Rocket Hindi detailed Review 2021: An Honest Look

If you are required to master how to speak in eloquent Hindi and you are short on time or financial resources to go to a workshop, then Rocket Hindi Premium is exactly the thing you need to get your hands on.

Rocket Hindi is an electronic program designed to train non-Hindi speakers to learn the south Asian vernacular and communicate with it in daily contexts.

What is this?

Rocket Hindi EbookRocket Hindi is an award-winning, self-paced online Hindi language learning course by Rocket Languages.

Resources available to participants of this course include audio lessons, lifetime access, culture lessons, and FREE upgrades.

It also uses the Rocket Record method that allows you as a student to record yourself speaking Hindi and then compare your pronunciation to native speakers. This is extremely effective in reducing – sometimes even eliminating – accents when learning Hindi.

What do you learn?

Rocket Hindi consists of 29 language and culture lessons that not only will build your vocabulary, but also train your ear to the sound of spoken Hindi.

A very important feature of this course is its emphasis on also learning how to read and write Hindi. The course provides writing exercises as well as a special character keyboard for this purpose.

The Audio Lessons

Rocket Hindi ProgramRocket Hindi Audio Course is a proven way to learn a foreign language. Every language program I own (except for the stand-alone books) has an audio component.

If you want to have a conversation in a foreign language, then it’s important to pronounce the words correctly. More importantly, you need to understand people when they talk to you.

Audio helps you do that.

Rocket Languages put 31 Hindi audio language lessons into the Rocket Hindi MP3 files.

You can put them on your MP3 player, iPod, laptop or other portable player and then you can take the lessons with you wherever you go. When you have a few minutes of time, you just put on the headphones and start learning.

The lessons in Rocket Hindi revolve around modern conversations in Hindi – the type of Hindi you’ll use in everyday situations.

The audio lessons are focused on conversational Hindi so you’ll be able to speak with and understand native speakers. The creator of the program, Nikita Sharma, speaks Hindi to you and you respond in Hindi.

It’s pretty darn simple and the native speakers on the audio are from Delhi which means they speak with a Hindi accent that is widely understood in India.

If you want to, you can listen to some audio samples on the website using the link at the bottom of this page.

The Transcripts Help You Learn Written Hindi

One thing I really like about Rocket Hindi is the written transcripts. The course includes transcripts in Romanized Hindu, English and Hindi script. It’s great to learn to speak a language, but it’s also nice to be able to read signs, find a restaurant and read a menu.

Grammar and Culture Guides

Rocket Hindi ScamOne of the hardest things about learning a new language is understanding why native speakers say certain things in certain situations. Rocket Hindi provides answers to that tricky problem with 31 grammar and culture guides. It’s a good mix of audio, written explanations, and activities.

MegaHindi Software Program

Research has shown that approximately 80% of conversations use fewer than 1,600 words. So if you learn about 1,600 words, then you can participate in most conversations.

The MegaHindi software program has two components to help you build your vocabulary: MegaVocab games and MegaAudio. Most importantly, the software helps you improve your ability to recognize Hindi words when you hear them.

Ongoing Support

The main drawback I’ve found with online language courses is lack of ongoing support.

If you don’t know how to pronounce a certain word or if you have a question, what do you do?

Rocket Hindi has a solution in the Rocket Hindi Learner’s Forum where you can ask questions and interact with Hindi teachers, native Hindi speakers and other people using the course. This is a time-saving feature and one that I’d like to see in other language software packages.

Getting Started

Rocket Hindi is designed for the Hindi novice; however, already from Lesson One you will begin practicing to speak and comprehend Hindi when spoken.

The lessons are accompanied by step-by-step explanations, interactive audio, writing exercises, language and culture lessons. There are also educational games to aid in your learning as well as motivational badges that you can earn that mark each learning milestone.

Product Guarantee

The firm is completely assured in its language programs. That is why the company is offering a no-risk money-back guarantee to assure its buyers against scams or defects. If you have any intent at all to wish a refund, just shoot an e-mail to Rocket Languages to get your refund. It’s as simple as that.

What I Like

Imagine yourself sitting in a cubicle with a couple of Hindi natives training you how to speak their language. That is how Rocket Hindi works. The developers of this course have gone the extra mile to make it an interactive learning process.

As you go through lesson one, you will already find yourself saying basic Hindi terms, and after that, memorizing them. This is because Rocket Hindi was designed based on the notion that the easiest means to teach someone a second language is to let him use it.

You won’t have to memorize lists of grammar prescriptions and complex words the way you commonly need to in school. With Rocket Hindi, you will see that language acquisition is actually exciting.

What I Don’t Like

You will be able to learn standard Hindi with Rocket Hindi, but you have to remember that there are is a host of unique provincial dialects aside from standard Hindi.

If it isn’t standard Hindi you need to learn, though it is the most frequently spoken language in India, then this program may not help you.

The company behind the Product

Rocket Languages is a Los Angeles situated company known for creating Rocket Hindi. The company has also developed second language programs for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and sign language.

Rocket Hindi was designed by a crew of Hindi specialists and Indian speakers spearheaded by Nikkita Sharma.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, that is, if you are in need of a pleasant and quick way to learn how to speak in conversational Hindi. No downloadable program has intermedia as much as this one. If you wish to master a second language without putting yourself to dreamland, get Rocket Hindi instead.





Rocket Hindi is by far one of the most effective language software today and it is definitely a good buy. Whether you are investing in becoming multi-lingual or just really interested in the language, Rocket Language provides all the tools you will ever need to learn Hindi.

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