15 Real Relationship Goals Most Couples Have No Idea About

with social media focused on loving relationship goals It’s easy to forget what’s really important. in a relationship This is the real goal.

relationship goals

How many people do you follow a certain type of relationship goals page on social media? I myself follow up on three separate accounts highlighting how successful relationships are *have*.

I emphasize on the word “face” because these types of pages don’t touch the reality of the couple shown through pictures. They just show you a picture of a happy looking couple. And you think their relationship is perfect. But how to create such happiness?

The role of social media in relationships

You may look at all your social media accounts and think that is what you need to be happy in your relationship. The truth is that social media has really ruined healthy and happy relationships.
More and more people report that social media has made it difficult for their relationships. You might be jealous that your boyfriend doesn’t act like these Instagram fans, or that your boyfriend doesn’t do all the things that other girls do. In the online world do it for their fans. [Read: Why social media is killing your relationship]

Real Relationship Goals You Must Have

Throw away anything you’ve seen about “real” relationship goals. Photos of couples standing on the beach holding hands as the sun sets over a mountain horizon isn’t what makes a relationship happy.
These relationship goals are what you should have. This is something you should strive for your lover. Just think about what your grandparents value in a relationship. That’s the real relationship goal. And here are our top 15 favorites.

#1 have real trust Forget the handshake that overlooks the mountainous terrain. The goal of a true relationship is to be able to stay at the top of that mountain. And trust that the people you’re with will never put you down. Trust is the most important relationship goal we all need. But it’s the most forgotten. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]

#2 be sincere to each other I’m not talking about never never lie a little white I’m talking about being able to go to your partner and being honest about all the great things in life. The goals of a real relationship include being open and honest with your partner about what you have to say. knowing that they will always listen to you.

#3 open communication I don’t care if you take pictures and post cute pictures. How many pictures online If you can’t express your feelings Your relationship will be broken. The ultimate goal of a relationship is the ability to speak your thoughts openly and tell your partner how you feel about anything. [Read: A guide on effective communication in a relationship]

#4 care about each other’s safety In order to have a good and happy relationship You have to feel safe and protected by your partner. This is definitely one of my relationship goals. ‘Cause if I don’t feel this way with someone How can I let go and enjoy myself? Taking care of someone’s safety is caring about their lives.

#5 They care more about each other’s happiness than their own happiness. If my boyfriend came to the conclusion that he would be happier with other people. I will let him go I was clearly in a lot of pain. But I care more about his happiness than my own. When your partner’s happiness means more than your happiness. You’ll know it’s true. [Read: 16 things you need to give up to have a happier life]

#6 reserved time for sharing Sometimes spending time together doesn’t come naturally. You have to allocate your time accordingly. The goal of a real relationship means booking a special date night together. So that you will never forget how to enjoy each other’s coexistence.

#7 reserve time to separate Every relationship needs time to miss each other. Your relationship goals should include knowing this and making time for yourself. It’s okay—and really And good health—not always with your partner every second of every day. [Read: How to give space in a relationship without drifting apart]

#8 Enjoy spending time with each other’s friends. You spend most of your time with your lover. But you spend the rest of your time alone or with friends. If your relationship goals include spending time properly with your two friends. Show that you are on the right path to a happy relationship.

#9 Taking care of each other’s families like your own. I care about my boyfriend’s family as if they were my own family. I care about their safety and well-being as much as I do. with what he did for his own family And I hope he feels the same.
The goal of a relationship is to know that whoever you’re with doesn’t just care about you. but also cares about your family Especially if they eventually see themselves as part of your family.

#10 Support each other’s dreams. Now, your dreams and aspirations are the driving force that makes you happy in life and inspires you to do what you love.

You need someone to support those dreams. because without support You will feel defeated and possibly even give up. Your relationship goals should include supporting each other’s lifelong ambitions. [Read: Love or career: How to make the right choice]

#11 The ability to argue. Arguing is not the same as actually arguing. Arguing is an opinion that doesn’t always have to be the same as your partner’s.

Arguing should be part of your relationship goals. Not only will it help you understand what the other person thinks and feel. But it also helps strengthen your relationship. You can be two different people and still have a successful relationship. [Read: How to fight fair in a relationship and grow closer]

#12 Work as a team When you’re in a committed relationship Now you have to work as a team to achieve what you want in life. and to help your partner achieve what he or she is trying to do.

You follow other people’s goals. Support them when they need it. and help them see that their goals have come true. That’s the real relationship goal. [Read: 50 quick questions to test your relationship compatibility instantly]

#13 Be your best friend. My boyfriend is definitely my best friend. They have been together for three years. This makes the transition to Couplesville much easier.

Real relationship goals mean falling in love with your best friend. You are happy to be with them. want to share everything with them and want to have fun together Like two close friends [Read: 17 clear signs you should be dating your best friend]

#14 Keep your promises to each other. Breaking a promise is the fastest way to lose someone’s trust. Relationship goals mean knowing when your partner promises something. They will act accordingly. On the other hand, it also means that you keep your promises when you do. [Read: The 20 things happy couples never do in a relationship]

#15 Love your worst love. Either that means no make-up, messy hair, not feeling like a dog. Or when you’re an angry person who keeps cursing every step of the way. The goal of any real relationship is to be able to love each other in the worst possible times. no one is perfect And you have to know that even if you’re a terrible person. But you still have people by your side.

[Read: The 9 relationship stages all couples have to go through]

Forget everything you thought you knew about relationship goals. These are the real relationship goals you need in order to become a happy and successful partner together.

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