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If you’re interested in learning the German language commitment-free, Rocket German is the perfect program to use. With Rocket German, learning the German language will only involve the materials, time, and yourself – learning the entire language can be completed without requiring a teacher or other outside source.

Software-based education is not the most orthodox manner of learning, but engaging the German language has never been more efficient, or more practical.

What You Get

Rocket German Ebook

Rocket German’s online learning system features 31 lessons with built-in audio exercises and evaluations. The individual images (42) lessons are structured as dialogues with written and audio components.

From each dialogue, German nouns, verbs and other vocabulary are highlighted and explained in full. The lessons are evaluated for both grammatical accuracies as well as cultural and social acceptance.

That means that you’ll learn German as it is spoken amongst the people of Germany—a valuable asset when traveling, studying or living abroad.

There are also downloadable options that make learning German on the go easier than ever. Rocket German realizes that there are only so many hours in a day, and they make it easier to maximize your learning through two convenient options.

If you don’t have the time to study online, upgrade your lessons to CDs that can be played in the car, on your lunch break or while you prepare dinner. The lessons are also available as .MP3 files, perfect for listening to on an iPod during an exercise routine.

Forums and social interactions allow you to practice and improve your German skills. Type messages to other German students and communicate about your progress through the member-only online forums and Rocket German Learning Lounge.

In the lounge, you can compare lessons and write messages to native speakers to make sure you’re on track.

Learning Materials

Rocket German Scam

Rocket German has one of the widest assortments of German learning materials on the Internet. The program includes 31 lessons designed to teach basic German and its mechanics.

The lessons include pronunciation tips and verbal interactions. Vocabulary, dialogue, and verbs are presented and explained in interactive exercises that encourage learning.

The exercises are not immersive and do contain both German and English text. This method may require more time to learn a language than immersion or total physical response (TPR) methods in which language acquisition is forced.

An example of one successful non-immersive technique used by Rocket German is flashcards. These allow you to study German vocabulary words while memorizing their meanings in English.

The learning materials in Rocket German build upon previous lessons, allowing for personal growth and understanding over time.

The program includes 110 hours of lessons and activities plus 11 hours of audio exercises. Alongside the lessons and exercises, Rocket German provides several language games that allow you to experience the language in a fun, laid-back manner.

The learning materials include interactive verbal components such as speech recognition software. This is an effective way to learn German for beginners, intermediate students and advanced users looking to brush up their grammar.

Tutoring and Community

Rocket German’s tutoring and community resources are limited compared to other online German applications. There are two methods for meeting fellow students and connecting with native speakers.

The first is the Rocket German forum where you can craft a message to fellow students and German language experts. You can also pose public questions that may be answered by any forum members.

Lifetime access to the forum is granted after purchasing access to either the online or CD program.

Additionally, users can visit the Learning Lounge for more interaction with others using the Rocket German system. It is the primary dashboard for Rocket German.

In the Learning Lounge, users may access or discuss any files related to the course. They may also take quizzes and self-tests and monitor their progress.

Everything the student needs can be accessed in this convenient area, and it provides great assistance in organizing the course materials.


Rocket German’s audio components assist in the learning of German. Apart from being very informative, the course designers have made the programs funny and engaging. The dialogue contains quite a few jokes and is written in a very conversational tone that reels the user in.

While the interactive elements are limited to speaking aloud, the audio is still a very useful tool for those learning a new language.

One of the pitfalls of German Rocket’s audio is the lack of immersion. What the program gains in engagement and interest it loses in a totally German environment.

The narrators speak in both German and English, often spending long segments explaining a concept in English before even demonstrating it. This method results in a longer course spread over hundreds of hours.

The plus side: it makes it easier to learn when multitasking. If you’re focusing on making dinner and want to learn German at the same time, you’ll be more likely to pick it up with a blend of spoken German and English. However, if you’re focusing solely on learning the language, opt for a program that prides itself on total immersion.

Technical Support

Rocket German’s help system is located entirely online, along with the ordering system. This lack of a telephone support system may irk some users who prefer learning without the assistance of a computer, but the system is fully capable of accommodating most requests.

There are an online manual and troubleshooting guide designed to answer the majority of questions. For more in-depth questions, the creator and editor of the program can be reached via e-mail.

Fortunately, Rocket German’s program requires a modern browser with up-to-date plug-ins for Adobe, Shockwave and other multimedia display applets. The program is not installed on the computer, reducing the risk of software issues and incompatibilities.

Even though it is not as advanced as other language programs, Rocket German’s help system performs well and gets the job done, albeit in a Spartan manner.

Rocket German Summary

Rocket German is an excellent option for those who want to learn German in their spare time and who don’t want to spend hours in front of a computer screen. The materials are interesting and hold the user’s attention, and the breadth of lessons ensures that you will learn and speak German in just a few months’ time.

It is an excellent buy that offers you top-notch language learning software with nearly all of the options that you crave.





I think the Rocket German course represents good value. Although it is not easy learning a new language, Rocket German can certainly make the task easier provided you are consistent and focused about learning German.

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