14 Signs You’re the Rebound Guy She’s Using to Get Over Her Ex

you like this girl very much But you feel that something isn’t right. she kisses and hugs you But you don’t feel love Are you a rebound person?

Rebound Guy

I’ve been a rebound girl a few times. you think they like you But something’s missing when you’re near them. to follow your instincts You don’t want to be a responsive person.

We’ve all had relationships that are heartbreaking and leave us feeling like nothing has happened in our lives from now on. The good news is that it gets better. but after the breakup We enter a period of insecurity and sadness.

So what do people do? They jumped into another relationship. I understand why, who wants to be heartbroken, who wants to be alone? So they chose someone from the crowd that they thought would be good for them instead. [Read: 15 rebound relationship signs to watch out for]

14 ways to tell if you’re bouncy or not

Of course, it was a foolish act. but we all can We think we need someone else to check on us. in fact You have to process your feelings without anyone new by your side. But being responsive happens with the best of us.

#1 even though you are together But there are missing parts. People say that men are not instinctive. But that’s a lie. Everyone has an instinct. You just have to pay attention to those feelings. If you feel that something is missing Shows that something is missing. Don’t guess. Listen to this instinct. [Read: How to start listening to your masculine instincts]

#2 You are moving fast… too fast. They already told you they love you. Take your hand, you’ll move in together… And you just met two weeks ago. You really like her, so I get it, but isn’t it a little early? number? Even though it moves fast But you feel like it’s not progressing at the same time. [Read: 10 speedy signs your relationship is moving too fast]

#3 When they talk about their past, there is anger. It is normal to mention your ex in certain conversations. If you broke up with your ex You should be able to talk about them without being offended. They weren’t finished yet, clearly.

#4 There is a lot of sex involved. This might be the only advantage of bounce back. you will have a lot of sex They must have forgotten their partner. And they try to do that through sex. They want to feel a connection. However, they are emotionally incompetent.

#5 They focus on making their ex-girlfriend jealous. They take selfies with you or post romantic statutes not because they really feel that way, but because they want to make their ex jealous. Of course, they follow them on Facebook, how can they fool them? They also know their ex saw their posts. And what better way to make people jealous than posting a picture of them kissing someone else?

#6 They were just single before meeting you. If you ask them about their dating history. They said they were in a relationship and that they broke up, but anyway, ask them when that happens. I guess it’s pretty fresh for a couple of weeks or a month or two. If they are new singles Just don’t have enough time to process emotions and feelings. when I was left It took me a year to make it through. [Read: How to get away from a toxic lover]

#7 They generally seem lost in life. Basically, they don’t know who they are or what they want. It was almost as if they could identify themselves for who they were. And now they seem to float away without really understanding themselves.

And listen, they’re not trying to learn about themselves. That’s why they rebounded. They don’t want pain They don’t want to grow They just want comfort.

#8 Their breakup came as a surprise. If you know the relationship is ending You are sad and sad about the end of the relationship. and you need less recovery time. But if your relationship ends abruptly, you’ll be shocked. This makes someone more miserable and more analytical. And if they just ended their relationship last week? You immediately realize that they are not above their ex.

#9 She is creeping them out on social media. from the corner of your eye You see her creeping into your ex’s Facebook or Instagram. Trust me, she didn’t because all of a sudden. She wondered how he was and if he was happy. Come on, she wanted to know what he was doing and with whom. Why? because she is not above him [Read: 14 subtle signs your girlfriend is not over her ex]

#10 You really have nothing in common. In addition to having sex in large quantities. You don’t have anything in common. Plus, you don’t really do anything that involves deep conversation. Sex is good and I highly recommend it. But if they break up with their ex They will have no problem opening up to you.

#11 They nurture their ex… a lot. They tell you that they broke up, but really? Because they bring them up in conversations whenever the opportunity arises. If their ex has lost consciousness They probably wouldn’t talk about them.

#12 She wants to act, but she doesn’t. She wants you to be with her, but she doesn’t want to have a strong relationship with you or formalize Facebook, even if you two spend a lot of time together. But her desire for you is nonexistent. This is because she really doesn’t want to be with you.

#13 You are so much better than her ex. Like waaaay better than her ex. Do you know how I know Because she told you every day from the first day I met you. Everything you do is better than her ex. Her ex will never pay for dinner, but look, you do. And that’s why she likes you. She wasn’t above him… If you get a hint from me [Read: Love triangles and the confusing complications it can bring]

#14 You feel as if you have been chosen to line up. I know you thought it would be nice to be the first man she dated after the breakup, but not necessarily. in fact It might be better if you’re the second or third person she’s dating after the breakup. You’re the first man she’s watching. And that’s who she’s with. It’s a terrible feeling to be responsive. In fact, if you feel like this, run!

[Read:15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere!]

Here’s the big question: Are you a responsive person? If you are, don’t worry, we’re all back to normal. It doesn’t matter if you’re okay with it or not.

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