The 10 Rules of Spending the First Night Together

The first time you slept with someone was full of excitement. But there is a chance that bad things can happen as well. Here’s what you need to know.

first night together

Meeting someone new is always an exciting experience. You never know what’s going to happen. In some cases, you might be surprised that a smart and decent woman or a brave gentleman might turn out to be a freak between the sheets.

We all had good and somewhat bad first night experiences. But some gruesome first stories don’t have to happen to you either! In fact, there are things you can do to prevent bad things from happening to the person you’re close to for the first time.

How to make the first night together without hassle

Although there is absolutely no way to prevent an embarrassing situation from occurring. But you can keep these tips in mind to reduce the likelihood of bad things happening to you.

#1 Stay safe. Do not rely on each other you have to bring your own In case you just accidentally dated and found themselves in bed together It’s time to talk about birth control. Always have a condom to avoid unwanted pregnancy and serious STIs. If you already have a long term relationship You should test yourself before being playful.

In addition to sex safety You also need to consider physical security. If you’re going on a date for fun. Be sure to tell the people you trust where you’re going and who you’ll be with. It may seem like something only the most paranoid do. But believe us when we say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

#2 Set the mood. There are lots of ways you can set the mood and help both of you relax before getting into the sexy phase of dating. You can play the song you both like. Use a few aromatherapy candles. Or even drink a glass or two of wine. Plus point if you have mood lighting in your place. Don’t get too emotional because you don’t want to make your home look like a cheap hotel.

If you’re planning a date at home It’s important that your place is neat. Eliminate obvious clutter and keep it from smelling. If you have pets at home Cleaning the litter box and removing hairs from your furniture will also help. [Read: Bedroom décor tips to set the mood]

#3 look after yourself. You don’t have to wax it all out there. Just a tiny fraction of the time to keep it clean can do it. In addition to the hygiene below You should also take care of hygiene everywhere else. Sex can be a sweaty activity. Therefore, apply deodorant where necessary.

For those unexpected first times One way you can check your hygiene is to jump into the shower together. When those couples choose a bed for their first meeting You can improve your mood with your first shower. Not only will you both be spotless. But you can also get creative with different positions!

#4 Embrace the awkwardness. You are not a professional porn star. Therefore, you are not expected to be an expert on what to do. There will be awkward moments when you explore each other’s bodies. especially if you wear it in the dark. The tangled and pinched limbs were part of the first experience. Don’t let the awkwardness suck the fun out of what you do. Instead, learn to laugh.

Sex should be fun. But before you slide smoothly from place to place. You’ll have to make a few mistakes along the way. Don’t think that those moments are what will disappoint your partner. Because your partner will always appreciate your humor when you learn to laugh at your shyness.

#5 Do your best to relax as much as possible. Women are often worried that their partners will think they are too fat, too flat, too jerky, or not that sexy. On the other hand, men worry about coming too soon or not big enough to please a woman.

In fact, a little insecurity about your body might not even be a big deal for your partner. In other words, what are you sweating for?! Find your self-confidence and own the moment. Don’t let your insecurities deter you from having sex for the first time in your life! [Read: 8 steps to get your body confidence back in the bedroom]

#6 Avoid things that are too weird or extreme. it’s the first time You don’t want to scare your partner with whips, chains, and jokes! If this is the type you are interested in It’s best to talk to each other before giving up your paraphernalia, or your partner might jump right back into his or her clothes and run away!

gradually introduce a small amulet yours by mentioning it in advance You can suggest or mention it in detail in your conversation. “Have you tried? [insert your kinky fetish] before?”?? You can then determine whether your partner is fiercely resistant or willing to try. [Read: 10 tips to help you open up about your kinky side]

#7 Save on your best moves. The thrill of sleeping with someone new can be overwhelming. until you want to try your best to move at the same time. But your partner may begin to expect everything in the future. Tired now!

Instead of doing everything your former lover liked. Just take one extra step at a time and familiarize your partner with it. Try another pose. This will add variety and keep your partner coming back for more. [Read: 8 naughty little moves guys wish you’d do]

#8 speak up Of course, you want to please your partner. But your partner also wants to please you. Make it easier for both of you to say what you want or don’t want. Don’t pretend to keep your partner’s feelings intact. Because your encounters are based on the erroneous assumption that you like what they do.

Especially for women who are continually connoisseurs of orgasms. Don’t do that, ladies! You’re just preparing for disappointment in future encounters! in the same way If you really like something Let your partner know about it so they can do it more often.

#9 After having sex, try to act as normal as possible. Sex isn’t a promise that immediately puts you in a relationship. So don’t start calling your partner pet names, and don’t be cold and distant just to see how far your partner will flirt with you. In short, just avoid this stupid mind game and keep it casual. Book “where are you going”?? Questions after sex hormones have reached normal levels.

#10 Do not exceed your welcome time. There are many techniques that both men and women use when wanting someone out of bed after sex. Being told to leave can be painful. But having your partner hint you that you should go can hurt. Be prepared for the possibility that you will not be with your partner or find an excuse to leave before you are fired.

Having sex with someone doesn’t have to give you a ticket to stay as long as you want. Fight the temptation to claim new territories after you’ve slept with the residents (e.g. put on your clothes, put your drawers in, or masturbate in the fridge.) Remember that you are still a visitor. And you’ll have to go out sometimes. [Read: 8 steps to take the shame out of the walk of shame]

Whether you want to be comfortable or have a serious relationship with someone First sex can make a big impression. Make it good by keeping these tips in mind.

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