Relationship Milestones: 15 Dating Highlights You Should Be Proud Of

Every couple goes through different relationship milestones as you both progress. And it’s important to know the timeline of your dating relationship.

relationship milestones

A milestone is an event, big or small, that takes a relationship in a new direction. Relationship milestones are how you see progress in a relationship. Basically, it serves as a highlight for every step in the relationship you have over a partner – both good and bad.

As you go through every step of the relationship. You’ll feel more comfortable and familiar with each other. Here’s a full explanation of why the way your partner treats you in the first place is different as you go through each step.

Even though every relationship is different and the timeline may vary. But some common time frames seem to work for most people. No matter how long you’ve been together There’s an important milestone or two that you should skip.

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Why is it important to know the milestones in a relationship?

These are important because they are a means by which you can tell what stage of familiarity you are at. It’s also a way of knowing what you can do with your partner at a specific milestone.

For example, if you are still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship. You should not expect your partner to move in with you or propose. Relationship milestones are gradual. And you can’t skip a step to go to the last step.

Otherwise, you’re missing out on the best parts of the relationship. That’s the journey. It’s also a great success knowing that you’ve crossed a milestone with your partner.

Relationship milestones are how you know your relationship is working. And you both do your best to make it last. *hope to last a lifetime* [Read: Relationship timeline: The 16 possible phases of a relationship]

When should these milestones occur?

Although there are no rules as to when you can achieve something in a relationship. But it’s also a good idea to know if your relationship is progressing like a normal relationship.

1. Hygiene defects

You generally don’t need to see any personal flaws. from your partner within six months of dating, such as seeing them pee seeing their farts and other personal hygiene deficiencies.

These tend to reveal themselves further in the relationship. But it’s not something you should expect within the first few months. Sounds awful and unhygienic, this is one of the relationship milestones after about. 6 Month of relationship until year

You cannot avoid this milestone. Because it will happen whether you like the idea or not. The moral of the story is rude people. and if you love each other You won’t really pay attention to your partner’s bowel movements. [Read: 13 unique ways to build intimacy with your partner]

2. The first time you cry

Come on, women tend to shed more tears than men. She might cry during the movie. when sad songs play or when she’s having a really hard day And crying is your way out

However, it is extremely rare to see a man cry. so when he cries You know it’s as true as it should be. It might not happen right away. But it will happen when he feels comfortable with you in the relationship.

It typically takes one year. But it may be less. Especially if he trusts you enough to show his vulnerability and honesty. [Read: The 25 unmanly and unmanliest things a guy can do]

3. The first time you let go of the madness.

You may not accept immediately. But everyone has a crazy side – we’re just experts at covering it up. When it comes to our partners It’s inevitable that we show our true colors, yes, including all the crazy quirks we have.

Do you know what strange things you do? When no one is around, like eating cereal from a cup. Add tomato sauce to the steak. or obsessively scrubbing grout in the bathroom The first time you show your lover’s weird and inexplicable side for the first time.

Again, you’re not actually showing this side to the person you’re dating. within the first three months *That’s crazy!* But you show them when you get to know them better and when you’re comfortable enough to know them. They will not escape your weirdness.

4The minute you realize you’re not on your honeymoon anymore.

Let’s face it, we all love being on our honeymoon in every relationship. This is the one stage we most want while it lasts. In particular, you feel like you’re on top of the world during this time.

When this step is over This can completely overwhelm a dating beginner. This is because they think that love or “sparks” are no longer immediately available. You will know that this is a real success.

Not every couple can get past their honeymoon. And that’s what you know your relationship is not going to be love. It’s about infatuation, libido, or attraction. Both of you have given up on your best behavior. live with lies and too flirtatious for their own benefit.

Now the real fun begins. and you will really get to know each other You stopped looking at everything with rosy eyes. But each other’s reality came in. While you no longer have stomach upset and grand gestures. Your relationship has come into a feeling of warmth, comfort, and stability.

This happened in the matter of 6 – 8 months *or less for some couples* [Read: The 10 stages of dating for a successful relationship]

5. Share space even at parents’ home

When you meet someone for the first time You should appreciate your personal space best. Because you will lose this in the relationship. To begin with, they borrow your brush. then gradually Have your own space to pick up your clothes and other belongings.

This is the time when toothbrushes, hairbrushes, spare clothes And your partner’s beauty products take over your bedroom drawer and your bathroom medicine cabinet. space sharing Even if technically you haven’t agreed to buy an apartment together. It is also one of the major successes of a relationship.

Again, it didn’t happen right away. But it happens when you often sleep at their house. Or feel comfortable sharing space without feeling suffocating? This should happen after at least a year of knowing you’re serious about each other.

Of course, for those who are more conservative. You may find that you only share space after marriage. [Read: 14 tips to make moving in together before marriage work for you]

6. Comfortable with parents

This is difficult. This is especially true if your parents don’t like you or you often struggle with being close to your partner’s parents. Then you can build some kind of relationship with their parents. This is a big deal for your relationship.

Self-awareness is pretty easy whenever you’re talking to them or talking to them. After all, who wouldn’t feel nervous when dealing with authority? However, at some point You realize they are human just like you!

The moment you feel comfortable talking to them without being hard, anxious, or stressed. That’s a big step forward in a relationship! You should be proud of yourself for doing better. You see, it’s not that hard now, right? [Read: 7 signs it’s time to meet the parents]

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