15 Reasons Why Your Ex Still Texts You and Stays in Touch

Forgetting someone is difficult and confusing without the constant stream of messages. This is why your ex won’t stop texting you.

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When someone tells you they don’t want to be with you anymore. It should be like that, right? Why does your ex always accidentally text you just for a little chat? To be honest, it’s annoying and it can be a lot harder to beat them and move on.

Even if you’re the one who breaks things off, it’s still not easy to move on. Maybe it’s hard to finish things off with them. Maybe you have someone new. Who’s not okay with your ex who texts you all the time? Or maybe you find it really annoying.

the truth is There are many reasons your ex might be constantly texting you. And there’s no way of knowing exactly why without being able to read minds. However, these reasons are more common among ex-girlfriends who over text. And that’s where we come from.

Why doesn’t your ex put your phone down?

While having your ex’s name appear in your inbox can be annoying. But you should know why they text you in the first place. Even if they text you to say hi. But every message you receive has a deeper meaning.

Because he is someone who has a fairly old girlfriend. I have noticed that many of their messages have completely different meanings. me and others Many others suffer from frequent text messages from their ex-girlfriends. has compiled all the reasons they won’t stop texting you. [Read: Is your ex thinking of you often? Clear signs that reveal the truth]

#1 They do it out of habit. Sometimes just wake up and text you saying, “good morning” ?? It was a habit for them that they could not shake. It’s part of their daily routine. And they are not ready to let it go even if they have to let you go.

#2 they miss you If this is not the most obvious reason. I’m not sure what it is. In fact, if your ex texts you in any way – other than preparing souvenirs, etc., they miss you. They want to talk to you and get answers from you because they missed the conversation.

#3 They heard that you had someone new. Am I the only one with all the new and ex-boyfriends texting me right away as if some signal went off? And they have to jump right in and settle the mess right away? If your ex hears that you’re dating someone new. He may be texting you just to set boundaries and compare himself to your new lover.

#4 Something reminds them of you. Sometimes, if I see something that reminds me of an insider joke with my ex. I might take a picture and send it to them. This is a wholesome reason to text your ex that doesn’t always have a deep meaning.

However, if it happens frequently and encourages discussion on their part, They might try to light some feelings by sending you something that reminds them of the two of you. [Read: 16 signs your ex wants you back in their life again]

#5 Winter is coming and they don’t have friends to hug. Numerous studies have proven that most people enter relationships in the winter. So they have someone to bear with the cold. AKA: Someone who’s huddled by the fire and whispers there’s nothing sweet in their ears.

If it’s winter and the holiday season You might be in danger of having your ex texting you because they’re looking for someone to share their body heat this winter.

#6 They still have feelings for you. If you get random texts here and there asking about your day and general talk. Show that your ex may have texted you because they still have feelings for you and want to talk to you.

#7 They want to win you back This goes hand in hand with the previous reason. They may even text you to spark a conversation that could lead to an attempt to win your heart. The reason for this is obvious because they will invite you on a date and give you crazy compliments. [Read: 8 signs you’re still dating your ex and can’t let go]

#8 They want to bother you If you leave this ex-boyfriend They may text you to tease you. They may be upset, angry, and frustrated with your decision to settle things. and want to annoy you with their babbling as much as possible.

#9 for peace of mind If you ended a good relationship with your ex. There’s a good chance they’ll text you for reassurance sometimes. If you two are still friends They can send you a message asking for your advice. Reassure yourself that their ego was shot. or just to get your opinion on something.

#10 They have trouble letting go. Some people have a lot of trouble accepting what ends up being. They have a problem with letting their significant other go and trying to save their beloved life.

#11 for explanation – for 100N.S. time. If you leave them and they are still texting you. It may be because they are still looking for an explanation as to why. No matter how many times you tell them why things aren’t working, they’ll probably come back. Because that reason was not enough for them. [Read: 12 reasons why the no contact rule is the only way to walk away from an ex]

#12 They still hold on to hope. They may also text you because they hold on to the thread of hope that you want to get back together with them. And they just wait for that message to reach you.

#13 Their friends are in a relationship and feel lonely. To be honest, when your friends are together It makes you want to date someone too. and if no one Who will you turn to? Probably your past

This might be their thoughts when they text you. they are feeling alone And seeing their friends in a relationship stirs old hopes and desires in them, and they hope that they will satisfy them.

#14 Just to check in To be honest, I still like and respect some of my ex in a calm way. I care about them and just want to see how their lives go sometimes. I want to know if their career is going well. If they’ve run the marathon they’ve always wanted. and just to check from time to time

This might be something your ex did too. Without any idea what they are looking for is more than just a physical exam with you. That’s what they need to make sure you’re fine. [Read: 10 signs that prove you’re still attached to your ex]

#15 To leave the connection open If your ex is the one who texts weekly. 2-3 Messages and you don’t hear from him for the rest of the time. It’s possible they’re trying to keep that connection open when they find it convenient. They don’t want to go too long without contacting you for fear that you’ll move on completely.

[Read: 14 things to keep in mind when you run into your ex]

Exes blowing up your inbox with messages can be one of the most frustrating things. But if you have these reasons why they hit you. It will make everything easier.

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