Questions to Ask a New Friend: 85 Ways to Feel like BFFs in No Time

Looking for a question to ask a new friend? You’re in luck. Here are some fun and exciting ways to get to know someone and build that special bond.

Fun questions to ask new friends.

Making new friends, especially as an adult, can be difficult. That is why it is very important to have good questions. to ask new friends

when we meet new people and want to be friends We always have something in common. Maybe that’s the taste in music too. Maybe we can work together? eat the same food

we can Strengthen newfound friendships. We may emphasize what we already know. But if you want to get to know each other better and on a deeper level. Here are some fun and easy questions to ask a new friend that can really help.

Why is asking questions important?

Making new friends isn’t always easy. You are bound by what happens naturally. But getting under the surface can be difficult.

When you have questions, ask your new friends who are ready to go. get to know each other more easily

Asking questions not only shows your interest. But it also helps create questions. It also shows a willingness to listen and understand where someone is coming from.

Questions to ask a new friend

You won’t go from new friend to best friend without asking new friends questions.

1. What is your first memory?

Some people remember things I got it from when I was a kid, and people couldn’t remember anything before going full-time. [Read: The 8 types of friends everyone needs in their life]

Getting to know someone takes time. But asking questions that are witty and sometimes even weird or funny at times. It will make your new friendship stronger and closer together.

2. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Learning about what your new friends find most embarrassing and what they’ve learned since then is quite telling. Get ready to share your own embarrassing story.

3. Who is your favorite celebrity?

This is always a fun question to discuss. Do you share your love with Chris Evans or Selena Gomez? Maybe their interests are vague and you can learn all about the new genre.

4What is your all-time favorite book?

Books have a deeper quality than movies and TV shows. So learning about which books impress your new friends the most can tell you a lot about them. [Read: The must-read books for your 20s to reinvent your life]

5.Which character do you want to be real?

Is it a super hot and romantic person? Or is it a superhero? Is it a character that takes you through your childhood?

6. What was your first relationship like?

Someone’s first relationship is what drives them into every future relationship. just think about you How does this affect your new friends? This is a good thing to talk about because it not only helps you get closer together. But it can also make you a better friend for them in the future.

7. Who was your first crush?

Now, this could be a person The same as they first dated. Or maybe in elementary school. or maybe a cartoon character Bart Simpson, anyone? number? agree.

8. How are you motivated?

Whether you need advice or just want to know what keeps your new friend going. This can provide insights.

9. What is your secret hobby?

Learning things about your new, lesser-known friend will bring you closer together.

10. What TV show do you feel guilty for?

Who knows, maybe you love the same person? You can get together every Monday night to watch The Bachelor or annoy them with a chapter-by-chapter show they don’t like. Either way is friendship. [Read: Do you really know your friends? Try asking these questions]

11. What is your biggest pet?

What drives your friends crazy? This not only helps get to know them. But now you can avoid chewing with your mouth open or throwing recycled bottles in the trash.

12. What breaks your relationship agreement?

Things people won’t deal with in a relationship are similar to things they won’t deal with in friendship. So this is helpful to learn. You can also help remind them of these if they are in a relationship with someone who has a lot of red flags.

13. Are you close with your parents?

This is a personal question for some people. So it can really connect the two of you. Do you have a similar family situation?

14. How long have you spent with your grandparents?

Some people have never even met their grandparents, and theyRaise someone else. And who helped make your friends what they are today? This is a good question to ask new friends because it’s something many people don’t talk to often.

15. If you can only shop at one store for the rest of your life Which store will you choose?

target? Saks Fifth Avenue? All food? Will this be your starting point in the near future?

16. Describe your dream wedding.

This may seem superficial. But it can also show that your friend is devoted to a meaningful moment and who he or she needs there.

17. What do you think you could do better?

This can help you move forward in friendship with this new friend. [Read: 15 things a good friend does that sets them apart]

18. Where would you like to travel?

Going to make merit somewhere? Going on vacation in the tropics? Maybe you can plan a trip with your fantasy friends.

19. What was your first flight like??

This is one of those fun questions to ask new friends who may have a hilarious back story. for some reason Your first flight, especially your first flight, is always important.

20. Do you like summer or winter more?

yours Does your friend like the heat or hide under a blanket while the snow falls? Will you drag them out into the cold or will they pull you out of bed to head to the beach?

21. What was the best year of your life?

Or it hasn’t arrived yet?

22. Do you want to have children?

Will you have a similar lifestyle in the future? If they don’t want children, why not? This can be profound and definitely not something you should ask a stranger. But this can really open up both of you if you’re trying to make new friends.

23. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Did they buy an unplayable guitar or invest in real estate? Or maybe they have bought a house?

24. What do you regret the most?

This can say a lot about someone. Maybe they won’t regret it at all. [Read: 20 self discovery questions to bring you closer to learning who you are]

25. What do you wish you had more time for?

painting? clan? sleep? Or maybe you just want to meet more new friends, that’s sweet.

26. If money is not a factor What will you do with your life?

Are you traveling? Have a family? Raise a dog?

27. Which parent are you closer to?

Some may say they are all equal. but we all know There is one parent with whom you have a different relationship. So talking about it is very eye-opening.

28. How do you feel about your siblings?

Of course you love them, but? They drive you crazy too. This is an ideal question to ask a new friend, as they may be the sibling you want or the main person you are complaining about about your sibling.

29. What impressed you the most?

Work ethics? faith? Pure talent and skill?

30. Do you believe in God?

It might seem silly to some people. But it can help you get to know New friends on another level. Also, if you are a member of the same religion. You can get closer by discussing this.

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