16 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend’s So Mean!

Want to know why your boyfriend is so mean? Here are 16 reasons why he might be mean to you. And one thing you need to understand about it.

mean boyfriend

As far as fairy tales and chicks flick about perfect love and perpetual happiness. If you have a relationship with a mean boyfriend. You know your love life is far from perfect romance.

Sometimes relationships are just pain in all the wrong places.

but then again Are all fairy tales wrong?

If you’re in a relationship with a really mean guy. Maybe he’s not the guy for you. Or maybe it’s just a big misunderstanding.

And when all the confusion is resolved Maybe you will be able to live happily ever after.

But all things cute and good start with your understanding of your relationship better.

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Why is your girlfriend mean?

Some guys are just bad boyfriends. And you can’t change or help them because they don’t want to change. The more you try to help them become better people. The more heartless and annoying they became.

And in almost all other cases, it could be due to a lack of communication or a number of other minor reasons that can sort through time and better understand each other’s needs and wants. [Read: 20 secret things guys wish girls knew about guys]

16 reasons why your boyfriend is mean

If you are dealing with a boyfriend who is negligent, rude, or simply mean. Use these 16 signals to delve into his rough point.

#1 he is not serious Is he serious about your relationship? You can’t tell unless he speaks for himself. But maybe your boyfriend is an annoying pig who isn’t really serious about you or your relationship.

#2 he is playing you Your boyfriend might be a bad boy who unpredictably plays with your feelings. And he knows that the more he pushes you away, The more confused and addicted you become.

#3 lack of communication You think he’s mean But have you ever expressed your thoughts to him? as you know Your boyfriend may not even know you’re upset with him. You have to tell him how you feel.

#4 he has an addiction If a man can’t control his own life It’s possible that he’s addicted to something and made him addicted to you first. It could be a video game or something much worse.

#5 His mother didn’t teach him any manners. It’s true, most men watch their father’s behavior at home and do everything the way his father does. If your boyfriend’s father is dirty or his mother doesn’t teach manners. He probably thinks he’s perfect because he’s just like his father.

#6 he is using you This is sadly disappointing. But your loved one may only use you to get something from you. He might want you to be the candy to show off to you. Or it could just be sex. [Read: 7 signs he’s using you for all the wrong reasons]

#7 he is bored of you If a guy is bored with you or your relationship He’s not worth your time. You can use small movements to get him interested. But that only happens if he already loves you, and should you really try to get a guy interested in you when he just wants to walk away from you? [Read: How to make your boyfriend want you more than ever]

#8 you are not important to him He may be the most important part of your life, but to him, you may only be a small part. of his night If the expectations of love don’t match It’s hard to have a perfect relationship between them.

#9 He thinks you’re busy Sometimes your guy might need his own space from time to time. He may feel that you are always by his side and may need some personal space. But if you do not believe that you are a womanizer. You shouldn’t date a guy who makes you feel bad about yourself because you’re in love with him. [Read: 13 clingy girlfriend signs and how to avoid it]

#10 Payback. Did you just cheat on him or hurt him in any way? This might be a childish endeavor. of your girlfriend to retaliate against you

#11 He is a coward. He may want to break up with you. and because he is very cowardly He may think being mean is the easiest way to force you to leave him first. If he has always been a good fan and suddenly Began to be mean and distanced You need to talk about the breakup to see what’s on your mind. [Read: Conversation tips on breaking up with someone you love]

#12 There is someone else on his mind. you may love your boyfriend But he may love you and be infatuated with other people.

#13 You are helpless without him. Do you feel like you can’t live without him? If you feel helpless when your boyfriend isn’t around you, it may force him to behave badly. Just so you can stand up again independent and confident And it will help your boyfriend to see the value of who you really are. [Read: 10 annoying girlfriend habits that guys hate]

#14 You misunderstand him. He’s a really mean fan. Or you just misunderstood what he said. Just because your boyfriend says you look good doesn’t mean he thinks you’re normal. Sometimes, guys can’t use words and end up using words that look worse than they really mean.

#15 You both have different needs. You want to spend more time together. But he believes the relationship means meeting once a week. If your relationship is incompatible You can’t be happy and he will always look mean. [Read: 50 relationship questions to text your compatibility]

#16 He is a bad person. It’s true. Sometimes the guy you’re dating can be a bad guy. that treats you dirty and expect you to treat him like a king. If you are being treated by your boyfriend emotionally disrespectful. let him go He’s not just mean, he’s trash.

If you find your girlfriend mean. And you’re trying to improve your relationship by changing yourself for him. Stop it. Talk to him about it instead. Sometimes, all you need is a conversation to sort it out. If he’s really serious about you He’ll hit the panic button and try to turn himself into the best girlfriend just so he can make you happy. [Read: The true power of words in a relationship]

It’s not always your fault.

It’s not always your fault. Remember, sometimes you can be the best boyfriend in the world. And you might be stuck with a good boyfriend who has different expectations than a relationship. Or maybe he’s just a bad boyfriend.

Talk to him honestly about your feelings. And if he doesn’t care or doesn’t want to change for you. Show that he is not serious with you. He doesn’t see you as his better half. But he sees you as an accessory for his own needs. Do you really want a guy like that?

Break up with your boyfriend if he doesn’t change his behavior. It will hurt for a few weeks. But the pain is ocean drops Compared to the years and years of suffering you had to endure Just try to please him and make him happy while you suffer like a martyr. [Read: 10 things girls should never say to guys]

if you are not happy Don’t change yourself just to match the image of someone else’s perfect girlfriend. You can try to be a better person by giving up your negative habits. But you shouldn’t change yourself for someone when you feel like it’s unnecessary.

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Dealing with a mean boyfriend is easy. All you have to do is talk. And if that doesn’t work, then walk!

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