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Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable and feel like you are doing something outrageous and brave! Public flash is very sexy and open. And these confessions show that Do you have a trend of flashing in public?

public flashing

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public confession

Here are some really sexy public flash stories. which is hot and is a hot topic

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public flashing outside the window

My boyfriend and I were alone in my place one afternoon. And we decided to be naughty. After petting and hugging for a while He carried me to bed. And then we started doing it.

We took off each other’s clothes and went to play. Halfway, my girlfriend wanted to try something new. So I knelt down at the window. Then he led me from behind.

It felt really good and I held the window grille for support. A minute or two into this and my fingers accidentally pushed the unlocked window open.

I want to pull it off But while I’m going to do that I saw my sexy neighbor in his place through his window. He was in his room and could easily see me if he turned towards me. I was suddenly sexually excited. and nudged the window until he had a better view.

A minute or two before the neighbors confronted me. He was shocked to see me I just pretended I didn’t see him! There I was naked with my man and was watched by other men. It felt very hot and I had a few orgasms. [Read: How to be a seductress without being obvious]

My smiling boyfriend thought it was his courage that let me down! since that day I always liked that position over all others!

-Laya 24

public flash for boys in the room

I’ve never been public in my life. And it’s my secret fantasy. I went on vacation with my husband. and was taking a shower after a long afternoon on the beach. My husband visits the hotel bar. and i am alone

I heard the bell ringing. and let’s say it’s my husband I put on my bathrobe and opened the door.

that surprises me It was the boy in the room that came with fresh towels and sheets. Apparently my husband asked for new sheets and towels because all the sand we carried from the beach. when I opened the door There was no point asking him to leave again. So I told him to hurry up and finish it.

He began to change the sheets. and I went out onto the balcony. Suddenly I was so excited that my spine shook. I only know what I want to do I’m excited but still scared I called the guy and told him to clean the whole room instead of changing the sheets.

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About ten minutes to clean I dropped the book I was reading and acted like I had fallen asleep in the reclining chair. He looked at me in a short bathrobe that barely covered my legs. and immediately looked away a few minutes passed I turned to him. as I move I untie the knot holding the bathrobe together. I’m so excited But his eyes were almost completely closed. My bathrobe slides down to my waist. and i’m there Topless in front of a man I’ve never seen in my life!

He kept staring at me from time to time and felt great. For a moment I pretended to wake up. I didn’t bother to tie my bathrobe this time. Now I feel horny and brave! I started talking to him and slowly tied the bathrobe in front of him. He couldn’t take his eyes off me.

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– Emily, 29 years old

public flashing at sleepover

I’m 31 years old and I’m pretty busy with my life. about a year ago I bumped into two girls who were classmates from college. we are good friends And it’s been fun to follow each other for a long time. We decided to go out for a drink. And luckily we are all very drunk. They asked me to spend the night at their house as it was a few blocks away. As long as I’m lying on the sofa!

We have reached their place. and saw that it was a studio room We talked for a while. and decided to return tonight I fell asleep in the blink of an eye. I don’t know how long I slept but suddenly heard a rumbling and woke up I sat up and looked around. I saw a woman waking up I smiled at her numbly. And she pretended to let me go back to sleep. I put my head back on the sofa. It was early in the morning and it seemed too early to wake up.

I saw the bathroom light up. and saw my friend go in She left the door slightly open. And I saw you standing in front of the mirror You can definitely see me if you turn around. I closed my eyes halfway and stared at the bathroom. with my disbelief She took off her shirt and stood in front of the mirror. I don’t know whether to look or not. But I couldn’t help staring at her. Are you staring at me?!

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She stood in front of the mirror for a few minutes. back to bed i feel dazed but i’m open I don’t know if it’s intentional or not. But I just want to do something reckless. As soon as she got into bed I immediately walked into the bathroom and stood there. I watched you through the door and saw that she only pretended to be asleep Her friend turned the other way and couldn’t see me. I took off my t-shirt. and took off his pants like crazy I stood there in my boxer and looked at her. I saw that she was still peeping. before I know I took off my boxer shorts and stood naked.

I look at you again This time she looked back at me! Scared at first, I stared at her for a moment and then went back into the bathroom. I left the door open and started putting my clothes back on. I’m so excited but too confused to try something funny I came out of the bathroom and she stood there We immediately started kissing. and before we know it We had sex on the sofa. Talk about an unexpected flash that freezes!

– Sven, 31 years old

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Public flashes can happen when we least expect them. and sometimes It could be a really big deal. and surprisingly These public confessions can happen to anyone. You may find yourself flashing when you least expect it.

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