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Have you ever had sex for revenge? Sexual revenge can be the perfect payback for an unfaithful lover. But first you need to know a few things about how it works.

revenge sex

Revenge sex is one of the sweetest ways to get back to your lost lover.

It was like hitting two birds with one stone.

You go back to your lover

And you will have sex with the person you have a crush on.

Sounds fair, right?

I mean Your cheating partner deserves it, right?

What is revenge sex?

How did you feel the last time you caught your partner cheating on you with someone else?

Do you feel like a complete idiot who is honest and sincere while your lover is dating someone else?

Do you want to cheat on your partner just to show your partner how painful it is?

Now after your pairing If you’ve had sex with someone else just to get your partner. That’s the exact definition of revenge sex.

experiencing direct sexual revenge

I have always been a good person and loyal to my actions. But after four years of loving a woman I caught her cheating on me. with my best friend! [Read: What do you do when your drunk girlfriend kisses another guy?]

I was furious and as soon as I found out the truth I avoided her and her demands. She cried and begged me to bring her back. But I was furious. In fact, she slapped my best friend behind my back. *now ex-best friend* and that makes me feel so stupid

After several failed persuasion She said she would do anything to get me back. And she’s really sorry.

Then she said something shocking. She told me that she would persuade her best friend to sleep with me so we could be friends. Her friends are really hot. And I’ve always liked you I pretended that the idea was absurd and questionable. But almost immediately I was quickly aroused by all the thoughts. [Read: What should you do when you start liking someone else?]

After some fake negotiations, I agreed.

I had wild and passionate sex with her best friend who was willing to help my girlfriend get back to me *surprise!

Me and my boyfriend’s friend had sex. Then I came back with my girlfriend. But then I realized that I wasn’t going back to my girlfriend because I loved her. I came back because it was an irresistible deal. I use my girlfriend to sleep with her best friend.

I’ve always loved my girlfriend and couldn’t believe that I was stooping so low. I was never the type to sleep with other people like that.

Passionate revenge sex best

Sexual revenge is so high that I can’t even describe it. It felt energized and made me feel better again. But when I got my revenge on sex I know that things will never be the same again I don’t love my boyfriend anymore It actually pushed me away from her. All the negotiations to have sex with her friend made me feel sick in my throat.

Infidelity is one thing. But sexual revenge feels like premeditated murder!

If you are exchanging sexual partners or swinging That’s mutual consent to explore new sexual options. Revenge sex, on the other hand, is different.

Sexual revenge is just one way to satiate your ego and restore your ego and confidence. It’s just a sneaky way to bring balance back into the game of love. She cheated on me so I had to cheat unintentionally. [Read: Affairs in a relationship and the games both your egos play in it]

3 What I Learned After Revenge Sex

#1 People can bend as far as they can to get back what they have. my girlfriend wants me back So you’ll do anything to get me back.

#2 You will do whatever it takes to get your ego back. When you are cheated on by your lover You will feel shattered and your ego bruised. You may not know what you want, but deep down you only want revenge and payback. And what could be better than revenge sex?

#3 Most of us have to find a good excuse to cheat. I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend. But when the opportunity arises I couldn’t help but stir. How many of us can stay away from temptation when it comes to you willingly?

Recently one of my charming friends caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She ended up having sex with another guy who had a crush on her and had a crush on her for a long time. And she did that that very night when she learned that her boyfriend was cheating. [Read: 25 reasons behind why women cheat so easily]

It’s shocking that we throw love away during the rush just to balance the ego and reassure yourself that you can do whatever your partner does. If you choose to do Revenge sex is a way of telling yourself that you can find someone if you choose. You don’t need your partner anymore.

Associating with other people just for revenge is just a game of ego and domination in relationships.

People who indulge in revenge sex are not made for love. They do it out of hate. You want to hurt your partner who hurt you, right?

Revenge sex doesn’t make everything better. It just pushes both of you apart. If what you feel is hate instead of sadness Your relationship is based on ego and domination rather than love.

love hurts it doesn’t hate [Read: Reasons behind why love hurts so much when it goes bad]

Secret revenge sex

Revenge sex is more common than you might think, in fact, it’s the first thought that pops into anyone’s head. If they can get the attention of whoever they want.

Go ahead and take revenge on sex if it makes you feel better. If you’re not having sex with someone else You may find it bitter because your partner has to meet your wildest fantasies while you’re attracted to it, but don’t do anything about it. And when you have sex with someone else To feel good and forget about it all. Don’t tell your partner about it and make sure they won’t find out later. [Read: Should you ever confess to cheating on your partner?]

This is a risky call. But this road is the most popular road used by many couples. Most people end up with revenge sex. Feel better about it and end up forgiving their partner too. By cheating, the power neutralizes the relationship again.

This is definitely not the right way. But go ahead if you can’t hold yourself back. You might hate yourself for it. But at least you still have love, right?

[Read: I cheated on my boyfriend and feel a lot better now]

A better alternative to revenge sex.

forgive your partner is a better choice

or terminate the relationship is another option

i love my boyfriend very much And I will forgive you after a few days. It was just the crushed ego that made me feel weak and small. Because I feel smaller than the other guy who has to sneak in and have sex with his girlfriend behind his back. Maybe if I didn’t sleep with my boyfriend’s friends We would still be in a happy relationship.

But now the relationship is over because I realize the shocking things I can do to achieve equality. It made me understand that the ego had too much to do with my relationship to have a very happy love life with my girlfriend. [Read: The good and bad sides of cheating and not cheating]

eye for eye

We’ve heard this line before. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

When I had sex with my boyfriend’s best friend for the first time. The only thing I think is “And if this world is blind? At least I got my revenge!”??

But now everyone is blind and lost without love. I hope to save my eyes. Revenge sex with my girlfriend’s best friend is fun. But it’s never worth taking your eyes off the bigger picture. [Test: Will you ever cheat on your partner?]

Revenge sex if you want. But try to understand the foundations of your relationship and think about what’s important and what you really want. from the relationship It will make a difference for your next step.

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