20 Non-Clingy Ways to Stop Being a Possessive Friend and Give Space

If you’re told that you’re a stubborn or jealous friend. That’s not a compliment This is a window of opportunity for learning to be a better friend.

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a few days ago Your friend sits down and tells you that you’re a cherished friend, ouch, that punches. The good news is that it’s not the end of the world. They may help you open the door. It’s not just being a less cohesive friend. but became a better person altogether.

No matter how much you love your friends Even if they are your best friends in the whole world. They are still entitled to receive enough space from you. As a jealous or stingy friend You will choke until you accidentally push it away.

Fortunately, you still have the opportunity to recognize your actions and make better choices. You may have promised a friend that you would be better. But how do you do it? The thing about being a cherished friend is that you don’t even know you’re such a friend until someone tells you otherwise.

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Why did we become friends who belonged?

When love and appreciation for our friends is too much It is also possible to rely on them completely for all our pleasures by accident. You may need all your friends for yourself. Fear that they will abandon or replace you if you don’t stick with them.

It’s also possible that you’ve been betrayed by a friend who betrayed your trust in the past or ended up dumping you.

However, no matter how valid these reasons are, Still, it’s not an excuse to suffocate someone with your friendship. more than these fears The foundation of friendship is trust, respect, and love. You can’t love someone properly if you don’t believe they won’t leave you and don’t respect who you are.

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How to stop being friends

Telling yourself that you will change is different than actually working. Even if your instincts tell you that you are clingy. But you have to prove to yourself and others that you are changing.

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Learning how to stop being a cherished friend isn’t about perfection. You are allowed to make mistakes and stumble along the way.

Sometimes, you’ll learn things about yourself that you don’t want to know. However, it’s all part of your journey to becoming the real you.

There are a few things you can do to stop being a stingy friend. Don’t worry. After this, you’ll learn to make room for your friends. and learn to experience healthier friendships and better friendships too.

1. Do some self-examination.

You may now be told that you are owned by a friend or someone else. Or maybe someone hinted or you heard some words.

Reviewing yourself can be uncomfortable. But it’s necessary if you want to change for the better. You’re starting better with the intention of being a less cherished friend.

The next step is to sit down and look in the mirror hard. Think about yourself and take a closer look at your flaws. even though it seems difficult [Read: How to be less clingy and stop being called a Stage 5 Clinger by your friends]

2. Realize that you don’t own your friends.

Here’s an important thing to remember: You don’t own your friends. Your friends don’t have to be together at your hips all day. Although it’s normal to feel attached to someone and you want to spend time with them all the time. But remember that they are their own people.

Pretending like you own someone is what makes you an owner and clinging friend in the first place. And this is an idea that you should throw away immediately. It’s unhealthy and doesn’t improve your friendship. In the end, you’re an independent person who decides to be friends. But that doesn’t mean your friends should now leave everything and everyone else. just to be with you

3. Get to know each other’s friends.

Jealousy is one of the factors that lead to being an possessive friend. in dealing with this Getting to know each other’s extended groups of friends can be of great help. If you know who he spends time with when he’s not with you. This will make you feel more at ease in being a less stubborn friend.

You never know if you might like another friend and become friends. It’s a win-win for everyone. [Read: Why am I so jealous? Understand it and learn to fix it]

4. Learn to trust your friends

Friendship, like all other relationships, is about trust. So if you can’t trust them, live independently without you. So why are you friends with them?

You have to trust that no matter who they spend their time with or what they do. You will always be friends with them. You have to realize that ownership is often a sign of an internal problem you’re presenting to your friend.

You think you’re not that important? That your friend will dump you as soon as you meet someone else? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you trying to escape from contact with someone? Do you use your friends to fill the void in your life?

These questions can help you get a big picture of what it’s like to be a friend who owns it.

5. Take your own life

Another way to stop being a strong friend is to spend your time somewhere other than obsessing over your friend. After all, you are two separate people with two different lives. Not only this is not healthy. But a dependent friendship never ends well.

If you have nothing better to dominate your friends with ownership. This is your chance to find new hobbies and interests. to take your time [Read: Codependent friendships – The signs and why it’s really bad for you]

6. Practice self-awareness .

as well as self-contemplation It is not always easy to be aware of your actions and behavior. Self-awareness doesn’t show up overnight. And it takes a lot of practice to become a less possessive friend. Change takes time and effort.

Next time you feel like clinging. Be careful with the format you are trying to show. You stick around whenever you’re bored. you are facing something Or are you lonely? Finding patterns is a great way to be a less cohesive friend.

7. Don’t try to change it.

This happens in every possessive relationship. One person tries hard to subtly change another. Here’s the problem: you can’t change your friend. It’s not your responsibility to change or make it better – it doesn’t work that way.

The beauty of friendship is that both sides accept each other without trying to change each other. Accept your friends for who they are today. Instead of wanting to turn them into who you want them to be. [Read: Do you understand and embody what it means to be a good person?]

8. Emphasis on independence

It’s okay to rely on your friends from time to time. Especially when you’re going through a tough time. However, they can’t save your life.

There is a huge difference between relying on them for support and relying on them all. This is why you have to be yourself outside of friendships – and become less cherished friends.

You should be able to live your life without being around your friends all the time. suffocating them You don’t need a friend to help you decide what to wear that day. Or how to reply to messages from the guy you like? Try doing these things yourself.

9. Find your passion

Instead of spending your free time with a strong friend. You can use it for your passion. If you don’t know what you love You have all the time in the world to figure it out.

Paint the canvas, attend the workshop Make new music, do something new, whatever it is. The world is your oyster and you can do whatever you want. Explore yourself and find out what makes you happy. [Read: How to stop being codependent and start living your own life]

10. Give each other space

Space isn’t always a bad thing. And you don’t always have to take it personally. You don’t need to talk to them on the phone for endless hours every day. and you have the right to have space That time can help you grow and be yourself instead.

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