Pregnancy Fetish: Everything About Bumps and Sexual Arousal

When we think of pregnant women We immediately think of blue and pink babies. pregnant photo and baby shower pictures Usually not a pregnancy talisman.

pregnancy amulet

Seeing pregnant women turns us into beings that are too gentle and overprotective when they are around. We gave them seats on the bus. allow them to queue and rushed in to help as soon as we saw them in distress, as if they were made of fragile crystals. However, not everyone had the warm, fuzzy protection of a pregnant mother. There are some who consider the bulging uterus and upturned navel sexy. The enlarged breasts are seductive. And the frame that hugs the plump child is attractive. This is how those with a pregnant fetish see a pregnant woman.

Infatuated? There are more things you need to know:

What is a pregnancy amulet?

Sexual fetish means linking objects. body parts Or anything that is normally considered non-sexual is sexual. and for those suffering from myeloidiasis or eccentric pregnancies. A pregnant woman’s body and thoughts of pregnancy are considered sexual stimuli.

#1 Why do people develop pregnancy fetishes? There are many ideas about why some pregnant women are sexually aroused. Most scientists explain that humans, especially our ancestors, paid special attention to the fertility of women. It is thought that the ability to reproduce offspring is the most important criterion for choosing a mate.

Pregnancy is the most obvious advertising of such a trait. This means that if a woman is able to conceive without any problems. The more abundant and desirable she will be. [Read: 10 reasons to date someone with a fetish]

but besides this People who are obsessed with pregnant women also confess that there are the following reasons for performing the amulet. It is wrong. Sex during pregnancy is often forbidden in most cultures, and its “forbidden” traits dirty the idea in a sexy way.

Pregnancy drives commitment. Pregnancy is often seen as a sign of commitment to a partner in creating a family. And the idea of ​​breaking that promise by seducing a pregnant woman is what most fetishists imagine.

The changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy are very serious. increase the period of sexual arousal they experience during pregnancy It’s easy to imagine how an occultist would salivate on a horny woman who can’t move in bed.

They had sex with a pregnant woman and found it great. No one can keep his wife pregnant all the time to enjoy sex while pregnant. Therefore, they turned to this amulet instead of experience. [Read: 11 of the most common fetishes + a few super weird ones]

#2 Does the pregnancy amulet only affect men? No, women feel sexy about pregnancy too. It’s easy to think that pregnancy amulets are found only in men. Not really.

As mentioned above Women constantly undergo physical changes during pregnancy. And one of them is during the intense sex drive. There are cases when women experience the most powerful orgasms when pregnant. And this often makes the idea of ​​pregnancy sexy for some women, too.

#3 Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Your inner preggophile probably doesn’t want to ask about it. While folk wisdom does not agree with this. But having sex during pregnancy is great. Of course, special considerations are required.

Medical experts recommend abstaining during the first trimester and the last four weeks of pregnancy. Because these times are quite critical. But when the second trimester comes and the pregnant woman feels intense sexual arousal due to hormones? Then you are open to business. [Read: 9 amazing benefits of having sex while pregnant]

#4 A pregnancy fetish is just about having sex with a pregnant woman? think againThe pregnancy mania is not just about lust over the stomach and wanting to love it. but also the conception of pregnancy The amulet for pregnant women is also triggered by pregnancy-related things such as maternity clothes, positive pregnancy tests. breast pump used underwear and children’s clothing [Read: Buying used panties – The weird facts you’re dying to know]

#5 Pregnant porn? it is trueOf course, if people fantasize about pregnant women, there will be pornography of it. And no matter what you think about the fact that it can be fake and fake. The actress involved is really pregnant!

There are some adult performers who have found themselves specializing in this particular genre. and because of their physical appearance So got a little extra money Of course, extra medical precautions must be taken before filming to make sure it’s safe for them to perform during pregnancy. [Read: 25 porn myths most people still completely believe]

#6 role play pregnant. Sometimes porn just isn’t enough. in these cases Creativity is needed to satisfy their imagination. Pregnancy role play is as straightforward as it sounds, fake belly, maternity clothes, and the actions of a pregnant woman. All of this draws on the imagination and proves that it’s not just sex with pregnant women. but also joking with the idea of ​​pregnancy [Read: 20 sexual fetishes bordering on crazy]

#7 What do people think of this amulet? Due to the subversive concept of pregnancy This amulet is therefore classified in the category. “It’s weird that it’s not easy to share with colleagues. Compared to others on the list of available human fetishes that could put you on the FBI watch list and cause bodily harm.

[Read: Preggophilia: A bumpy fetish most moms-to-be have not idea about]

Most people consider pregnancy to be sacred and beneficial to health. But not for some people with a pregnancy fetish. But despite the initial arrest But it’s relatively harmless. After all Pregnant women are sexually active and have an increased sexual experience during pregnancy.

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