Reverse Missionary: How to Drive Your Lover Nuts with Passion

One fucking move that doesn’t get enough attention is missionary backwards. Learn how to rock their world with these tips.

back missionary

If you’ve been with the same person for a long time You know how important it is to add color to your bedroom. You can’t have boring sex over and over again. You have to keep it fresh and exciting every time. And one great way to do that is with the missionaries in reverse.

in general Trying out new sex positions Every style will make things more exciting but especially reverse missionary It’s rarely tried, but they should feel good and add a lot of sensations you’ve never felt.

Other Ways to Make Your Sex Life Exciting

Changing and trying new sex positions isn’t the only way to keep your sex life interesting. There are many things that couples should do in order to have a good sex life.

You can have sex in new places. start using sex toys and try some role play Most importantly, you should experiment and do something different each time you succeed. [Read: 17 of the best and naughty ways to spice up your sex life]

What is a reverse missionary?

If you don’t know how this position will turn out don’t worry I was there with you not long ago. with all current sex positions It’s hard to keep them straight. We’ve got you covered though.

A reverse missionary is when the woman goes upstairs and lies on top of the man with her legs extended all the way out. basically If you’re in a regular missionary and turn around to get the guy on his back. That’s a reverse missionary. Easy enough. [Read: 30 sex positions to try in 30 days or less]

How to Do a Missionary Reverse and Impress Your Partner

sex is good It should always be great. But to make sure you enjoy your partner to the fullest in the bedroom. You have to try new things from time to time.

And that means a new reduction in sex position. especially One thing you should try to make your normal sex routine slip away from is reverse missionary practice. Here are some methods and methods. that will make you more excited

#1 Warm up first No sex position is really good. If you don’t warm up first Backward missionaries were no exception. Make sure you both do the right amount of foreplay before diving in and starting this position.

Because this pose focuses on grinding and G-spots. Making sure the girl is fully stimulated can greatly improve her condition. [Read: How to foreplay for the best sex ever]

#2 Make sure you have more active locations. I will be honest with you This is a lazy position. Neither of them would want to work too much. So make sure you’re done with the more active position.

This can be a great way for both of you to stop breathing midway. Take the time to continue stimulating while relaxing so you can jump back into a quick position.

#3 Set the mood. Backward missionaries are a very active position. Because you have a lot of contact with each other. So you want matching emotions. Turn on passionate music, light candles, and be intimate.

#4 Throw away the dirty words If you want to make the missionaries go back even further, dirty talk! Because the two of you are very close and share a lot. So it’s a great opportunity to show how much you love their bodies.

If you are new to dirty talk. Let’s start by describing what you like about the position. You can then move on to teaching them where to touch you and how you like. This will make everything even more exciting. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed and turn your lover on]

#5 make your hips move The best part about this position – for women anyway – is the fact that it’s perfect for grinding. Grinding feels best for a woman because it is the constant pressure on her gram point. So move your hips and make sure you take full advantage of that opportunity.

#6 feel each other’s bodies Since you are touching your partner in general, enjoy it, touch their arms and chest. and stroked their hair with their hands. Don’t let your arms stand still. This touch can make you feel more when you are already sensitive to their touch. Use it to your advantage!

#7 aggressive Ladies, this is mostly for you. with a woman on top she is responsible You can move in any way you want and take complete control. This is not only sexy and empowering. But your partner will think so too. It will make sex hotter and more passionate. [Read: 14 wild ways to get aggressive in the bedroom]

#8 Let your love take over Don’t try to control yourself Your body puts a lot of pressure on your partner. let your emotions go Keep your body natural. Usually, that means you will become more and more passionate. This will make your sex more naughty and hot than ever.

Other Underrated Positions You Must Try

If you want to add some color to your sex life. which you should be have other sex positions that most people have never thought of before. Try these the next time you feel bad and dirty with your partner. [Read: 13 spicy sex positions to heat up your bedroom romps]

#1 cowgirl reverse to shake this position Women must straddle their man behind him. Give them a full behind-the-scenes look. This is super underrated. Not many people think about it in the heat of the moment. But it’s sexy as hell. It gives women sole control and men get amazing views.

#2 Spooning sex. This sweet and relaxing sex position is hardly used anymore. but it should be Just having sex while lying on your side This is not only a really great method. To build intimacy by touching each other only. but also perfectly reach the G-spot of women [Read: 15 ways to make spooning sex hotter than any other position]

#3 straight doggy style I’m not even sure why it wasn’t used more. When a girl is on four legs Just have her kneel so your torso touches. This not only made it easier to hit her G-spot. but also allows men to pick up and pick up

#4 Stand sex. You can do sex anywhere. but many avoid Next time you feel like wearing it. Remove things from the bed towards the wall. It will be as sexy and hot as ever. [Read: 9 ways to have great shower sex and enjoy it]

#5 Lotus position. If you want to add intimacy and romance to your sex life. This underrated sex position will help you. by having men sit up straight Have the woman climb to the top facing him and wrap her legs around his waist. It creates a personal atmosphere that can give you the best orgasm.

[Read: 20 new things to try in bed at least once with your lover]

When it comes to making sure your relationship and sex life is healthy, You have to try something new. Reverse missionary is the best position you should keep trying while having fun with your sweetheart.

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