6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Low Maintenance Girl

A less attentive girlfriend seems to be the holy grail of dating. They have no drama and no hassle. But are they all really cracked?

low maintenance girl

Some women are complex beings. What’s worse is Their ability to complicate things greatly increases if you make them relate. and for the coup Nature has placed a burden on the male species to initiate courtship. with sophisticated women You don’t just need the usual time, effort, and resources to make a relationship work. You also get additional bonuses for dealing with her brain training games. mood swings and her natural flair for theatrical performances.

Most men seem to be more than happy to find a woman who can provide a direct, honest relationship. Imagine a relationship where you can make the most of the sweet reward without the headache of it. Fortunately, such a woman exists. She’s a girlfriend who doesn’t really care. And she’s the subject of some men’s dreams.

While this woman exists There is nothing in this world without problems. You might think that winning over a girl who doesn’t have a heart will allow you to cheat your way to happiness forever. But being with a low-maintenance woman is a double-edged sword: it can shorten you and your fiery romantic thoughts. [Read: The 12 dating stereotypes of women in a man’s mind]

Who is a low maintenance girl?

A self-absorbed girl makes herself less demanding than a drama-type girl. She can be identified by the following characteristics.

#1 She keeps everything simpleHer wardrobe consists of the clothes she will actually wear, and her bathroom counter isn’t crowded with feminine makeup that other women seem to have, meaning she won’t spend forever getting dressed and putting on makeup. when she was dating

#2 She’s a really practical person.Why spend money on expensive restaurants when you can have a date at home with a six pack and Chinese takeout in front of Netflix? A girl who doesn’t really care about how she spends her money and how you spend your money with her. She’s the type of person who doesn’t want to go out at night and wear fancy clothes to make her happy. [Read: How to plan a romantic evening with your girl when you’re broke]

#3 She is entering a drama-free relationship.. You don’t have to take her to an expensive restaurant to impress her. She was totally cold and relaxed. You won’t be offended if you fail to call her after work. And you don’t need to plan complicated surprises and expensive gifts for your anniversary because she won’t have any. She is like a brother and a girlfriend combined to be the perfect partner.

Disadvantages of dating a woman who is easy to care for

Although this easy-going woman is the best medium for girlfriends. But you might miss some of the downsides of falling into the arms of this type of woman. As the intellectuals said Every coin has two sides.

#1 She might expect you to be low maintenance as well. What if you have a need that upsets her lifestyle or likes to make things a little more fancy from time to time? If your easy-going girl wants everything to be economical and easy. You might find yourself dumped for being too much of a singer.

#2 There is less romance and passion.One of the reasons why people fall deeply in love is because of the romance involved. A woman who doesn’t take care of herself may like to be in front of the TV. But which room for a romantic date and a little infatuation sometimes? Don’t expect your girl to bother doing the wonderful things that couples do. even if you want to [Read: 15 reasons why you may be getting bored with your relationship]

#3 Relationships can quickly become boring.. Because there are no frills no quarrel And don’t fuss about your relationship. So you may be able to get into your routine faster than you should. There will be no surprises that will make your heart race. And expect a little reaction from her if you decide to spice things up between the two of you. If both of you are too relaxed to come up with something new to keep your interest in the relationship. The only option is to leave and find someone new.

#4 Relationships can become weak.E. Tracking a low-maintenance girl is easier than following a normal girl. This means that you won’t have to go through the usual hassles of other couples. And a lack of mutual experience can put your relationship at risk for bigger issues instead. Quarrels, arguments, and challenges will build relationships as good as all the good if you choose her because she’s easy to raise. Expect her to be hypoallergenic as well. [Read: 18 relationship turn offs that can ruin romance]

#5 Relationship may be shortHaving an unattended girlfriend is fun in the beginning. But it could be the end of climate resistance later on. If you are not creative Your good start can turn out to be ugly, boring, or boring.

#6 You may take her by receiving. A woman who is easy to care for is an easy friend. And they don’t need much from you. make it easy to get them Just because she doesn’t demand a lot of your attention. That doesn’t mean you can ignore her relationship needs. The problem is, she thinks she’s cool with everything. Missed an anniversary? Yen. Canceled the match because he was going to watch football with his brothers instead? Cool. But there’s no reason to treat her like it doesn’t matter. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy desperately wants in his girl]

As the elders say, there is no perfect relationship and there certainly is no perfect match. The real world of relationships is far from perfect. And your only option is to work together. share equal responsibility and cherish your experience so you can do it. almost perfect after all

[Read: 15 signs a woman is really high maintenance]

Keep in mind that even though the demeanor of a young woman is attractive to single men, it’s not a good idea. But she has no flaws. A relationship with a girl who doesn’t care much could shatter your romantic dreams.

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