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There are many excellent reasons for learning to speak Spanish. Maybe you are you about to travel to a Spanish speaking country. Perhaps you have Spanish speaking friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers. Or you might realize that learning to speak Spanish would be a great career move.

But the thought of learning a new language can be daunting. No one looks forward to memorizing long vocabulary lists or boring grammar rules. If you are looking for a course that will make learning Spanish easy and actually fun, you should consider Rocket Spanish.

Rocket Spanish Premium is an award-winning online program that teaches everyday conversational Spanish in a fun and interactive way. More than 40,000 customers have learned Spanish with Rocket Spanish Premium.

What Does Rocket Spanish Do For You?

Rocket Spanish EbookThis is a great question for many people to ask. However, if you are looking to have the proper education for Spanish, and sound native, then you should use the program.

What this program does it gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish at your own pace, but also learn the language the proper way.

Then you can impress your friends by how fluent you have become in a language in a short period of time. Something else you will find the program allows you to do is have freedom. The freedom does not come from learning a second language but comes from learning at your home online.

Then you can finally have a great time in learning and enjoy the freedom to do what you want, when you want to, rather than being stuck in a classroom the entire time when the sun is shining.

How Is Rocket Spanish Different?

Rocket Spanish lessons are taught by creator Mauricio Evlampieff, and his editor, Amy Waterman. Mauricio, a native of Chile, is passionate about sharing his language and his culture. You will learn cultural insights as well as a new language. His enthusiasm makes learning fun.

We like that you hear two styles of Spanish being spoken, the standard Latin American accent of Mauricio and the American accent of Amy. Especially helpful for beginners, Amy’s accent and slower pace are easy to follow.

Everyone learns differently and Rocket Spanish really does have something for everyone – audio, written, games, quizzes, and conversing with both teachers and students on their active forum. The lessons are very organized and structured in a way that makes learning fast and easy.

Rocket Spanish is appropriate for any level – beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Rocket Languages has been a recognized leader in online language courses since 2004. They currently have over 800,000 registered product users. Besides Rocket Spanish, Rocket Languages offers learning programs for 9 other foreign languages, plus American sign language.

Pros Of The Rocket Spanish Program

Rocket Spanish SiteDiscovering the pros of the program is a great thing. The problem is many times the pros are so buried it can be hard to tell if these are helpful for you or not.

Here are a number of pros which you can enjoy with this program. Then you can know for certain if this is the proper way for you to learn this great language or if you should consider a different method.

  • You can start to speak Spanish without the accent. Often when you have an accent you will stand out and people will not treat you like they would treat a natural born speaker. However, with this program, you start to learn more about the language and how it is pronounced for the different regions.

So you fit right in and will not be considered an outsider, instead, you can start to be seen as a normal and natural-born speaker, which is something many people want to have for the full experience.

  • The ability to speak a language is a great one, but even better is the ability to understand the language. When you use this program, you can start to understand the language and know what the people are saying. Then travel will be a lot easier for you, but so will all the communication which you normally would be doing.

Without this, you can speak the language all you want, but never really be able to communicate your needs or wants with other people.

  • Have a lower time of learning is another feature. Often one of the main reasons you would not learn a foreign language is you do not have the time to do the work. The format this program uses and the manner in which the work is laid out, not only allows you the time to complete the work but makes it fun to do.

So your learning of the Spanish language can be cut in half if not more. Then you do not have to feel like you are rushing or being forced to do something you do not want to do.

  • Often you will find little tips and hints on how to speak clearly in a foreign language. With the Spanish program here, you learn these tips and can start to understand more of the language.

You also start to complete the mastery of the language quicker based off of the information which you are obtaining. Without this, you can have a difficult time in mastering the language as quickly as you need to.

  • Games is something many people like to play, just look at social media sites and you find game request all the time. Many language courses have picked up on this notion and to make learning more acceptable, have started to use games in the learning process.

The courses who really accelerate with the learning with the assistance of games is the language courses, like this one. So you can easily learn how to speak and write Spanish, but at the same time have fun while doing it.

Without this, the course may end up like all of your other courses of just being rote memorization of the language and the words to know what is being said or written.

What You Get

You have two options when purchasing Rocket Spanish. The digital version can be downloaded immediately. You will get video and audio files you can download to your computer or player. With the program you will get:

  • Rocket Spanish Premium Interactive Audio Course – 32 interactive audio tracks plus transcripts
  • 31 illustrated grammar lessons
  • MegaVocab – recognize 1,000 most common words quickly
  • MegaVerbs – painlessly learn Spanish verbs
  • MegaAudio – recognize the sound of over 1,000 words fast
  • Learn Spanish
  • Lifetime access to all materials, updates, and the user forum
  • Bonus: “Your Survival Kit”
  • Bonus: “MegaCards Game”

You can also purchase a physical version of the program. It includes everything you get above, plus the audio portion of the course as a 20 CD set.

Our Bottom Line

Rocket Spanish is a fun, interactive way to learn to speak Spanish quickly at home, at your own pace. We are impressed with the value it delivers. We highly recommend you give it a try.





With this language course, you could grasp the local language and customs and be able to understand what is going on in a real situation. Your learning will accelerate as will the amount of fun you have on your next trip you decide to take.

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