30 Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met & Read Them Like a Book

A few search questions can help you easily “help” someone. This is the perfect question to ask someone you’ve just met – try it today!

Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met

Sometimes the best way to get to know someone is to ask them a few thoughtful questions in their own way. This doesn’t mean you sit down. Shine a flashlight on their faces. and shoot questions after asking them according to their guidelines. Instead, it means putting a few carefully placed questions into the conversation. Want to read them like a book and know everything about them in the first conversation? Just use these questions to ask someone you just met. and at the end of the conversation You will know everything necessary to better assess them.

How should you learn more about this person and find out if this is someone you would like to spend more time with? If you’re not ready to ask questions to really get to know them, sure. You also need to prepare the answers yourself. They try to get to know you too!

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Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met

Check out these 30 perfect questions to ask someone you’ve just met. So you can include them in the conversation the next time you meet someone you want to get to know a little better!

#1 What is your number one television show? This question will tell you a lot because you will know which group they belong to. Is it a joke? Is it horror? Is it a crime? Is it a thriller? Of course, there’s also a chance they’ll give you a generic answer too – “friends” are the answer to most people too! [Read: 13 avoidable habits that’ll change your life for the worse]

#2 What was your favorite song when you were growing up? This might make them a little cringe because everyone loved embarrassing songs when they were teenagers! It could be a boy band or a very bad Europop group! At least it’s fun to know

#3 What’s your favorite song right now? If you were to ask them what songs they liked when they were growing up? Just give them a chance to redeem themselves and tell you what they like right now.

However, get ready for an equally embarrassing answer! by any means It’s one of the best questions to ask someone you’ve just met because most people love music. And their musical tastes can often predict their personality too. [Read: 20 positive personality traits that can change your life forever]

#4 Who is your favorite Hollywood guy? This is interesting and should put them in the second spot! Maybe someone you like too? Maybe it’s someone you’ve never even heard of before. Or someone who has passed away and is still someone they care about.

#5 What is your favorite sport? Maybe they don’t like sports. But most people enjoy at least one sport from time to time. You can learn a lot about a person from the sports they watch. Whether it’s a team sport or an individual sport.

#6 What is your number one food? This is a good question to get to know someone. *Especially on a potential date* because it tells you if you’ll get along if you go on a restaurant date! If they love fish and you hate it, there might be a problem! It’s one of the best questions to ask someone you’ve just met because everyone has a favorite food. So there was no awkward silence. [Read: 75 fun questions to ask a new friend and feel like BFFs in no time]

#7 Where do you like to hang out? You didn’t ask about it to follow them there. For clarity! It’s interesting to find out where people spend their free time. Maybe they go somewhere quiet and comfortable, or maybe they like being surrounded by crowds. You may find that you are already on the same trip.

#8 Do you have any pets? Finding out who is an animal lover is a must. In my eyes, if anyone loves animals, don’t miss it! They may have a small farm at home, or they may not have pets, but hopefully they can. This question may lead you on the path of stories involving their old pets that have passed away.

#9 What is your favorite book of all time? This can keep them on point because not everyone has one book in mind. Many people have several books that they like over a period of time. by any means Searching is fun And it could be that they like the same book as you. That makes it one of the best questions to ask someone you’ve just met.

#10 If you can throw everything away and go Where is the only place you will go?? Ah, a little imagination is needed for this, which tells you a lot about a person! Will they choose an unclear place or go to a normal or crowded place? You can push this question a bit further and search for destinations on your wish list as well.

#11 What do you like to do when you’re at home? be careful with this It could even lead to a relatively sheltered area! However, most people won’t give you weird answers, but will tell you that they like to relax and watch TV, read books, or play video games. If they gave a slightly more constructive answer. That can tell you a lot about them as individuals. [Read: The best things to do when you’re stuck at home and feel productive]

#12 Do you enjoy spending time alone? Not everyone likes to be alone and many prefer to have other people nearby. However, some people enjoy the peace and quiet of being in their own company. Asking this question will help you get to know the person better.

#13 What type of exercise do you like? I think this is a good question to ask because it will teach you whether they enjoy spending time outdoors or are the indoor gym type. It also tells you if you can exercise together if you get to know each other better. Sure, they might tell you that they hate exercising. in which case Instead, you can chill out on the sofa together!

#14 Are you a walker or a runner? This is a telling question and digs a little deeper. Make it one of the best questions to ask someone you’ve just met. If they say walk It could be that they prefer a measurable, slow pace of life. If he says run It is possible that they are often in a hurry and want to jump from place to place.

#15 Where were you born? Of course, nowadays we move around a lot and it’s possible that where you are now isn’t where you or they were actually born. You can learn a lot about them by asking this question. And you may find that you were born in the same place. or have backlinks [Read: How to get closer to someone – 15 traits that always bring people closer]

#16 Are you a cat or a dog? in my eyes This question is one of the best questions to ask someone you’ve just met. It also shows if you can get along if you look at them through a romantic perspective. If they like cats Maybe they are stubborn. if they like dogs Maybe they’re more honest. Of course, it’s personal. But it’s fun to know!

#17 If you could work in this world, what would it be? is sad But most people don’t actually work in their dreams. Some people have and that’s good. But most people have a career in mind that they want to do. but has never been trained Find out what they are and then remember to respond and tell them yours. You can learn a lot about a person from what they aspire to do.

#18 Do you have siblings? Do they have siblings or are they only children? Are they the children of the family, the eldest, or the middle child? There are theories about the personality traits of siblings and where they place in family hierarchy. So it’s good to find out if you agree with all of these.

#19 What are your key friendship qualities? What does this person look for when making new friends? Are they focused on loyalty or are they looking for someone who is adventurous and rebellious? This will tell you a lot about their values ​​in life and what is important to them. [Read: 15 real qualities of a good friend that sets them apart]

#20 Which is more important – quality or quantity? This is a search question. But it’s one of the best questions to ask someone you’ve just met. Because it tells you if this is the one who wants it all or the one who wants the best.

#21 What is your favorite childhood memory? Hopefully, you’re not talking to someone with a terrible childhood because asking this question might make them uncomfortable. But this is unlikely to be the first time someone has asked them this question. So you should be fine. If they’re giving you fun memories from childhood. You might be able to see the joy on their faces as they remember the details.

#22 Which one do you prefer – beach or snow? If you get to know each other better and go on vacation in the future You must know that you are both in the same place! Do they like the chilling and dramatic scenery of snow-capped mountain locations, or are they beachgoers?

#23 What is the greatest love of your life? This is another profound but one that will help you get to know them. So it’s one of the best questions to ask someone you’ve just met again. Are they passionate about helping others? animal? travel? Science and research? clan? It’s a good question to ask and it may lead to a deeper conversation. [Read: What are you passionate about? How to find and own your desires]

#24 Who is the greatest hero in your life? They can choose family members or friends who are going through difficult times. They may choose famous people or personalities from history. Who do they look for as inspiration in their lives? Of course, you have to think of your own hero character to keep the conversation going.

#25 What are you afraid of in life? Most people will have a humorous answer to this question. Because it’s pretty awkward to tell someone you’ve just met about what you’re really scared of. but if they do Show that they are open to you. [Read: The art of getting someone to open up to you so you two can really connect]

#26 Do you like spiders? Look, I know spiders are animals that deserve love. But I really don’t like them. It’s a question that I like to ask because it tells me that this person is on the same level or not! However, it’s good to meet someone who likes spiders. Because that means when you have spiders in your house. They will catch it for you and let it go!

#27 What would you study if you could go back to school? Again, most people have a career they want to pursue and this question will tell you what it is. Maybe they want to learn another language in order to go on vacation. Or maybe they’ll tell you that they’re really interested in science. It’s a fun question to ask someone you’ve just met. [Read: How to be more playful and flirty while talking to people]

#28 What are you saving for? They probably won’t save anything. But most people in some way Some people save money to buy a house. Some people save money to buy a new car. Some people save money for the rainy season. It’s another interesting question to ask someone you’ve just met.

#29 If you could change one thing about you. what will you change? If they tell you they won’t change anything because they’re perfect. You need to ask them more! Most people have things they want to change. Whether it’s looks or personality

#30 What is the emoji you use the most?? A fun show to finish off the list!

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These questions to ask someone you’ve just met will keep the conversation going. And you’ll get to know them better!

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