Are You a Sapiophile? 13 Traits that Make Someone a Lover of Wit

Activated by their intelligence? If you were dated with their noses in Shakespeare or Galileo. Show that you are deaf


Would you rather date Elon Musk than Ryan Gosling? Do you find her ability to distinguish Sartre’s work as sexier than the most revealing outfits in her wardrobe? Or are you more likely to meet your future spouse at a book meeting than at a bar? If this is the taste of your love Shows that you are probably a babysitter.

What makes a shepherd?

Sapiophiles, commonly known as sapiosexuals, are people who find intelligence to be sexy and attractive above all else. Oh, they also like physical beauty. However, they value the quality of their brains more in choosing romantic partners. Mantic

While the interest in intelligence has been around for a long time, the terms sapiosexuality and sapiophilia are very popular in online dating profiles, but do people really know what it means? What makes a certified sapiophile?

#1 You are always smart.. Chemistry teaches us that Similarly, sapiophiles tend to attract themselves. The mind of a wise person works on a much more complex level than the average person.

That’s why their preferences and sociability are quite complex for anyone below their intellectual level. In other words, the less intelligent people are bored. That is why they want to live with people of the same level of intelligence. [Read: How to become an intellectual: Fake it ’til you make it]

#2 You crave intelligent conversation, just as the average person wants sex. It’s not that animal lovers don’t want sex. It’s only smart, insightful conversation that excites them the same way sex does. Animal lovers often spend long dates discussing science, politics, art or literature.

The gossip and chaos of the entertainment industry have no place to talk after dinner. And foreplay can be a debate in today’s political issues.

#3 You need someone to participate in the conversation.. Whether your family members spoiled friend or other friends with different political views. Lonely people need someone to chat with different types of people. with different views and still able to convey their own opinions without fear or prejudice [Read: 12 meaningful topics that ignite an intellectual conversation]

#4 You look for a smart sense of humor.. Although humor is helpful for you when dating a romantic partner, But emotional lovers prefer a deeper sense of humor than that. This humor involves witty words, puns, and clever responses. It can be difficult to make a playful cat laugh if you keep making fun of teenagers’ jokes. [Read: Dry sense of humor – 20 signs you’re mastered the dry funny bone]

#5 The blatant stupidity makes you shut up easily.. There may be times when men are fat. overconfident Or a bald-headed superficial girl comes to flirt with you. and no matter how attractive and modern the body is You also have the initial urge to run hills instead of spending time on them.

#6 Wrong grammar makes you feel bad.Sometimes you get a message inviting you to go on a date. Sapiophiles have an instant “grammar filter” to screen people who are honorable enough to challenge the 140 character limit.

They were still able to compile the proper words, separated by Oxford commas, from shorthand, slang that was not understood that the person might have spoken in the ancient Sumerian language as well.

#7 You are more interested in what is on your bookshelf than your wardrobe.Sapiophiles love themselves to be broad readers. However, it doesn’t end there. The average sapiophile has a discerning eye for the names you read.

Are you better suited for properly cooked vampire literature or for hardcore documentaries? That the university professors are not interested in opening at all? Because for those who love solitude The book is therefore a good topic for a deeper conversation. [Read: Why is inner beauty more important than outer beauty?]

#8 You are familiar with “Thinking Man/Woman’s Crumpet.” For you, perfection is as smart as it is. with both beautiful and talented “The overthinking of men/women” is that kind of person. And you’ll be familiar with the names in this category: Brian Cox, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth and Bill Nighy for ladies, Nigella Lawson, Gillian Anderson and Carol Vorderman for boys.

#9 You like more tasteful people.Sapiophiles prefer people who develop their own tastes in fashion, music and ideas rather than clinging to trends.

They know that, like a Jedi trick, The tendency only affects the weak-minded. Sapiophiles know that cultivating personal taste requires hand-to-hand different cultural experiences. added with curiosity

#10 You attract more content people than people who want popularity.Sapiophiles won’t care much about likes and followers that people starve for social media. They want people to talk about what’s important.

In fact, they chose people with unpopular but realistic views over people who answered yes just to get the crowd to like them. [Read: What are twin souls? 16 signs to know if you found yours]

#11 Your date will be intellectually engaged.Your ideal date would be somewhere on this list: independent film festivals, art galleries, poetry events, museums, old book libraries, planetariums, and even historical sites. Sure, you can go for coffee or go to a pub, as long as it’s where Hemingway writes, “A Farewell to Arms.”

#12 The gifts you give and want are so nerdy.. Forget cute gadgets, clothes and accessories. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting the first edition of the rare book you’ve been searching for your whole life. It could be the same pen Neil Gaiman used, or a pendant forged from a meteorite. [Read: Sapiosexual types and their clearly defined fantasies]

#13 You also value emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence.. Knowing the facts is one thing. But having emotional restraint and the ability to meditate on your own feelings will be the cherry on top of the object of your desire. Sapiophiles look for emotional intelligence from potential partners. or the ability to differentiate between feelings and emotions appropriately.

[Read: Attracted to intelligence? 10 clues you might be sapiosexual]

Sapiophiles are people who overlook the common aspects that normal people tend to look for in a partner. Beauty is, of course, good. Like a fat bank account But to them, the intelligence, common sense, and innate curiosity in a person instantly made them caregivers.

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