15 Rules for Dating a Married Woman to Avoid a Messy Web of Drama

Even if it’s a dangerous road But you’re not the first to date a married woman. But you must follow these special rules when dating a married woman.

Rules for dating a married woman

I should start by telling you that I think this is a bad idea. You may love her. She may tell you that she will leave her husband, but she doesn’t. I know you think she’s different, but she doesn’t. same time You might prefer dating married women because they are already engaged. for whatever reason You are dating someone who is married. So you should at least learn the rules for dating a married woman.

Although it may seem harmless But I think you can do better with married people. not to mention if her husband knew You must be in trouble… unless he’s interested in that Then it’s a win-win for everyone! [Read: The big debate around cheating and confessing]

15 rules for dating a married woman

But this is what When you’re dating a married woman There are some things that you will need to know. only Apply when dating a married person.

Will you be able to post your relationship on social media? That’s going to be a big deal. These little things are important to keep in mind because your relationships tend to be kept secret.

So, if you are just starting out or are thinking of dating a married woman. It’s time for you to know the rules. This way, you make sure you don’t break them. If you break these rules So you’re busy with web dramas.

Know the rules for dating a married woman. before You start.

#1 remember that she is married You must get this in your head. She will not leave her husband. Her stable life for you As long as you know your limits, that’s fine. But if you start to feel something for her or if you do this to be with her, stop. The only thing that will break is your heart. It’s wonderful, but true. [Read: Understanding your boundaries in dating]

#2 away from her home Are you crazy? stay away from her home don’t go inside She’s not a serial killer. But what if her husband happened to come home while you were there? You will face a big problem

You obviously don’t respect her marriage. Entering her home was just another level of disrespect. Take her to your hotel, in the trunk of your car, whatever. [Read: The guide to help you respect women]

#3 Your lips must be sealed. She won’t tell anyone about it, which means you have to shut up. One of the biggest rules when dating a married woman is that you can’t tell. anyone Regarding this relationship, if someone finds out, they can accidentally spread. causing rumors that you will have to deal Keep your relationship low and don’t tell anyone what you’re doing.

#4 No social media posts can’t post any pictures or posts about her Don’t post on social media where you are with her or hint that you are with a mysterious woman. This relationship has to be as if it doesn’t exist, so keep your phone away. When you’re with her because you don’t need it. [Read: Understanding the good, bad, and ugly with social media and relationships]

#5 set boundaries You have to sit down at the beginning of your relationship and set some ground rules. If not You’ll let things get misunderstood and mess up. For example, one area might be that you’re not lying on top of each other.

#6 Stick to your daily routine. If you change your routine as soon as you start sleeping with a married woman, people will notice Instead, follow your normal routine. Your routine defines you. so stay close to it when you go to the gym when you get off work To act as normal as possible.

#7 Do not accept gifts from her. If you’re a kid with sugar, it’s different. But if you pay for everything You may want to equalize You don’t want to feel like you owe her anything. You’re sleeping with her and that’s it. nothing more than that [Read: The sugar momma guide and how to bag yourself a wealthy older lady]

#8 Change the hotel you go to if you are having sex It will not be with her. So if you decide to go to the hotel. Make sure you switch them up. You don’t need employees to start remembering you. If someone asks about you You don’t need anyone to say anything.

#9 pay in cash Unless you want to create a photo book. “When I’m in a relationship with a married woman,” don’t pay with credit. If possible, pay cash. to keep people from pointing at you. Credit cards leave traces. Remember. [Read: The surprising reasons behind why women cheat]

#10 Don’t buy her gifts. again you don’t with Her. She has a husband at home. And if he sees her wearing a new necklace or sexy underwear? He will start asking questions. Don’t buy personal items that will remind her of you. This is not a normal relationship, remember?

#11 Believe she is being careful. You don’t know what she’s doing when you part ways. Does she take a shower after you’re together? Delete your message? You need to know these things because you are in this relationship too.

#12 Don’t befriend her husband. You’re an idiot who’s already disrespectful to someone’s marriage. *Sorry to say* So please don’t be friends with your husband. That’s the craziness of a psycho. This would lead to more disaster and harm to him than not knowing who his wife slept with.

#13 How do you communicate? You can’t call her whenever you want. Figure it out before you make a mistake. If you want to keep this relationship a secret You need to make sure you choose a secure form of communication, no email, no home phone. no message

#14 Leave if she starts to develop feelings. Look, you might like the fact that she’s in love with you. But this is going to get really messy. She is cheating on her husband with you. You don’t think she will do the same to you? Plus, she’s not in the mood for her husband, so whether you want to believe it or not. You will receive a response. [Read: Right person, wrong time? The key to timing it all right]

#15 If you start having feelings – end it. That’s right, you can’t fall in love with a married woman. If you notice yourself starting to feel It’s time to cut off. The only person who will hurt is you

She will not leave her peaceful life. That’s why she didn’t leave him now. So protect yourself at all times.

[Read:  The right reasons to breakup with someone you love]

If you are choosing to date a married woman I’ll think carefully before doing it. But if you decide Follow these rules when dating a married woman. To keep your life from getting messed up

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