and your guy has access to all the best parts of you.

If he needs to, he’ll stand in a chair or pull you towards him. The counter provides all the support and balance you need. If you want to go one step further Raise your legs and hang them above your elbows for a sizzle.

6. Float like a butterfly

Butterfly pose is one of the plus size sex positions that you must try! Just lie down with your legs against your partner’s chest and slide them down to the bottom of the bed so your butt is hanging over the edge. [Read: How to hit the G-spot and make her squirm with pleasure]

If you feel uncomfortable lying down Put a pillow under your lower back. Then your partner stands between your legs and leaves. To maximize the potential of the G-spot, place your legs above your partner’s shoulders.

7. Reverse Cowgirl

We’ve discussed cowgirl pose as one of the best plus size sex positions to try. But the reverse cowgirl is perfect for plus size women to try. It’s like a cowgirl in every respect. unless you turn the other way Your guy will get amazing shots on your butt as you crush it and the curves of your body when you lean back his length will really put him on the show.

This is a great position for plus size women who might be a little nervous about their tummy. It means you can let go and enjoy without worrying about rocking – not that you should! [Read: Hips don’t lie, girl: 19 real secrets about women with wide hips]

8. Bust down, ass up!

Yes, you heard right! This is the turning point of the dog pose. But some women love this little modification to reach the G-spot and the fact that you can reach below and touch yourself while he’s on the way – extraordinary potential for the big O!

Just go into the dog pose. Keep your chest flat on the bed and your ass soaring into the air. You can put your legs on the ground. or kneel whichever is convenient for you Your guy will appreciate the glorious sight of your ass too! [Read: Women with curves: 20 ways you changed all women for the better]

9. The girl who is above the differences

Some plus-size women find that normal women in the upper position put too much pressure on their knees. That means you’re not enjoying the moment because you’re focusing too much on burning your thighs and painful joints. Eliminate that by trying the woman upstairs with your man sitting in a normal kitchen chair. This way, you can put your feet on the floor and grab the back of the chair for support.

10. Leg Glider for Plus Size Women

The name sounds like you need some flexibility to pull off, but it’s actually one of the best plus size sex positions to try. in pulling out the glider You just lie down and lean to the side. You can either lie down or raise your elbows. [Read: 13 Extraordinary sex positions saved for the very bendy]

You then stretch your upper leg up to the ceiling and your man straddles the flag leg on the bed and infiltrates you from there. You can extend your legs or bend them and hold them for momentum as you move. Give it a try!

There are tons of plus size sex positions to try out there. The only decision you have to make is which move you try first!

[Read: How to be the sexy girlfriend your boyfriend always wanted]

no matter what size Sex should be comfortable, fun, and hopefully end with a big O! We hope this sex talk session will help unravel myths and rumors about having sex as a plus size woman.

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