Road Head Confessions of a Good Girl

Have you ever given a road head to a man? There’s more to the road than you might think. Read these street confessions to learn a few important secrets.

road head

As long as I’m in the mood for sex I’ve never been one to escape from an adventure.

Now, I’m not one who likes temptation or nasty bondage.

But I like things that are a little dirty.

For me the road head is hot. The whip and the cane didn’t.

When it comes to sex I like playing with my mind more about pain or using devices.

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The clean side of a good girl

Now I might like some experimentation on the savage side. but frankly Nobody sees this side of me unless they’re dating me.

Outwardly, I look more sweet and cute than sexy. I’m a miserable, sweet girl who looks like she doesn’t know sex or men at all. I once dated a stubborn guy who told me he thought he would dirty me. If he touches me Whatever that means!

But date me and take me, baby, you’ll see a wild side you never knew existed. I’m pretty proud of these two personalities. that I can show the world It’s an exciting high-pitched voice that always surprises the men I date.

But now you know I’m not too weird or dirty. Let me confess to the boss

My date with Hua Thanon

I have given a lot of road heads.

I gave my first road boss when I was 18, and ten years later, I never stopped doing it. There’s something about the road boss that excites men. Although he was a cowardly coward.

But when you complete the deed men like you more Maybe it’s because you make them feel more brave and masculine, who knows!

I like to drive long distances and take occasional road trips. Perhaps my interest in supervisors has increased with boredom with street hypnosis. I have guided almost every girlfriend I’ve ever had. [Read: How to plan a couples road trip]

my first street head

The first time I put Hua Thanon on the expressway. I’m scared but it excites me. My girlfriend is having a hard time driving. And seeing him feel *heavy* driving made me even more excited. I just want him to lose control of the steering wheel. somewhere in me I know that’s stupid But I feel more powerful and sexy. I can control a man with his shaft in my mouth. It was a really exhilarating and empowering experience.

Staring from other drivers

One of the most exciting aspects of Road Chiefs is the fear and excitement of being caught. If you’ve driven on the road a few times There is a good chance that other drivers It will be visible with your mouth near the gear shaft.

Being caught is fun. The other driver looked shocked and shocked most of the time. If there is a group of men in another car You will always hear a lot of horns and calls. I’ve never had a bad experience with staring at the road. But I’ve heard a few stories from my friends where other cars try to follow you wherever your car goes just to get a better view. Disgusting!

topless on the street

Sometimes, I intentionally go topless with the windows down while we’re traveling. It’s really embarrassing If another car is parked parallel to you for more than a few seconds But if the driver crashes quickly It’s a sexy rush that can’t be explained! [Read: More sexy public flashing confessions]

My one way car crash

Once with my ex We ended up driving over the curb because he lost control of the steering wheel. It was a dark evening and we cruised around the suburbs lazy for a while. Fortunately, it got a slight bump on the bumper. And there was no damage to his or her head!

As we recovered from a minor accident, a father who was walking with his two daughters rushed to help us. When I saw what we were doing He turned to his teenage daughter and said, “See, I told you not to hang out with this guy!”??

I guess he saw my boyfriend zip up his pants as he approached the car. We both burst out laughing and rushed out before we heard anything else! It’s so funny, I feel like laughing just thinking about it right now.

currently watching

There were moments when I did things that I thought were unthinkable. I gave my boyfriend the boss while my best friend was sitting in the backseat. my girlfriend was shocked My girlfriend laughed madly. And I’m having a crazy time that I never thought I could. And finally, three horny people are driving home! [Read: Seven sexiest types of sex ever!]

my first day road chief

My funniest and most exciting street boss is the one I gave a guy on his first date. He’s a nice guy and I don’t care if it’s a one night stand or a long term relationship. After a day where I just wanted to have fun and thank him along the way, we finished dinner and headed to the parking lot. He tried to talk to me before starting the car. I don’t care to listen to him. I reached out Swiping down his pants and grabbing his head, he was shocked, amazed, and looked down at me with a big, giddy smile!

I asked him to start the car and drive. He drove back to the house in shock and shock. And after a good time in bed, thank me for the best day of his life!

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Road head and experience

Is the road head hot? Are they really sexy? Of course they are Pedestrian leaders are hot for the same reason why sex in front of other people or in public is so hot.

It’s what you always do But you bring novelty to the routine. And that makes it even more exciting and memorable. If you can create unique memories from the same old chores. It’s always fresh and exciting, don’t you think?

Do’s and Don’ts for Girls

# Know the route before going down the hill Is the road safe enough for the road chief? Men can sometimes look careless. but you have to be conscious

# Don’t look up and down often. because it can embarrass men Remember that other drivers can see you from behind

# Don’t bite or hurt him just to get more emotional from him.

# You may do your best to distract him. but instead of trying to make him hit a tree Let’s focus on fun.

# Don’t just sit on his lap or do stupid things.

# Do not hold anything else in your hand like a cigarette. it’s weird But a single mistake can do a lot of damage.

# Communicate with him, but don’t try to distract him.

Road head Do’s and Don’ts for men

# Choose a lonely, familiar road. Don’t indulge in road heads when you don’t know where you’re going.

# The road head is exciting. But don’t let the passion and adrenaline get to you by driving fast.

# Don’t close your eyes to experience happiness better.

# Stay focused on the road, even if you want to just let go of the wheel and hold her head.

# Remember that the focus is not on happiness. It’s about the thrill of doing something new and memorable.

# Don’t let a woman get mad when you’re drunk.

# Slow down completely if you have trouble controlling the wheel and your mind. It’s better to be fierce and safe than fierce and sad.

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Hua Thanon is definitely fun and memorable. But always remember that this kind of distraction is against the law. Have fun, be naughty, but don’t compromise your safety for sexual pleasure. Not when you’re on the road.

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