Can Rocket Italian blast You Off to Italian Fluency?

Italy is spoken around the world in widespread areas; for some, it is their first language for others it is their second language. People like to learn Italian for an array of reasons; nevertheless Rocket Italian caters the needs of all kinds of audiences.

It is well-recommended for anyone who likes to learn Italian. It is said about Rocket Italian that using this product can actually help you speak a few phrases in Italian from the very first day of using it.

The company behind the Product

Rocket Italian is a program designed by Rocket Languages, a California-based pioneer in language programs put up in 2004. The Rocket Italian program was formulated under the supervision of Maria DiLorenzo.

What is Rocket Italian?

Rocket Italian EbookRocket Italian is considered unique compared to other language learning programs on the internet.

For one, it will only take you thirty minutes to download the whole program through the internet and you also have the choice to purchase it in a hard copy form, which can be delivered to you.

The whole course is designed for individuals who are not familiar with the Italian language – it has lessons for beginners, for intermediate and even for those who are on the advanced level.

All in all, the course includes thirty-one lessons, which are related to the audio lesson so the students can follow the same topics and themes. Aside from the audio’s transcript, the PDF interactive course also provides more experience – it introduces Italian vocabularies and grammar.

How It Work

Basically, every lesson takes about thirty minutes to one hour but it still depends on the person’s knowledge and skill level. The great thing about the course is that the topic is presented together with any new words in Italian.

You can click any of the words in order to hear its correct pronunciation, as well as its equivalent English word. This method can give you the chance to speak and practice Italian effectively.

Aside from more examples of the topic and how they are used, each lesson also includes different exercises that can test and sharpen your skills.

Another great feature of Rocket Italian is the random button that provides an Italian word or phrase from the current lesson when pressed. This can help you practice comprehension and conversation through understanding and speaking the audios.

What’s You Get

  • There are 33 audio lessons in Rocket Italian that teach you how to talk in Italian. Each of these lessons comes a written copy in English and Italian so you can hang on to the audio.
  • They also have 31 grammar and culture lectures that give you a deeper knowledge of the significance of the words and how they are used in day-to-day Italian situations.
  • The sessions can be bought in downloadable setup or in a CD version, depending on your cup of tea and your financial capability.
  • You also have a premium membership to the Rocket Language forum of over 300,000 students.
  • The course also provides a series of flashcards that include pictures with the English/Italian meaning below. However, you need to print all the 250 cards provided.

Additional, you can take advantage of the 3 games that are included in the PDF course, which include the following:

  • MegaVerbs that covers verb conjugation.
  • MegaVocab that is about vocabulary recognition.
  • MegaAudio, which develops your comprehension.

If you want to try the course without spending a dollar, get their free 6-day course. The free trial can help you decide whether the language course agrees with your learning technique.

Why Use Rocket Italian to Learn?

Rocket Italian Scam

Rocket Italian seems to be perfect for people who have little time to learn Italian.

This dilemma comes often if you have to visit an Italian-speaking country at a short notice perhaps for a business meeting or just vacating.

At other time, you might have friends or relatives who can not speak English and require you to learn Spanish in order to converse with them.

Whatever the reason is, Rocket Italian can help you learn Italian in no time. Even when Rocket Italian promises to do so, it does not ask you to compromise on the quality of the product.

For some people, learning new languages is their hobby. For these kinds of people, learning Italian, in particular, or any other language, in general, will not be daunting. However, for most learning, a new language is not a very exciting task to do.

Rocket Italian provides its users with enough fun and excitement to make their language learning experience not boring. In order to test the skills as you learn them, rocket Italian provides you with fun exercises and challenges that can help you assess your progress.

These exercises take the form of games that you can download on your PC or MAC. These games are as addictive as any car racing game and definitely very productive as well

Product Guarantee

There are almost no unhappy customers of Rocket Languages, but if there were, there is a 100% money-back guarantee that covers all of its products, including Rocket Italian.

If you don’t see Rocket Italian living up to your expectations, shoot an e-mail to the company and they will send you a refund.

What I Like

The most important thing about Rocket Italian and what differentiates it other online courses is because it is the mutual process of learning.

As soon as after the first lesson, you will hear yourself speaking in Italian since that is your focus all throughout the program.

New investigations show that the formal teacher-student environment is an ineffectual method of teaching somebody a new language. It has to make use of interactional methods that allow the Italian novice to take part in the conversation.

What I Don’t Like

Keep in mind that this one is a program for casual Italian. Rocket Languages provides certifications equivalent to the A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages, but this program should not be an alternative to a bachelor’s degree in Italian Literature or something like that.

You’re looking in the wrong place if you are looking for a bachelor’s degree certification.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. Don’t take this review for it. Look it up yourself. Sign up for six sample tracks so that you can decide if the full version of Rocket Italian is the program for you.





Rocket Italian is a fun and easy language course to help you catch the essentials of Italian fast. With fair lowing pricing and a 60-day full money-back guarantee, it’s recommended to try this product now!

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