10 Quick Ways to Make a Girl Feel Better on Her Period

Instead of being the one who panicked or was startled when his woman had her period. Use these tips to be the one to please her until she feels much better!

How to make a woman feel better in her period

When Aunt Flo comes to town Even the most patient boyfriend’s initial instinct might be to hide and wait for her to leave. Unfortunately, this may not always be the best course of action. [Read: Don’t do any of these 13 annoying things that women hate]

for a start Your girl might want you around. so that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. She might be upset that you ran the other way as if she suddenly turned into a beast. It might be a good opportunity for you to step up and show her that you are man enough to take care of her.

How to make women menstruate better

Do you need help making your woman feel better when she’s menstruating? most men do Here’s our quick guide.

#1 Don’t blame anything about her period! You might think that her crankiness, bad mood, and mood swings are all the result of her period. you might be right But that doesn’t mean you have to say it out loud if anything. All of this will make your woman think you’re blaming her real emotions during her time.

Second, women have very little control over their feelings during their menstrual periods. It is a biological process that affects her actions. Point out that her body was acting like a maniac. It will only cause her to relapse and make her go crazy. Hers is even worse!

#2 don’t talk about blood mood swings or hormones if you are not a doctor Your woman probably knows more about what’s going on with her body. And if you don’t want her to go into the gruesome details about what happened there? It’s best to avoid all topics. You wouldn’t want her to start telling you about what happened. Just to stop because you’re crying so hard that it looks like you’re the one in pain.

#3 Avoid telling her anything that might offend her. Your boyfriend is usually a sensible and easygoing person. But when you are in your menstruation She might not respond with the same indifference as she does on a normal day, so before you tell her about your honest opinion of one of her all-time favorite movies or say something like that. To an out-of-town trip with a guy by accident Try telling her about it when she’s no longer in a bad mood.

Anything that can be a slight annoyance can turn into a full-blown rage once you’ve struggled with her hormones. from the foregoing It’s best to keep the conversation light and relaxed… At least until her menopause. [Read: Make her melt with these 50 adorable things you can tell her]

#4 Answer questions with caution Women may not know But there are times when we can’t help but focus on men. We ask questions that have no correct answers. And when you try to answer our questions *You are poor, poor hearted*, you may be bombarded with angry words, tears, and occasional threats of breaking up.

Examples of volatility questions such as “Do you think I’m fat?”?? Presuming that now is a good time to be honest or should I try to give you the answer you want? Your chances of surviving on a day without conflict are higher. If you let her hear what she wants to hear.

#5 be patient as you can Keep in mind that the state you are in will not last for more than two days, after which you will return to what it was. while you are the recipient of her hormonal wrath. Just think to yourself “Better to get to know this side of her sooner”?? That will help you fare a little better.

In addition, during these times It might be a good idea to be extraordinarily good looking. just to increase the size Remember to keep quotes like “I’m sorry”, “You’re right,”?? and “It’s okay for me” ?? in your vocabulary to use in shaky conversations in arguing with the line of conversation.

#6 feed her Blood loss and feeling bloated can be exhausting. But it can drain a woman’s energy so much that she is too tired to prepare food. in these cases One of the best gifts you can give her is her favorite food. Sometimes women during menstruation may act like a pregnant woman because they may begin to have an abnormal appetite. in such a case It’s best to ask her what she wants before going out to her.

And don’t ask again if she can finish cooking in one go. You’d be surprised how fat she felt. She still eats two of her favorite meals.

#7 watch movie with her Sometimes women experience pain during their menstrual periods, so during these times You and your daughter may have to stay at home. Laziness isn’t something you want when she’s hurting and feeling crazy. The most sensible activity you can do is watch a movie.

Now for the sake of her hormones Avoid things that are tragic or overly emotional. You need something that will keep her mind busy without tearing her apart. So movies like A Walk to Remember and Titanic are something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Try something as distracting as in a Christopher Nolan movie if that’s not what she wants. casual comedy can help you [Read: 10 things about dating that an 80’s teen movie can teach you]

#8 invite her to exercise Movement and exercise can help release endorphins that fight the pain of menstruation. Activities like jogging and brisk walking can help her get rid of cramps and bloating. However, it might be best to save water sports for another day. for obvious reasons [Read: 25 tips to motivate her to work out, even during her period]

Some women feel that exercising during menstruation also improves blood flow. make menstrual days much shorter Of course, this is good news for you too!

#9 So naughty Some experts say that sex or just foreplay can help relieve the cramps that come with your menstrual cycle. This is a controversial excuse, so it’s mostly a matter of preference if you want to do this. And she wants to be naughty with you, why not?

Just keep in mind that she may not feel very sexy during this time of the month. There’s also the fact that it can be messy. It is recommended to do it while taking a shower so it won’t be heavy. [Read: 15 tips on doing the deed while she’s on her period]

#10 Ask her what you can do to help. There is no miraculous cure to make a woman feel better during her period. Every woman has different preferences, so if you want to stay safe Ask her what you can do to help her. Whether running to pick up sanitary napkins to the store *Which we pray that you won’t have to do anything* or help her with the housework. Remember that she might feel really bad and that simple tasks could mean her world.

Imagine if you were bleeding from the area beneath it. You might want someone to help you too! [Read: Prove to your woman that chivalry is certainly not dead!]

when she is in her menstruation Remember, this will only take a few days. in the last few days Treat her like a queen and try to do it with a smile on your face. She will definitely remember how good you were to her back in the day. And that’s a plus in every relationship.

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