When You Realize Your Relationship Is a Lie: What’s Next?

love is a miracle but always hurts like hell It’s a very special and serious pain when you realize that your relationship is a lie.

When you realize your relationship is a lie

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to honestly read someone’s intentions in the first place? It saves a lot of pain, sorrow, and time. If you knew your relationship was a lie in the beginning. Unfortunately, you cannot know someone’s true intentions until you spend a lot of time with them. Even then, they may wisely hide the truth from you.

Relationships require trust to grow. But it’s easy to trust the wrong type. Some are masters of disguise. Dress for what they are not and use others for their own benefit. When this happens in the world of love and your emotions are invested. The end result can be devastating.

Now, I don’t want to paint dating and love as a huge battlefield that forces you to play the devil’s lawyer with your own heart. But there are situations that are not what they seem. It takes someone special *with the most sarcastic ‘special’* to use someone’s emotions to get what they want. Unfortunately, a lot of people walk on the face of the earth.

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Most of the time, the truth always comes out at the end. When you know your relationship is a lie It can break your heart. You have had trouble trusting anyone for a long time. And it can destroy your self-esteem.

Is it possible to protect yourself from this kind of situation? Unfortunately not. The only thing you can do is try to keep your eyes open in dating or romance. But that doesn’t mean you should paint everyone with the same brush. Just because you know your relationship is a lie to just one person doesn’t mean it’s the same with everyone you meet.

True love is a game of Russian roulette in many ways. Sober dating may be the only way to minimize the impact. This means knowing yourself before you get into any sort of dating situation. Understand what you want, want, and what you will and won’t stand for. you take your time Don’t give too much too soon. and accept rejection as a lesson Rather than being a life-changing event, however, there are sneaky types that can fly under your radar.

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How to know if your relationship is a lie

before delving into this list. Please don’t look at it and try to mold your current relationship into one of the points below. This is information and attention only—just because you and your partner have a bit of a problem sometimes. That doesn’t mean your relationship is a lie!

However, it is important to understand the main points that this type of situation can cause. Dating wide-eyed is the only way to limit the slightest possible damage.

#1 You are dating a narcissist. If you’re dating a narcissist Your relationship is a lie That’s the easiest explanation. A narcissist cannot show love. They lack empathy for them. In this case, a real and healthy relationship is impossible. Narcissists use and harm those around them for their own benefit. you deserve better [Read: The follies of loving a narcissist and how to tell if you’ve fallen for one]

#2 you are being used There are millions of reasons why people might use you. And for no particular reason, narcissists use you to look good. However, other people use different reasons: money, convenience, housing, work. The list goes on. In this case, the relationship is a lie because it is not about love. about what they received from you or that you gave them

#3 they are cheating on you when someone cheats on you Does that mean the relationship is an automatic lie? Sometimes but not always Mistakes can happen And it’s up to you to decide whether you can forgive and move on, or not.

However, if your partner cheats on you again and again. Your relationship is a hoax. You deserve someone who treats you with the deepest respect. [Read: These serial cheater signs means you should run and not look back]

#4 They don’t see the future with you. If you’ve been dating someone for a while and are deeply committed. You may expect a long-term future together. If your partner doesn’t see things like that, but they tell you or show you the opposite. Show that you are being manipulated The type of situation can easily cost you years with the wrong person. having a dangerous relationship because of that

#5 The foundation is built on falsehood. If your partner lied to you at the beginning of the relationship and it was a big lie. *It’s the foundation for your relationship* Ask yourself how stable everything is right now.

They may tell you that they divorced when they were separated. Maybe they’ll tell you that they’re struggling with being unfaithful in their old relationships when nothing else happens. They may have children they didn’t tell you about.

be anything whether big or small But a lie is a lie When a lie is unresolved and the truth is told It will continue to become bigger and threaten the future of the relationship.

#6 you are hiding If you’ve known each other for a while and you assume you already have a boyfriend. You should go out. Meet friends and family and don’t hide. If you are hiding Your relationship is a lie because your partner doesn’t want anyone to know about the two of you. I say a huge shame for them. [Read: The scary signs you’re in a toxic relationship and it’s breaking you]

The risk of love is still worth it

Real relationships are built on trust. Mutual respect and love. If your partner is lying to you or something isn’t as it seems It will eventually come out. It may not be now and it may not be for long. But the truth often appears at some point. when that happens You will surely find the news shocking and painful.

Learning your relationship is a lie is not something I want anyone to know. But it happens more often than you can imagine. People can be manipulative and sometimes dishonest. If you happen to meet someone or a good person who has lost their way. You can easily get entangled in things that are bad for your emotional health.

How can you avoid this? As I said, it’s difficult. There is no magic way to understand someone’s intentions and truth as soon as you meet them. Even if you know someone They can shock you and surprise you at worst. Love is a real risk But it’s what you should do to ultimately find true happiness in your relationship.

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Learning your relationship to be a lie is a painful experience. But it’s something you can learn and grow in time. Then you’ll find someone who deserves you for your great self.

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