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China is a rising economic power and many western companies are heading to China to do business.  One of the stumbling blocks they face is that they do not speak Mandarin.  Any westerner who has mastered Mandarin has a head start over others who try to set up business in China.

To a westerner, Chinese sounds seem impossible to master, but that is not true.  There is a program called Rocket Chinese, which is of immense help to those wishing to learn Chinese.

This Rocket Chinese review is an attempt to put the program in proper perspective so that intending learners of Chinese can benefit.

Rocket Chinese is not just a run of the mill product.  It has been designed especially for westerners so that their untrained ears hear and learn Mandarin with relative ease.

The main fault the westerner has is that he tries to learn Chinese using his English speaking mind and this causes confusion.  Rocket Chinese will teach him through the Chinese mind and suddenly Mandarin is not an exotic oriental language, but a language that is easy to learn and that too the fun way.

Rocket Chinese has been designed and evolved in easy steps.  You do not feel like it is an imposition.  From the basics to the complex, Rocket Chinese will propel you to getting command of Mandarin in a short time.

Rocket Chinese Review – Features:

  • Rocket Chinese EbookAudio lessons: You will be able to get the correct intonation and pronunciation of the words.
  • Voice comparison:  This will enable you to check if you are speaking Chinese with the correct accent.
  • Rocket Chinese is compatible with iPod and MP3:  You can take your lessons while walking, lying down or in fact anywhere.
  • Vocabulary:  Rocket Chinese has included all the vocabulary you will need to master the basics of Mandarin.
  • Once you have mastered the basic vocabulary, you can automatically go to more complicated words.
  • Listening comprehension:  This feature of Rocket Chinese will ensure that you understand what is being spoken in Chinese.
  • Conversation practice:  This is the key to speaking Chinese fluently and by using Rocket Chinese you can practice speaking Chinese to hone your skills.
  • Culture lessons:  China is an ancient land and is steeped in culture and etiquette.  In addition to speaking Chinese, you should know the do’s and don’ts of Chinese culture.
  • Games:  These games are designed to stimulate your prowess in Mandarin.  It helps reinforce all that you have learned.
  • Online Quizzes:  This has been designed by Rocket Chinese to ensure that by answering quizzes, you will be reinforcing the Mandarin you have learned.
  • Once you subscribe to Rocket Chinese, you will get lifetime access to their site.
  • Rocket Chinese believes that once you are a student of theirs, they must keep enhancing your knowledge and so you will get free upgrades periodically.
  • All this costs only $99.95 for a limited period.  The regular cost of Rocket Chinese is $299.95.  It comes in a pack of  20 CD.

Just compare the cost.  You will be spending just $99.95 for the full course of Rocket Chinese.  If you went to a private Chinese tutor it would cost you a minimum of $30 per hour.  In just a few days of lessons with a private tutor, you would have spent more than $700.

The Rocket Chinese virtual tutor is teaching you almost free and this is one of the best bargains you can ever get. Rocket Chinese Review

Rocket Chinese has been designed to let you learn Chinese at your own pace.  You need not push yourself to learn, but just apply yourself diligently and at a pace you are comfortable with.

Rocket Chinese will first introduce you to the language.  It has 30 interactive audio lessons which help you speak Chinese confidently.

You will be taking part in everyday conversations and since it is compatible with the iPod/MP3, you can listen to it wherever you go.  It gives you a total of 15 hours of audio lessons and you can practice speaking as much as you wish to so that you gain confidence with each passing day.  You will be interacting with Chinese speakers on the day to day topics.

Since each conversation is broken down into short, easy to understand parts, with the written transcription and translation provided, you will start becoming at ease with written Chinese too.

Each Rocket Chinese pack will give you the spoken lesson written in Chinese and its English translation.  It may take a while before your ears are attuned to the nuances of Chinese, but by hearing it repeatedly you will be able to pick it up.

Rocket Chinese Review – The everyday topics covered are:

  • Rocket Chinese ScamGreetings, Conversation at meetings, Food, and Drink
  • Travel and travel plans
  • Making plans for the day
  • Planning an out of two trip
  • Being a perfect tourist and that too a Chinese speaking one!
  • Getting round in the city
  • Points of discussion.

This everyday common usage of the language will have immense practical value.  Rocket Chinese knows that one of the weak points in a Westerner learning Chinese is his pronunciation.

You can record yourself speaking Chinese and then compare it with a native Chinese speaker.  Rocket Chinese has included voice mapping technology so that you can be sure when your accent is perfect.

Rocket Chinese will not only help you to speak Chinese naturally, but it will also impart culture lessons using over 300 embedded audio clips, writing videos, quizzes, etc.

Once you understand a language, speaking becomes more natural.  In the writing section Rocket Chinese has included easy to follow videos that show you how you can write Chinese characters.

The step by step explanation helps you come to grips with writing in no time.  There are lots of mind-stimulating Chinese games so that you learn more words and reinforces your knowledge.

Rocket Chinese Review – Conclusion

This Rocket Chinese review is by no means comprehensive, but it gives you an insight into the product.  All in all, Rocket Chinese has understood how a western mind approaches the Chinese language and has designed the product to help him learn in a fun-filled, nonstressed way.

The Rocket Chinese product is a good value for money and a must-buy for anyone wishing to learn Chinese.





You will absolutely receive more out of this program than other online courses available, or a tourist paperback, or even in a Mandarin language school. For another, Rocket Chinese costs much less than half of those uneconomical foreign language classes. So, I think this course should be highly recommended.

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