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Salehoo is an online site that offers valuable products on competitive rates. It helps retailers to sell their products to trustworthy suppliers and drop shippers online. It works as a searchable directory that lists verified wholesalers, drop shippers, manufacturers, and high-quality suppliers.

Salehoo was established in 2005 by Simon Slade and Mark ling; since then the company has grown rapidly and now accommodates over 8,000 suppliers in 100 countries and more than 100,000 registered members.

Myriad of eBay and Amazon sellers make big profit online by selling their products by using Salehoo. Unlike most drop ship solution providers, Salehoo does not directly offer products to its members; rather it connects the members to an extensive directory of thousands of trusted suppliers and drops shippers from around the world.

Salehoo’s Key Benefits

Salehoo Drop Shipping BusinessInternet scamming is a big problem these days. While doing online trades, people are not sure whether they are dealing with a genuine wholesaler or a rogue.

Salehoo solves this problem by enabling the members to find trusted wholesalers, suppliers and drop shippers in order to proceed with the online selling of their products without any second thoughts, hence assisting them to earn an attractive profit.

Wholesale suppliers listed in Salehoo are proven legitimate for online dealings. In this way, Salehoo protects retailers from being prey to scammers. Moreover, Salehoo lodges suppliers that suit all types of business sizes, a fact that helps the members to narrow their search and focus on the specific drop shippers they want to deal with. In this way, Salehoo supports even the beginners who do not have any experience in selling goods to trustworthy suppliers online.

Salehoo at a Glance


  • Categorized supplier directory:

    Salehoo boasts of an extensive supplier directory of more than 8,000 verified suppliers, drop shippers and liquidators including suppliers that support international shipping. If you have an item to sell but no idea whom to, simply type your item name and Salehoo will show you all the trusted and legitimate suppliers you can make your deal with. Browsing through Salehoo directory has been made quite easier through categorization. Suppliers dealing in a specific kind of item or group of items have been put in a separate category from the rest with an aim to make it easy for the retailers to search out the supplier of their choice.

  • Freedom from scammers:

    Salehoo includes only those suppliers who have been proved legitimate for online dealings. This gives the retailers peace of mind and full security while making deals as they do not have to fear becoming victims of scammers. All Salehoo suppliers have been screened, so you don’t have to waste your time determining which company is legitimate and which is not.

  • Experienced support team:

    Salehoo has a top-class, experienced customer support team that answers all emails and discussions in order to enlighten the retailers with personalized advice. If you need help, like choosing the best supplier or the best item to sell, the support team will try its best to compile a list for you so you need not fret over what to do. Business owners find it really helpful in saving time and avoiding unnecessary confusion.

  • Complementary resources:

    Salehoo not only gives excellent services but also provides you with amazing complimentary resources to make you have the best of both worlds. Salehoo offers abundant tools and resources to help you propagate your business. There is a community forum where you can interact with other members, enter discussions and get helpful business tips from proficient Power Sellers. Salehoo also offers a Market Research Lab which helps you find out the items that return the most profit. It also teaches you the best way to promote your item. Also, Salehoo’s free Seller Training Centre offers free lessons on innumerable topics related to business promotion and profit-making.

  • Affordable price:

    You can avail all Salehoo has to offer on an affordable annual membership fee of $67. There are no hidden charges and no monthly fee, so there is no need for members to be worried about expenses. Salehoo demands a one-time fee while giving you unlimited access to its best services. It also offers 60 days money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Salehoo works on a comparatively low rate than its competitors. That is one of the major reasons for Salehoo’s growing fame and trust.


  • Eccentric interface:

    Salehoo has a different strategy than others in the same category; therefore, it may not look appealing to those who try it for the first time. Salehoo interface is a bit eccentric, so it will take you some time to get used to it. However, once you browse sufficiently through their site, only then you will be able to fully comprehend what Salehoo has to offer.

  • Overload of information:

    Salehoo is home to unlimited information be it their supplier directory or training resources. Such a level of information definitely requires already informed customers. For people who are still in the initial stages of setting up their business, the information Salehoo gives can be intimidating.

  • Limited guidelines for offline sellers:

    Salehoo offers training and guidelines to the retailers but unfortunately, most of the training is for the benefit of those who want to sell online, like on eBay or Amazon. There is a scarcity of guidelines for offline selling.

Every coin has two sides; similarly, we can see that Salehoo also has some disadvantages, but so far, Salehoo has been able to retain the customers’ trust in it. Many people opine that Salehoo’s advantages outweigh its advantages. That is why, many online entrepreneurs, even eBay Power Sellers, have become its members.


Initially, Salehoo may look unconventional and daunting as compared to other drop shipping companies, but once you become familiar to it, there is no end to the benefits you can get from it.

With the help of an excellent support team, helpful and knowledgeable community and a host of training materials and guidelines, Salehoo will never let its members feel at loss.





Salehoo is a fantastic platform for budding eCommerce entrepreneurs who want to get started with dropshipping. If you don't have your own storage space and you're looking to take it to the next level then Salehoo can accommodate you.

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